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    Shadow Radio Days Debunking Paranormal Evidence

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    Join Hosts Justin Gerald and special co-host John Bright on Shadow Radio Days as they talk about paranormal evidence. We will be talking about proper procedures in capturing unexplained evidence, and how differently this captured evidence can be viewed. We will have the Chatroom open and will be taking questions from there.  Also if you have a story, comments, questions call in and talk on the air.  The call in number is 646-716-6207

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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: ECW Original, Chubby Dudley!

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    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts, The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome ECW Original and Former Member of the Dudley Family, Chubby Dudley (AKA Bay Ragni, He is the host of the popular, Totally Driven Radio on the Internet) JOIN US!

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    NBA, MLB, NHL, & Indie Music - Powered by 'I Am The F---ing Mob' on Amazon

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    #MusicMonday All Indie Music Playlist - Powered by FootSpot.com

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             All across the nation, news outlets and content chasers are talking about the South Carolina's shooting of Walter Scott.  A lot of controversial discussion due to the police officer's web cam recording, AND the recording of a bystander who witnessed the ordeal with his cell phone.  The officer in question has been charged with murder and reportedly fired from the force.  The outcome is yet to be determined and this may (JUST MAY NOW) this may determine some changes in the way police forces conduct their conduct.  Yet to be seen.

                 Today is Saturday, April 11th 2015 and it's buzzed that Hilary Clinton will announce her candidacy for PRESIDENT of the United States.  This has been the talk for the past couple of years, but it's rumored that Hilary will make her bid for President official tomorrow.  (SUNDAY APRIL 12 2015)  347-205-9366.  Who ya gonna call

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    he Tavares brothers, whose parents were of Cape Verbena descent, started performing in 1959 as Chubby and the Turnpikes when the youngest brother was 9 years old. Future Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer appeared as the "token white-guy drummer" in an early incarnation of Tavares. Chubby and The Turnpikes signed with Capitol Records in 1967 and had a couple of local hit records including "I Know The Inside Story" in 1967 and "Nothing But Promises" in 1968. By 1973, they had changed their name to Tavares and scored their first R&B Top 10 (Pop Top 40) hit with "Check it Out" that same year, and soon began charting regularly on the R&B and pop charts. Their first album included their brother Victor, who sang lead on "Check it Out", but dropped out of the group shortly after. In 1974 Tavares had a #1 R&B hit with Hall & Oates' "She's Gone," (which became a hit for Hall & Oates as well two years later). Tavares followed up that success with "Remember What I Told You to Forget."


    1975 turned out to be their most successful year chart-wise, chalking up a Top 40 Pop album (In the City) and their biggest hit, the Top 10 Pop/#1 R&B smash "It Only Takes a Minute", which was later successfully covered by both Jonathan King and Take That, and recently sampled by Jennifer Lopez. They parlayed this success into a spot as an opening act for The Jackson 5 KC and The Sunshine Band was also on this tour. "Minute" was followed by a string of hits: "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" (1976), "Don't Take Away the Music" (1976), and "Whodunit" (1977, another #1 R&B hit), among others. In 1977 they also recorded "I Wanna See You Soon", a duet with Capitol label mate Freda Payne which received airplay on BBC Radio 1 but failed to chart.



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    Speak Life Radio ~ How To Come Back From Brokenness by Edward Womack

    in Motivation

    Speak Life Radio ~ How To Come Back From Broken by Edward Womack!

     Blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show. Many of us have been broken in life due to some horrific circumstances such as, abuse, sexual assault, drugs, alcohol, heartbreak, disfunctional families, abandonment, setbacks etc; well how does one recover from such atrocities let alone come back from them and live the life of their dreams????? Our special guest tonight Mr. Edward Womack ~ Motivational Speaker, Author and Life Transformer will answer that question for us as he is no stranger to being broken. 

     If you listen closely Ed is about to reveal the process for you to Realize toyr dreams, overcome any life difficulty you may be facing and gain the ability to see beyond negative circumstances with faith and confidence.

    Over the next several minutes YOU will learn the proven 3 step  MAD (M. A. D.) process that Ed used to successfully put his life back together after an extended bout with drugs.

    The MAD principles are Mindset, Action, and Determination. By using these principles, Ed provides a roadmap of specific strategies and techniques to help you be original, unique, and immediately resolve to accept 100 percent responsibility for who you are and who you will ever be.

    Whether you are rebounding from setbacks or compounding your success this message will be you GPS to make it happen. Your realization of YOUR Dreams in in 2015 are assured if you learn to get M.A.D.

    Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready to be Transformed into Dream Chasers???


    Please welcome Ed Womack, The Life Transformer  

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    CENSORSHIP BY DESIGN Criminalization of Child Evangelism

    in Christianity

    Bible literacy and good news are rare commodities in our postmodern world. Thankfully, light continues to shine, even in darkness. Since 1937, an interdenominational nonprofit organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship, has reached over 15.6 million children worldwide with clear, age appropriate presentation of the Gospel (“Good News”) of Jesus Christ. CEF has supported 62,393 Good News Clubs while helping 609 national missionaries in 93 countries stay in children's ministry through the Sponsor-A-National program. Through CEF, 190 countries have received nearly 12 million pieces of literature. Remarkably changed lives testify to its value, and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability attests to the ministry’s integrity. Nonetheless, CEF faces opposition, especially from atheists and humanists. Join Debra and her broad spectrum of guests as together they celebrate victories in the lives of children through after school clubs while, at the same time, exposing censorship by design in efforts to criminalize child evangelism.   


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    Are You A Chooser Or A Chaser? and Why?

    in Entertainment

    Where's the fine line between being a "Chooser" instead of a "Chaser"...Who really knows?Most of the time you are in "chooser" mode but occasionally you have to switch gears and become a "Chaser" too. Although, chasing people might destroy the attraction and leave you with less choices and options, but dating is a mystery in itself...I'd rather be both, and choose who I want to chase.

    It's just that men and women are chasing after different outcomes. Women aren't chasing after sex; most of the time men are. Guy's tend to chase" sex.  Women who are sexually attractive, tend to be immediately desirable...Women who are "Chasers" are typically chasing commitment. Truth is both genders are chasing something, subconsciously whether they realize it or not...In other words, let me break it down in street terms; Game recognize game, if you ask me the whole objective to the  is flipping the script, going from being the chooser to the chosen, which makes someone else become the chaser. 

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    Indie Books #81 (James Vescovi)

    in Books

    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 

    Author James Vescovi joins me this week to talk about his book:: Eat Now; Talk Later: 52 True Tales of Family, Feasting and the American Experience

    Prepare yourself for a feast consumed in delicious bites. This collection of stories can be read before bed, on a lunch hour, or waiting in line. They can even be shared with friends who complain they have enough to read. Together they ask the question, "How do you make modern life run smoothly for parents or grandparents who grew up in an era when oxen were used for plowing, children left school after third grade to tend chickens, and meat was eaten only twice a year? When Tony and Desolina Vescovi arrived in America, they collided with the 20th century. Born around 1900, they were stumped by telephones, banks, fast food, TV wrestling, and supermarkets. It was up to their only child, a son, to serve as their shepherd, and it wasn't easy For example, how to explain that his job was taking him and his family 700 miles away when, in their day, sons stayed put to work the family farm? Or that it wasn't wise to hide $10,000 in the bedroom? Or that the ice cream they just tried and enjoyed is called 'Chubby Hubby'? This collection of 52 bite-size stories offers a twist on the American immigrant tale and is a testament to love, loyalty, and frequent half-truths.






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    Shadow Radio Days talks To Paranormal Authors

    in Paranormal

    Are you into the paranormal? Do you like to read? Are you or do you want to be an Author? Join host Justin Gerald of Shadow Chasers Investigations and Wendy Schindler on Shadow Radio Days with special guests

    Teresa Nordheim from AGHOST - Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma and is a Freelance Writer. who co – wrote Tacoma's Haunted History with Ross Allison.

    Ross has also wrote the following books:  Ghostology 101 – Becoming a ghost hunter, Spooked in Seattle – A Haunted Handbook, My Haunted Journal – Recording the unknown, Psychology for the Ghost Hunter – What every ghost hunter should know, Ghosts on Campus – Stories of ghosts that haunt students, Haunted Ships & Lighthouses of the West Coast, and Spooked again in Seattle.  

    We will also have June Antoinette Nixon who is an event Coordinator at Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours, Vice President at AGHOST - Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma.

    Justin might even talk about his book “Into The Shadows” which is currently in the works. We will have the Chatroom open and will be taking questions from there.  Also if you have a story, comments, questions call in and talk on the air.  The call in number is 646-716-6207


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