• jrilshow: A Gift that you wanted but didn't get for Christmas!

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    Welcome to the Saturday edition of the jril show.  Now that Christmas is over, we want to know, name a gift that you wanted for Christmas but did not get for Christmas!


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    Our Top Christmas Gift Ideas for 2014

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    Are you done with your Christmas shopping for 2014?  Or are you a super busy mom who is now dreading going out in the crowd to get some gifts the week before Christmas?

    Let us lighten the load by giving you some suggestions.  Listen in as we share OUR top Christmas gift ideas for 2014.  We don't promise they'll coincide with what the consumer reports have to say, but we do have some pretty good suggestions.

    We know you are super busy, but if you can please take a minute to leave us a rating and review we will be so grateful.  It helps us grow and helps us know how to help more mothers out there.  Not to mention, the good reviews are really encouraging :)

    Please visit us at our blog at http://www.everythingsahm.net/.  You can connect with us on social media through there.



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    12 Days of Christmas: The Gift(s) Within

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    It's the most wonderful time of the year at Your Life by Design as we celebrate the Christmas season with the 12 Days of Christmas! Last week we discussed how you (we) are a gift to this world. God designed us and breathed life and endowed us with diverse gifts, abilities and talents that are to be used to be a blessing to others. But what are theses gifts? Join us for The Gift(s) Within as we begin to look at the gifts of the Spirit starting with the gift of Faith.  We will answer the question "What is faith?" and briefly discuss how to effectively use it.

  • The Gift of Christmas: A Path to Happiness, featuring Kokomon Clottey & Aeeshah

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    Welcome to “Happiness Index”, in our last episode, our conversation was on Mindful Practices: Journey to Joy. In light of the fact that today is Christmas, our focus is on the importance of the celebration and its implications for us, personally, our family, friends and community. Christmas has nothing to do with the things that we can acquire.  Its focus is really not on the haves and the have-nots. It’s true focus is on love and our ability to tap into our love essence and recognize that our essence is love. 

    This Christmas let us apply mindfulness practices to truly participate and become the spirit of the season. This show is about being happiness and truly celebrating the season by making it a season for all times.  One might ask. What is Mindful Practice?  How does mindfulness leads to happier life in an age of chaos?  We have the Holiday season to remind us.  We are closing the days of Hanukkah, celebrating Christmas today, tomorrow we move into Kwanzaa and Kwanzaa ends on the first day of the New Year, 2015.  Today is Christmas Day.  Let Christmas show us the way. Let us remember that now is the only time there really is.   

    The moment we have been waiting is here. Today is the day of Christmas! Today is to make merry and to ignite happiness. Our focus and conversation is on the gift of Christmas: A Path to Happiness!

    Conceptually, Christmas celebration started as a result of an event that took place two thousand years: the birth of Jesus. In essence Christmas is a gift to mankind. It is telling that on this day, the celebration ignites such happiness that one can only reason that the birth of Jesus was the gift. There is a sense of urgency and shared genuine peace and love everywhere. The strong need to share peace, love and happiness is palpable.


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    Hope: The Great Gift of Christmas

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    What was the great gift given at Christmas...? Hope! 

    Christmas time is a time of joy, hope, and reflection, but for many it can be a time of loneliness, regret, anxiety and even depression. 

    Join internationally-known intuitive Dr. Douglas James Cottrell and his co-host, Robert Appel as they discuss the spiritual rules for living your life at this time. Learn how to deal with unfinished business, difficulties, shortcomings,  and how to prepare for the new year. Learn how to build on your trials and your triumphs to make next year YOUR year! Let's move forward from here in a spiritually-mindful way.

    Call in with your questions 718-766-4421 or Skype in from the show page.

  • Should You Accept A Christmas Gift From Your Ex? - He Say She Say

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    It's that wonderful time of the year.  Christmas songs, Christmas parties and of course, Christmas gifts.  Call in to comment on the HOT TOPIC this Sunday at 4pm EST - "SHOULD YOU ACCEPT A GIFT FROM YOUR EX?" Call 760.283.4647 to listen in right over your phone and hit the #1 key to comment.  Don't forget you can watch the show LIVE at www.eblockradio.com. #Love #Relationships #Gifts #Christmas 

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    Bedroom Fun SEGMENT Gift Ideas

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    Yes it is that time again; it's BEDROOM FUN SEGMENT time again.  My guest will be the one and only Beth Robinson the top consultant of Pure Romance.  Do you need a Christmas gift idea?  Do you and your mate want to spice up your HO HO HO?  Then make sure you tune in.  

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    Grace – Gift to The Least Deserving

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    Grace is God’s unmerited favor. We can never get into a relationship with God without grace. It is His greatest gift to the least deserving. Pastors Dominic & Carol Macharia will broaden our understanding on grace.

    Listen live on Tuesday 3/24/14: at: 8PM EDT, 7PM CDT, 6 PM MDT, 5 PM PDT: at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    12 Days of Christmas: The Gift(s) Within

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    Today's broadcast we will continue taking a look at the gifts that are within us. Yesterday we talked about the difference between the gift of faith and the measure of faith. We will recap and take a look at the gifts of the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom.

    Did you do your homework? During the second portion of our broadcast we will discuss Romans 12:1-13 taking particular look at verses 6-8.

    Manna Word for the day is Relationship.

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    The Gift of Choice - Embark on the Entrepreneur Journey and Live Your Dream

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    Are you happy with your life’s work as it is? If not, you may have thought about doing something different. Maybe you have had the feeling there is something more for you, a greater purpose. Taking the leap into entrepreneurship can be scary. In choosing to live your dream, you might be one of those people who want to take the leap, but are in your own way. We are going to talk about common barriers and how to get around them so you can do what makes your heart sing. Bonnie will share her journey and give you some practical tips on how to begin. You will come away from the show feeling inspired and confident! 

    Connect with Bonnie at www.bonniegroessl.com 

    Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CoachBonnieGroessl

    Amazon link for Bonnie Groessl      

    Listen on Speak Up Talk Radio  http://www.speakuptalkradio.com/listen/

    Listen to Bonnie's interview on CUTV News Radio

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    This is the season for all to understand this gift of life. It is a great opportunity for those who have misappropiated what Christmas means; giving them a chance to know the truth. We know that the world's view is all centered around the nature of self and what it wants. Gifts given and received all in the name of greed, need and want for more. This way clouds the true essence of christmas and why it exists. One assuming he has this gift and does not will be detriment in the end. Tune into this teaching and understand "THIS GIFT" that we are talking about and the power that comes upon those who truly has it. 

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