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    League of Legends Entertainment & News EPISODE 7

    in Video Games

    LOLEN Show Episode 7



    Patch 5.7

    Darius - 
    R - Noxian Guillotine

    Refunds 25/50/100 mana on kill

    At rank 3 only, Noxian Guillotine's cooldown resets completely

    ??Shen - 
    R - Stand United

    COOLDOWN  200/180/160 ⇒ 180/160/120

    Cinderhulk - 

    HEALTH 350 ⇒ 300

    COST 2200 gold ⇒ 2250 gold

    Chroma Skins
    Incarnati0n suspension lifted, scouted for C9
    Urgot Rework planned (not soon)
    LCS Quarterfinals
    Free Champion Rotation

    Cho'Gath, Karma, Lulu, Nasus, Quinn, Sejuani,Singed, Swain, Trundle, and Twitch

    ?Skin Sale

    Demolisher Nunu - 487 RP
    Jailbreak Graves - 487 RP
    Ravager Nocturne - 260 RP

    Champion Sale

    Udyr - 292 RP
    Vayne - 440 RP
    Varus - 487 RP

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    #109 Fireside Chat: Chroma Nouveau

    in Books

    In Episode 109 of Fireside Chat, we dish on the brand new spring issue of Capitol Couture (the title of which is "Chroma Nouveau," hence the name of this episode). We also discuss a very important detail that was revealed on the bottom of the latest Catching Fire poster (major thanks to The Hob for catching it). Lastly, we weigh in on all the latest Mockingjay filming location rumors!

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    Mirana Zuger - Chroma, Ecstasy, Teleology

    in Art

    Mirana Zuger is a Canadian artist living in Montreal, Quebec.

    My work is a record of awareness and motion imprinted on a medium. It is the evidence of something having been committed, providing an archaeology for the viewer to both witness and explore.

    A dictionary of marks is used to create a personal iconography. These gestures are derivative of light, time, gravity and movement. The accumulation of marks is part of a natural system, free from external intent. The inner logic of the composition describes a corner of an infinite ecosystem, mimetic of the limitless resolution of nature.

    Material considerations play an important role in these works. Each develops in accordance with the material parameters I establish. Tennis table paint asks for a dry medium. Chalkboard paint asks for palimpsests, and erased brushwork. Rabbit skin glue preserves the look and texture of raw canvas. Wax accepts all the subtleties of my finger prints and translates them into bronze.

    There is not any one thing to be understood- they are lateral fields of information to be explored, considered, and experienced. They offer an invitation to imagine the consciousness that stood before them, the speed and slowness of the motions that laid them down, and the decisions that hazarded the colour and form that now confront.
    Mirana's website is http://miranazuger.com

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    Good Game Guys Episode #29 The Feels Episode

    in Video Games

    Good Game Guys. 07-23-2014

    Every Week Wed Nights 10 PM PST

    Hosted by:Deg,Dr.Captain,TKO along with the Good Game Gal: Stephanie and the Good Game Kramer: The_Spaniard

    Good Video Game conversations, real raw talk on the gaming industry and society


    *Hyped up- Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 released last night...the feels. Kerbal Space Program lauches First Contract update. Fatal Frame 5 will be lauched for the WiiU September 27th in Japan, no word for US release though.

    *Video Game News - Google will stop calling games 'free' when they offer in-app purchases.Latest Humblebundle has a Square Enix Bundle featuring Hitman, Deus Ex and much more.Battlefield Hardline gets delayed to 2015 in hopes to work out bugs and add new features. League of Legends continues it's fight against toxicity with testing new disciplinary measures. Behold Studios latest project Chroma Squad may be in trouble with Power Rangers creator Saban Brands.

    Food for thought: How do you feel about episodic games?

    *Call in - Got any questions or thoughts you'd like to share with the hosts? Feel free to reach them when the phone lines are open or shoot them your questions in the steam group chat.

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    Artistically Speaking with Brenda Pinnick

    in Art

    Color diva Brenda makes color fun by using various tools and techniques, to teach and encourage her students to let go of fear when working with color and by teaching how to make any color combination balanced and workable through proportion, scale, chroma, value and placement. You will find Brenda’s scrapbooking kits on QVC, her new fabric line with Henry Glass and she has several lines of dies with Sizzix. Brenda’s art is being introduced later this year on home-goods such as rugs and gifts.

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    Video Marketing Tips - How to Create High Quality Videos for Your Business

    in Internet

    "Paranormal Activity" a recent thriller at the theaters cost only $15,000 to produce and that included remodeling of the home it was filmed in. That movie has so far earned over 100 million dollars!

    Hundreds of independent films like this are popping up all over the place nowadays with the rise of cheaper technology.

    Anyone with an HD Camcorder can start making their own documentary or weekly talk show once a week. These just need to learn a few things on shooting and editing video.

    This week Jonathan Taylor and Russell Portwood of Internet Marketing Toolz, offer some tips on creating high quality videos for your business.

    For more Free Online Business Tips visit http://beginnerinternetbusiness.com

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    Episode 0047: Interview with Shawn Wright, Senior Portrait Photographer

    in Photography

    LensFlare 35 is a weekly show brought to you by Dave Warner. In this week’s episode, Dave interviews Senior Portrait Photographer Shawn Wright. Shawn is the social-creative type who does all the photography, graphic design and marketing for his studio while his wife Betsy does all the bookkeeping, retouching and ordering for the business.

    Shawn specializes in creating artistic portraits for High School Seniors and Children. He is also well known for creating automated processes for cropping, logo placement, vignetting and 80% of his retouching needs, as well as automated chroma-key techniques.

    In this episode, Shawn talks about how he comes up with his ideas for senior portraits, how he works with the clients, how he charges for things, standing out from the pack, using social media to attract new clients and much more. We created a special video of Shawn’s images with his explanation of each that plays when you visit www.lensflare35.com.