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    The Worst Christmas Gift(s) You Have Ever Gotten.

    in Entertainment

    Its that time of the year. Its Christmas time!!!! Time to tell everyone some of the worst christmas gifts you have ever gotten. Tell us what you reaction, what was going on in your head, what was your response when you have gotten it etc. Did you grow to love the gift and see how useful it was or did you return the gift and got what you really wanted or just took the money? Keep it interesting for everyone to enjoy. Or better yet you didn't care about how ugly it was and just it took as the thought that count?  Be real. 

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    Sacred Journeys Radio Christmas The Gift of Giving and Free Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Lady Beth and Barry White Crow take time this Holiday season to share stories of special people they are proud know.  Tune in if you have tired of bad news. This program will make your heart smile and show us that the good in the world not only still exisits but is the answer to why we are here. Beth and Barry encourage you to call in and share your stories of giving and or receiving. Christmas time is the season for giving and Beth and Barry cannot wait to hear your stories.  Beth and Barry will also answer questions and do  free mini readings during the second hour of the program. They encourage everyone who calls in to share their special stories, even if  you are calling in for a reading.  Call in number is 347-850-8292

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    The Greatest Gift

    in Higher Education

    Todays show will be about The greatest gift we can ever recieve .. Join me for a journey into His-story to reveal what that i

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    The Interpersonal Connection ~The Spirit of Christmas ~

    in Spirituality

    Encouraging and Inspirational Words of Wisdom, Spirit and Life To Help Strengthen You Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Socially, Mentally and Economically.  Angels we have heard on high Jesus is the reason. I don’t need material things all I need is the love you give. This holiday I came to say that Jesus is the only way. Glory to the new born King. He is the reason one thing you should know where ever you go. He is the reason one thing I can say on this special day. Who get’s the praise? We got the praise and who do we give the praise to? Jesus! (from the album Kirk Franklin and The Family – Christmas)  

    The Christmas Spirit is the character of Christ living out in us all year long. The point of the Christian life is not self-realization, but in knowing Jesus Christ, not allowing anything to take His place in our thinking, our emotions, and the daily experiences of life. The spiritual and mature Christian will never think his circumstances are merely haphazard, neither think of one’s self as the center of the universe. Christians are to be Christ like in .attitude and in form. What we experience in life, what we go through, what we suffer through, what we give up is all just a mere shadow compared to the Eternity to come. What we seem to lose is of no comparison to what we gain in Him. 

     Jesus Is The Reason For This Season

    Stay Connected & You Be Encouraged

    Spiritual Deeper Life

       St. Matthew 5:6

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    in Religion

    Tune in as Bishop Johnson minister to you on this blessed Christmas day.

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    Episode 285.5 - Christmas Gift Exchange 2015

    in Visual Arts

    As promised, here’s the annual gift exchange between Matt and Chris!

  • The Gift Of Vision Broadcast LiveAdvice with Misty

    in Spirituality



    LGBTQ Issues




    Skills and Methods







    My Approach

    As a Spiritual Advisor, I have the Answers that you seek. God has place in me a Source of Integrity towards my Fellowman. I will always deliver answers as Honest as I can, I am a Spiritual Counselor. I help people who need clarity in their life, what I do is not a game period. I have been doing this well over 20 yrs. keen is just another avenue.

    It is my Gift that keeps me going. We all have Questions and curiosities. With just your Name, D.O.B. and your Age: My Gifts of Claivoyance, & Cartomancy will help put an end to some of your curiosities. Please be clear time is not one of my specialties. Come to me with an open Mind & Heart and with positive energy you will receive the answers you seek. I specialize in all of Life Matters: LOVE, MONEY, CAREER, FAMILY.


    My Background

    I was Truly Chosen by God to have this Gift. Everyday of my Life I constantly think of different ways to Utilize it. My Parents taught me the Art of Medidtation. I Attended the School of Metaphysics, which taught me so much more.

    Marygrove College: Mental Health

    B.A. Metaphysical Science: Certified Spiritual Practitioner: Certified Ordained Minister

    Studied at Alhambra Institute, Specialize in Spiritual Readings, Tarot Reading, Crystal Reading.

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  • Can A Boycott Of Christmas Gift Buying Bring Racial Justice?

    in Women

    The 20th anniversary of the Million Man March is being promoted with the words "Justice or Else!"  What's the or else? In recent speech, Minister Louis Farrakhan called for African Americans to boycott Christmas as a response to racial injustice. How can we force justice by the withdrawal of our 1.9 trillion dollars from the U.S. economy during the season most businesses depend upon for their yearly profits? Who are we hoping to hurt with our boycott? How will their financial distress lead to a change of discriminatory laws? The procecution of police who killed citizens? The passing of sensible gun laws? The release of falsely accused prisoners? Do we need to work out a specific strategy to make sure our lack of buying gifts for friends and family produces the desired effects? Will enough people participate? Do we need to tie this boycott to a specific piece of legislation? Give us your views on the meaning of "justice or else!" What threat can we collectively carry out that can force a change and bring justice

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    Christmas Eve

    in Entertainment

    Shaliah and Jordan talk about their favorite Christmas shows, specials, and Shaliah counts down her favorite Christmas songs.

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    Women CAMP- Join the conversation! "The Gift"

    in Motivation

    Join the Conversation!  Prophetess Servola and Dr. Charlene with discuss the perfect gift.  Are you in search of the perfect gift this holiday season?  Don't miss this broadcast.  Many times we spend the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas searching for that perfect gift.  Will it be the TV, the ring, the bike, a new car, new house, or destination vacation?  As we are thumbing through the pages of a magazine, searching online, or standing in line consider is this the perfect gift.  Many times the perfect gift cannot be summed up into a small or big package with bow on top.  So, what is the perfect gift?  Eventual things will fade, but love...