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    When Do You Call it Quits in Your Christian Marriage?

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    Episode 42 - When Do You Call it Quits in Your Christian Marriage?
    Most of us Christians believe that when you get married, you are married until "death do you part" or longer...and "for better or for worse." 
    Marriage definitely has its "worse" days, but how "worse" does it need to get before it's time to end the marriage and still be able to stand before God with a clear conscience?
    In this show we will discuss:
    The 3 Reasons for divorce Signs to know when it's time to call it quits--either temporarily or permanenty How you can stand before God with a clear conscience What it means when you've "fallen out of love" LISTEN IN!

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    How to be a Marriage Christian

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    Coming out of the world system of living ,mean following God's rules and not the world system of living. The Bible become your guilde not T.V..Marriage start anew team. Two people has to learn to live together,husband and wife.They must share in living support,child raising,health failures,career lost and rebuilding one and respect one another needs if possible.And never use sex,food,money,children and family in agruments.

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    Top 10 Marriage Myths

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    Since the time we were born and growing up to adulthood, we have heard what marriage "should" and "should not" be.  The problem is: you can't always believe what you hear, and unfortunately, most of what you've heard about marriage has probably been a lie.

    You've probably heard things like, "Marriage will make you happier," or "Marriage is a lot of work," or even "Married people have less sex than singles," leaving you to wonder if marriage is really worth it.

    On today's show, we will be debunking the Top 10 lies and myths about marriage and you will be asking yourself, "Why didn't anyone tell me the TRUTH?"


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    What Unspoken Marriage Rules are Destroying Your Marriage?

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    Believe it or not, we all have "rules" in our marriage that are unspoken, unwritten and unconscious, and we play this destructive "game" with our spouse that they have to figure out the "rules" we have for them in order to have a happy marriage.

    Well, you can imagine how well this works.  It doesn't.

    On today's show we will be discussing:

    How do rules get determined in your marriage?
    What rules have you set up for your spouse (unwritten and unspoken)?
    How can you change your rules so that you WIN at the game of marriage?


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    8 Ways Husbands Are Abused in the Marriage

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    Can a wife be the abusive one in a marriage? We are accustomed to hearing about husbands abusing their wives, but what about wives abusing their husbands?

    In this episode we will discuss:

    The definition of abuse - especially in a marriage
    The 8 Ways a Wife Abuses her Husband
    Vital steps to take if you are being abused in your marriage


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    Same Sex Marriage Controversy - What is God's Stand?

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    With the Federal court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), in essense, it has made same-sex marriages legal at the Federal level.  But what about at the state level?  Many states have followed the Federal court's decision and are recognizing same-sex marriages, but some states, like Utah, are fighting that decision.

    In this episode, find out:

    Does God have a stand on same-sex marriages?
    What do you do if you live in a state that now recognizes same-sex marriages but you are against them?
    How do you be Christ-like and still love homosexuals without compromising your beliefs and values?


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    An Interview with a Man who Had an Affair & Why He Decided to Save His Marriage

    in Relationships

    An Interview with a Man who Had an Affair & Why He Decided to Save His Marriage. Call in at 646-378-0424 (to listen or ask a question) or email in your questions to askjoe@marriagehelper.com. 

    You won't want to miss tonight's episode. Whether you have had an affair, or your spouse is the one who has had the affair, now you have the opportunity to listen to a man who recently was involved in an affair and why he decided to save his marriage. 

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    Tabernacle Christian Broadcast (TCB): Variety

    in Christianity

    The Tabernacle Summer Sunday Children's Camp is HERE!  Register online: www.signmeup.com/108625.

    Listen for Promos by Launch Your MInistry Pastors: Apostle Henry and Wife, True Diliverance Ministry, and Pastor Aundrae Hughes and member, Missionary Janice Clark of  Anointed Tabernacle of God Church

    If you are in the Las Vegas area and have children ages 6-17.  You may now enroll them in the Tabernacle's Sunday Children's Camp. The Sunday Children's Camp is in session on Sundays. Doors open at 10:45AM and Camp closes at 2:30PM.  Open enrollment for children ages 6-17 for non-members and 5-17 for members.  The Summer Session runs May 2015 through August 30, 2015.  The first session's overall theme is "Talking to God."  The first 4 weeks is entitled: Our Daily Bread; the next 4 weeks: Before We Go To Sleep, and Final 4 weeks: Personal Prayer. Your child(ren) will participate in fun Christian songs, and raps about prayer, arts and crafts, American Sign Language, Games and more! During art class, participants will create works that compliment and reflect the themes.  These will be displayed throughout the facility. In American Sign Language Class, participants will learn short songs and prayers in sign language.  All participants will have snack time where they will watch exciting videos related to the theme.  . Please alert us to any allergies or physical difficulties that your child may have.  This is offered for a donation of less than $1.60 per Sunday Camp Day (each child). Parents are welcomed, but not required to attend.  Register online at:  www.signmeup.com/108625, or call 702-664-2078.

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    Website 101 for Christian Entrepreneurs

    in Women

    Do I need to have a website if my business is small or if the product I’m selling or the service I’m offering is not online-based?

    In this tech-savvy world where children get to learn how to operate a tablet computer even before they learn how to read, it may come as a surprise to know that there are still small business owners out there who miss out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them.

    I somehow understand the hesitation. The World Wide Web can be a labyrinth for beginner Christian entrepreneurs. It’s challenging enough to start a business; having to learn technical things can be an added stress.

    But you don’t need to be techy in order to establish your business presence online. The key is in knowing the basics and finding the right people to do it for you.     

    In this episode we talk to author and speaker Holly Nelson, owner of 2C Development Group, a website development company. Holly’s business has been around since 1996, creating sites that convert visitors into customers.

    Holly will share with us important information website-less business owners need to know before sourcing for a company to help you build your company website.

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    An online Bible study! The Bible says to show yoursef approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed! but who rightly divides the Word of Truth!

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