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    Socializing Your Business

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    Join us for our wonderful guest, Christer Edman. With one hundred percent commitment and curiosity about the future Christer inspires to new and unique opportunities through Creman that he started in 1987 and at that time he trademarked the name. Christers main goal is to provide unique solutions for people of all ages and future generations. His mission is to help all aspiring individuals for creative solutions that can help companies and individuals as they are ever evolving. Christers values are “Everyone is equally valuable”, “All change begins with ourselves”, and We live to learn and help others”. Christer is warm hearted and loyal to his passion of Creman Innovation. He is a certified networker and has become very creative at network coaching using social media. Christer sees everyone as different and unique and helps to inspire everyone as differently as they are. He is committed to helping you grow your business through social media and being able to pass what you learn along to future generations so that innovative ways continue to evolve. Our world is ever evolving and Christer thrives to continuously be part of change. If you would like Christers help with your business needs you can find him at http://www.creman.se
    He is excited and passionate about helping you to find your creativity and uniqueness and letting it shine through social media.  

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    Socializing Your Business

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    Christer Edman is our Amazing guest this week. Here is a little preview of the Extraordinary person that he is,
    "I have known for decades that I have a life purpose but due to my lack of a higher education it has delimited myself but at the same time this have forced me to read and learn more and more. I have been reading a lot and learning until I have noticed it has much more to do with courage to act and imagine than knowledge since the hunger for knowledge comes automatically.

    Personal freedom and a deep feeling of that our lives purpose is love and we are all one. Everybody can make a change in the world and there are always something good we can do for ourselves and others. If you feel and see something which you have passion for just go for it and follow your heart and act with Love."

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    Veckans Rivstart med Mikael Arndt

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    Dagens gäst Mikael Arndt Mikael Arndt har haft egna säljkårer runt om i Sverige samt haft kontor i Danmark och England. Han hade som mest över 150 säljare samtidigt. Han har haft föreläsningar om allt som rör försäljning över hela Europa - allt från Södra Ryssland till Rumänien och England. Under hösten blev det bland annat föreläsningar för fransmän, kroater, ungrare och till och med föreläsningar i Mozambique för företagare där
    Han kom precis ut med sin bok "Vi samlar på affärskontakter" som han skrivit tillsammans med Ekonomijournalisten Christer Fälldin.
    Tomas Lydahl
    Olle Hedberg

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    Human Potential with James Wagner and guests - 4pm to 6pm

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    It's another episode of discussion and idea sharing on bringing out the potential in autistic individuals.  Join host James Wagner, co-host Maria Iliou and a panel of guests  Marc Rosen and Nick Hale  as they talk about employment, oppertunities and other areas of support. http://www.perspectivesanthology.com/win-a-free-copy-of-perspectives-2.html http://www.localgemspoetrypress.com/               James P. Wagner Interview and panel Marc and Nick. also Interview DR. Dan Edman        James P. wagner paintings and drawing
    Sponsored by Naturally Autistic ANCA and The Gregory-Collura Family.  www.naturallyautistic.com
    On Facebook, visit "Naturally Autistic ANCA" and "Leo Gregory:
    On Twitter, follow them under the profile "Naturally Aut"

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    Behind the Curtain - w/ Kathleen Edman - Paws of the Planet

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    Guests: Kathleen Edman, President, Paws of the Planet
    Making A Difference For Animals
    Paws of the Planet is a Non-Profit charity dedicated to making a positive difference for animals. We believe the best way to have an impact in the animal world is to join together with like minded people and fund projects that create a significant benefit in the lives of animals.
    Our Mission:
    To promote animal welfare through grassroots fundraising and education.
    Some Projects:
    Cheetah Conservation Fund National Audubon Society Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach - Meals for Seals Ventana Wildlife Center in Big Sur - California Condor Recovery Program Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center - Rescue, Rehab and Release Projects Newport Beach Animal Shelter Animal Shelters Big Black Shelter Dog Awareness Campaign Wildlife Adoptions Wonders of Wildlife - Hands on Wildlife Interaction OCSPCA - Pet Assisted Therapy Santa Anna Zoo - School Assembly Scholarship, Zoomobile & Field Trip Transportation Millan Foundation - Humane Education Program ---------------------------- About Behind the Curtain: In the "Wizard of OZ" there was a man behind the curtain who showed people that they already had everything they needed and desired... We've created a BlogTalkRadio program where our guests include those hero's and champions who dedicate themselves to make a difference with people and our animal companions. Most of these organizations are well known and make amazing differences in their communities, but the people behind the curtain, those that spend countless hours, often don't seek the spotlight and we want to share their stories and passion with you.

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    Tia talks to Christer Soderberg

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    As an entrepreneur Christer Söderberg has developed an intimate relationship with the multiple aspects and interdependency of international business. Christer started and managed a NGO coordinating humanitarian aid during the war in Bosnia, managed a telecom product design company based in Hong Kong and as Director of a Swedish multinational in Brazil, established the industrial products company in six South American countries. Christer has lived in nine countries and speaks the languages of seven, experiencing first hand the differences in culture and working conditions on four continents.

    After returning from Brazil in 2002 Christer started Zero Aeons AB, a Stockholm based Business Leadership and Communications consultancy. In 2006 he introduced Brazilian art, furniture, and design to Sweden and helped develop a business based on a triple bottom line. Open World Foundation builds on the spirit of these two businesses, and with the Open World Café & Gallery creates meeting places to inspire leadership, learning, and environmental awareness.

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    Dirty Dan and Mongo Man Show February 27, 2008 Welcome Peter Berwick Show #1

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    Imagine a run-down bar somewhere along the road packed with truckers shooting pool, smoking and drinking beer. Someone is passed out in the men's room, a couple of guys are fighting out front while others are playing stud or dancing with the local girls. The sound from the jukebox is more than likely to sound something like Pete Berwick. Christer Davidsson, MUTINYZINE.COM

    "Ain't No Train Outta Nashville is the best damned album since "the Hard Way" and I'll stand on Steve Earle's coffee table in my biker boots and say that!"--Torchy Blaine, "Guitar Town" Radio WDVR-FM

    * * * Berwick appears to be the genuine article, an urban cowboy from another time or another place. His voice is weathered and rugged. His guitar playing is masterful, and his lyrics are soulful. It’s everything you’d expect to hear from the dusty looking outlaw in the sepia-toned picture on the cover of his disc. He is a man of many talents aside from being one hell of a musician. No matter how you drink your whiskey, you’ll love the soulful country-rock of Pete Berwick. If you can get into rockabilly or Johnny Cash (or good Elvis), then you will enjoy Berwick’s tunes. Check it out. (Peter Terebesi , Verbicide Magazine)

    * * * There is so much talent out there that isn’t getting out because the recording industry starts to milk them for money the second that they get any recognition. You can’t make it if you don’t pay. How ridiculous. Artists like Pete Berwick, Papa Satch, and Bill Kelly are where the future of music lies. --Bill Prevost, Riff Radio