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    Do Worship Rituals keep Us Separated or Closer to TRUE Spirit Source- God?

    in Spirituality

    This may be a puzzling question to you, or it may be something you've been wondering about but aren't sure where it will lead.
    The very act of adoring our Creator seems to be integral to being an appropriate way to show our undying love for our Higher SELF, Christos-Spirit, God-Creator, doesn't it?  When was worship not the standard for relating to a Power so magnifient and all-pervading? After all, God is our very Source of existence. How could worship not be part of our relationship?
    Such thoughts are logical, humble and speak to our hearts. The whole worship experience has an emotionally stirring feel-good quality that seems to positively support the intensity and value of worship as ideal ways to relate to our Creator. It is so powerful and the experiences are so deeply moving. This is undeniably TRUE, too.
    Worship has a fundamentally social component that also feeds our souls. So, why would we ask such a question? Of course, there are two aspects to our being, yes? The innate Spirit part and the physical (body-mind) part. The questions that bubble to the surface are these:  Does worship serve the needs of a body-mind?  Does worship serve the needs of Spirit-Essence? 
    This is the primal bottom-line reality that makes us HU-in-man  (Spirit-in-man). We must consider both needs with equal weight. A duality world, as the one we live in, requires that we put the two together for us to have a wholism understanding. If we only consider one side of our Divinely made structure, we will not be able to know what we need to know.  
    This is the very reason we ask this question. TRUTH never fears the exploration, denies the discoveries, or fails to be whole. Join us and share  your interests, questions, and concerns. We support and encourage an open and honest dialog.

    Sharon and Will

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    Higher SELF Direct or Via An Interface--Quality of Your Inner Relationship

    in Spirituality

    Today's show is utmost simple and cuts straight to the botttom line of what matters most in life. Specifically, that is the precision or vagueness of your personal relationship to your actual genuine In-Spirited SELF--your Higher SELF and Power of Being. 
    The authentic TRUTH of your being flows from the root of Absolute TRUTH and from the font of your Essential Essence, specifically your Christos-Spirit, your I AM Presence. Okay, talking about that reality could be several shows within itself. But today, we are  interested in getting the whole dialog initiated in terms of your actual relationship itself.  WHY? Because this is the core and  heart of everything, is it not?!
    Many people are opening to guides, E.T's, and saints or other beings of a more energetic form and other planetary origins other than earth. The supposition is their superior growth and evolution in consciousness makes them reliable resources. Does it?? This may or may not be as it seems. At any rate, trusting such sources wisely ought to be taken with great caution for it invites a level of consciousness outside of our consensus of knowledge and awareness.
    Your HIGHER SELF is the only actual you in existence. You deserve and have options to make this relationship intimate while embodied. Intimate implies a sacred directness. Why not look at this option because it packs a lot of everything there is to love about your reunion and communion with your Inner SELF into its realization and actualization of being.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    09/03/15 Dr. Christos Kioni Live | HoodooUTube

    in Spirituality

    Episode 09/03/15 Dr. Christos Kioni Live | HoodooUTube | Sex in The Church.

    Did the evangelist and Sunday School teacher seduce the callers husband? Is she a wolf in sheeps clothing? Listen to this lengthy call as Dr. Kioni unravels the truth in his signature no holds barred style. 

    Dr. Kioni also bares his heart and shares from his soul about being called to be the worlds most foremost spiritual practitioner, the pressure and sacrifices. You've never heard this before. Stay to the very last syllable because Dr. Kioni ends this episode with a dynamic prayer of blessings and absolution. "The Dr. Is In!"

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    The Hidden Jewel of Christmas Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    The celebration of Christmas is the expression of the Essence of our TRUE-core-self connection with our Infinity that we are unconsciously immersed in throughout our life. Let this Christmas begin to make this conscious, and let it begin with you and your family.

    We have gotten all glossed out on external celebratory stuff and controversy that is diluting our Essential Nature and pitting us against "those not like us." 

    We're subconsciously being goaded to trade our peace with each other for ego-versions of 'offending no one.' In honest terms, this  boils down to offending no religious faith. 

    We can pause at this time and focus on ways to do so much more than fight or mererly tolerate each other. We can do the RIGHT THING and rise to genuine reverence for our shared Divine Heart of Hearts. 

    This  unified Heart is casting its LIght upon our Christos-Spirit as we are filled with a wisdom to lay our ego and its issues into a deep sleep. Maybe then we can and will ressurect our Christos-Spirit of being Christ-in-masse. Nice, eh? 

    Let's grow this REALITY by pondering it, giving it depth and conversation, and by igniting our passion. Let us open up and see how this year we can individually do our personal part in creating a grassroots movement of out Heart of Hearts. 

    Our Christ-MASSe gift to our Uni-verse  will become HUmanity giving birth to Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all with our Christos-Spirit birthing... 

    WIth SELFGnosisR this outcome is far easier than you may think or current religions give us the space for doing. It is a workable and definitive way to such beautiful outcomes BEING realized and manifested. We need both...realizing and manifesting.

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    in Religion

    The name ChristoSophia includes both the masculine and feminine image of the divine. Sophia is the Greek name for the feminine figure of divine Wisdom in ancient Judaism. Many early Christians viewed the Christ as both the Word (Logos) and Wisdom (Sophia) of God. Including both Christ and Sophia in the name Christ-Sophia restores the Divine Feminine in Christianity. The Sophia that has always been acknowledged by esoteric Christianity is the key to unlock the Christian wisdom that is needed for our time. Recognizing the Sacred Feminine within Christian tradition leads to a renewed vision of the sacredness of the natural world and the value of mystical experience.

    We begin a phase of externalizing the esoteric mysteries through our own spiritual capabilities; through our enhanced capacity to feel, share and circulate genuine heart based love as human beings. As we circulate and know the feeling of the Love of God in our heart, we develop increasingly higher sensory perception abilities. As we develop the heart language to deeply and profoundly "feel", we sense way beyond this material reality, way beyond what our physical eyes see. As we listen to these inner subtle heart vibrations, we gain access to deeper and deeper vaults of spiritual knowledge through direct and personal cognition. As we consciously choose to fill our inner heart chambers with the Love of Holy Spirit and Virtues of Christos, we are flooded with the direct, personal and intimate relationship with the essence of God's Holy Spirit.


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    7/30/15 Dr. Christos Kioni Live! | HoodooUTube

    in Spirituality

    7/30/15 Dr. Christos Kioni Live! | HoodooUTube. Live from the CallMyPsychics chatroom at MyHoodooSpace.net.

    General call in talk show with live video feed. Featuring live calls and questions from the chatroom to spiritual advisers, Chery in Utah, Rose in California and Dr. Kioni in Florida. A great show covering topics about spiritism, divination and natural alchemy AKA as hoodoo & conjure. 

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    The Barbershop: Real Theology--I Know You Got Solas

    in Christianity

    The I.C.E. MEN bring back minister Adrian S McNeal for the 4th time. Having discussed Farrakhan and the Slave Owner Theology, they move on to discuss accurate and orthodox theology. They will discuss the Five Solas of the Reformation: Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Christus, and Soli Deo Gloria. Does the Black Church follow the premises of the Reformation, or has it gone of on its own in the interests of prosperity and spirituality?'

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    in Politics

    Special #TGIF - latest GLOBAL GO GO music from around the world.

    Produced live in the studios of WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond Independent Radio in Richmond, VA by Bill Lupoletti every Wednesday from 3 to 5 PM. More information on his blog, globalagogo.com.

    Playlist Notes: Notes: Song | Artist (Country) | Recording | Label | Year

    Separation Oliver Lake (USA) Matador Of 1st & 1st | Passin' Thru | 1997, Global A Go-Go | Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros (UK) | Global A Go-Go | Hellcat | 2001, Wad Alnuba | Alsarah & The Nubatones feat Sounds Of Taraab (Sudan-Yemen-Armenia-France-Togo-USA) | Silt | Wonderwheel | 2014, Konoba Doundo | Kandia Kouyate (Mali) | Renascence | Sterns | 2015, Siiw | Thione Seck (Senegal) | Orientation | Sterns | 2005, Shukran Bamba | Youssou N'Dour (Senegal) | Egypt | Nonesuch | 2004, La Derniere Fois | Kuku (Nigeria-USA) | Ballads & Blasphemy | Buda Musique | 2015, Adja | Elikeh (Togo-DC USA) | Kondona | Ropeadope | 2015, Wrong Road | Vaudou Game feat Roger Damawuzan (Togo-France) | Apiafo | Hot Casa | 2014, Baaba Na Ayele | Roger Damawuzan & Les As Du Benin (Togo-Benin) | Wait For Me | Hot Casa | 197x, Break Through | Marijata (Ghana) | This Is Marijata | Gapophone | 1976, Singer Man | The Kingstonians (Jamaica) | single | Song Bird | 1970, Born In Ethiopia | The In-Crowd (Jamaica) | single | Evolution | 1976, Mr. Chin Slippers | The Mighty Diamonds (Jamaica) | single | Hot Heat Productions | 1986, Black Starliner Must Come | Culture (Jamaica) | Two Sevens Clash | Joe Gibbs | 1977, African | Tiken Jah Fakoly (Cote D'Ivoire) | Racines | Barclay | 2015
    Heart Of Gold | Christos DC (DC USA) | single | Honest Music | 2015
    Medical Marijuana Card | Macka B (UK) | Neva Played A 45 | Peckings | 2015

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    08/0615 Dr. Christos Kioni Live | HoodooUTube

    in Spirituality

    Recorded on 8/6/15. With calls from NC, TX, MO, CA and Canada. Heargreat conjure remedies from Adviser Selina, Adviser Child of Oya and Dr. Kioni. Its a new format, high energy and full of GOOD JUJU FOR YOU. 

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    in Religion

    This series is a MUST for every serious truth seeker! 


    This AUDIO SERIES is full of revealing secrets, pertaining to the metaphysics of nuclear or nucleus, christos/chrestos, universal plasma light energy, wealth, health, wisdom, ETERNAL LIFE, love, sex, marriage, sound, light, immortality, the holy grail, frequency, wave, vibration, mythology, world religions, the secret teachings of all ages, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, astrobiology, astrophysics, biology, electricity, chemistry, power of the mind, power of healing, power of limitless love, etc.

    THIS IS A 15 HOUR LIVE EVENT..........that is being recorded. At the conclusion everyone will receive the complete 15 hour event and the series workbook!

    The cost is only $100. However, the information contained in this series is priceless! No money can buy this because it is priceless! The profound knowledge is Resplendent! Awesome! Superlative! Ancient! Mystical! Unknown to the mortal man! Come! Discover the infinite energy, the adventure of the true world and the ultimate secrets of life in you!

    Please join us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cost is only $100! 

    After each live session, I will email you the download so you can listen in at your convenience! Go to www.masterteacher33.com and click on the donation link!





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