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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    Welcome Christa Orecchio!

    Intro to Gut Thrive program

    Christa's philosophy behind healing the gut from a genetic perspective

    Step 1 - Slash inflammation

    Step 2 - Pathogen purge and the antiquated approach to addressing pathogens and imbalances in the microbiome

    Step 3 - Reseeding with good bacteria and the specific bacterial strains that Christa recommends

    Step 4 - Restoration of stomach acid

    Details for the webinar this Wednesday, 2/3

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    Defending The Republic - Jim Harding & Herb London

    in Politics Conservative

    Southern Sense is a show of conservative talk on news and events, with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis as host and Curtis "CS" Bennett, co-host.  Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!  Visit our website at http://www.Southern-Sense.com, become a member and follow us here and on Facebook.

    Ret. Colonel James Harding who is one of the most decorated military leaders and pilots of our time and we are honored to welcome him. He is a board member of the Veterans Council of the United States Patriots Union.  Bio


    Obama Impeachment http://cactn.weebly.com/

    Herbert I. London is President Emeritus of Hudson Institute. He served as the Institute's President from December 1997 to March 2011. He is professor emeritus and the former John M. Olin Professor of Humanities at New York University.  http://www.herblondon.org/

    Dedication: To the crew of the Space Shuttle Challanger who died when it exploded shortly after lift-off on January 28, 1986.  Pilot Michael J. Smith, Commander Francis R. “Dick” Scobee, and mission specialist Ronald E. McNair. Rear left are mission specialist Ellison Onizuka, teacher Christa McAuliffe, payload specialist Gregory Jarvis, and mission specialist Judith Resnik.

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    Survivors Perspective - How can we all make a difference

    in Motivation

    In an effort to come up with effective ways to help victims get out and stay out of human trafficking we will get the perspective from four amazing survivors that are in the trenches to help fight human trafficking and be the advocates for the victims that are still out there. We will also talk about mistakes that are made by organizations that have good intentions but that may be doing more harm than good. We will also talk about how the church can make a difference without condeming and making victims turning survivors feel they are not welcome. I am honored to have Angie Duncan, Christa Hernandez, Toni McKinley and Hope Manassah on this panel.

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    Editing a Tragedy with Christa Parravani & Crystal-Lee Quibell

    in Writing

    Crystal-Lee Quibell speaks with author, Christa Parravani on how she wrote her memoir, Her. A story of survival after a twins death and how she finished writing the book her twin sister had begun. 

    Christa Parravani is the author of the bestselling Her: A Memoir. Her was named an Amazon Debut Spotlight Pick, best book of the month and named a must-read memoir by NPR, Oprah, and Vogue. Parravani’s writing has appeared in Marie Claire, Glamour, The London Times and, The Washington Post. Christa has an M.F.A. in Visual Art from Columbia University & Creative Writing from Rutgers Newark. Currently an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at West Virginia University’s M.F.A. program. christaparravani.com

    Crystal-Lee Quibell is an aspiring writer and book coach with a particular love for memoir. She is a champion for the written word and an obsessive book collector with a serious case of wanderlust. A self-described mermaid and witchy woman for life. Follow her travels and book publishing journey by visiting Crystal-Lee at www.crystalleequibell.com

    brought to you by VividLife.me


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    This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth)!!! – Voice of the Children

    in Family

    This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth)!!! – Voice of the Children

    Many times we often hear from adults and what they go through when dealing with Chronic Pain but tonight we will hear from children and how they are affected, how they view mom or dad who suffers, or maybe it is them who suffer from Chronic Pain/RSD. Let the voice of the children be heard so that many can see and understand the impact this disease and so many others affect our families at all ages.

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    Stellar Awards Voting

    in Parents

    Robyn has a chance to become an actual noniminee for The next Stellar Awards for her single " HE'S B4 ME"!    I will be playing that single for you today and talking about this amazing child of God. Including the production she will be in soon it is called From Crack to Christ and T-PAC production.

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    Hey it's the Sabbath day! Are you ressting?

    in Spirituality

    I am just going to talk about the Sabbath and about the antichrist and what the mark of the beast really is.  The song of today is brought to you by The Gospel Plowboys  "What a Day That will be"

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    The Catholic Geek: Synods and Starships

    in Culture

    Guest host Matthew Bowman (of Novel Ninja, and the owner of The Catholic Geeks) fills in for Declan Finn. Do not be alarmed. This new dictatorship will be peaceful, until the moment it isn't. 

    Joining Matthew in the first hour will be Dr. William Marshner, renowned theologian and founding faculty member of Christendom College. He will speak on current affairs in the Catholic Church, including the Synod.

    In the second hour, Christa Brolley of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, will discuss the growing organization and the books that inspired it, and how you too can get a snazzy RMN uniform.

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    Sports Week in Review - 10/27/15 - Buddy Curry, 1980 NFL Rookie of Year

    in Sports

    We'll begin this week's show with our special guest, Buddy Curry. Buddy was an All-American LB for UNC and was a 2nd round pick in 1980 of the Atlanta Falcons. In 1983, Buddy recorded 229 tackles and is still the all time season leader for the Falcons in that statistic. Buddy will share his insights on this years NFL campaign and also talk to us about his group Kids & Pros, founded with his former teammate Bobby Butler to teach kids proper football technique and life skills. We'll then transition in the second segment to discuss a busy week in college football with our college football guru Kip Keefer. We'll close, as always, with the Buffalo Bad Boy Pete Tasca, Mr. Savage Burn Steve Butler, and the Fantasy Matriculator Nick Garcia to recap Week 7 of the NFL Season. 

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    5 Steps to Permanent Gut Healing with Christa Orecchio

    in Health

    Christa Orecchio, clinical and holistic nutritionist, joins Elevate Your Energy Radio to talk about the 5 steps to permanent gut healing. Unlike other approaches which treat diseases or even symptoms, Christa's Gut Thrive approach brings healing from the root cause. I personally went through the Gut Thrive program and wholeheartedly endorse it for anyone who's looking for permanent healing and change. 


    In this show, you'll learn the 5 steps to gut healing including:

    1) slashing inflammation

    2) pathogen purge

    3) reseeding and healing the gut

    4) HCL evaulation and terraforming

    5) 80/20 maintenance


    Christa walks us through each step and answers questions like:


    - how can fermented foods like kombucha or yogurt or high fiber make our digestion worse? 

    - why do people get recurrent infections and continue to suffer even after getting treated for digestive problems? 

    - what kind of balance do we want in our microbiome?

    - how can we reset our gene expression by changing our gut health? 


    You can learn more about Christa and the Gut Thrive in 5 Program by clicking HERE. 

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    in Health

    The metastatic breast cancer experience is often overlooked, misunderstood or silenced by those who fear it due to lack of knowledge and education. Joining us is MJ DeCoteau, (Executive Director and Founder, Rethink Breast Cancer) to discuss the metastatic breast cancer awareness day and what Rethink Breast Cancer is doing to support the metastatic community. Survivor Spotlight on breast cancer survivor Christa Wittmier.