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    S:2 E:4 - Actress Erica Hubbard BET Let's Stay Together

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    We welcome to the show the beautiful and talented actress Erica Hubbard. Erica Leads the cast in the highly anticipated new TV lineup on BET. The show is their first original comedy for the network entitled “Let’s Stay Together” when she stars opposite Bert Belasco (Justified). She has appeared in the films Simon Says, Akeelah and the Bee, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Save the Last Dance, A Cinderella Story as well as numerous television series including “CSI: Miami” and “Everybody Hates Chris.”

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    Beating Ovarian Cancer with Chris Bledy

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    Chris Bledy is an author, speaker and survivor of late stage and recurring ovarian cancer. She knows what it takes to beat the odds and live your best life.

    Chris’ book, Beating Ovarian Cancer is providing hope and inspiration to women all over the world. Her emphasis on small lifestyle changes is adding up to big results when it comes to healing cancer. Her main goals are to educate women about ovarian cancer and to help those who have the disease in order to improve survival rates.

    She was featured in an article by Peter Starr for Health Care Weekly and she did an hour radio interview with Dr. Ann West that aired in Hawaii. Chris was also selected as one of the filmed interviews for the Loreal Legacy Corner. The edited version of this interview can be viewed on YouTube under “Chris Bledy talks about Ovarian Cancer”.

    As a speaker, Chris is powerful and touching. At Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, Michigan she spoke to an auditorium of people for the ‘Fourth Annual Gynecologic Oncology Conference’. The response was an overwhelming success. Other speaking engagements include, ‘Cancer Survivors Day’ at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, CA, the ‘Second Annual Lunch in and Learn’ in Granada Hills, CA, sponsored by the Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California (OCC), and the ‘2009 AWIN Golf Classic’ benefiting OCC in Thousand Oaks, CA. Chris also speaks at support groups, church groups and any events that help women dealing with cancer.

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    Intimate in the Word

    in Christianity

    Shaun and Chris explore the depth of the Word, as they look into the truth about God's desires for us, and His personal plan for our lives.

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    Gretchen Rubin & Paul Hoffman (on Happiness & The Power of Music)

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    Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin and transformational musician Paul Hoffman are my guests today. My first guest is Gretchen Rubin, author of the New York Times bestselling book, "THE HAPPINESS PROJECT: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun." Gretchen will tell you about what she most learned from her year dedicated to her Happiness Project. And she will give you valuable tips to become happy.
    er popular daily blog, The Happiness Project, appears on Slate and the Huffington Post and ranks in the prestigious Technorati “Top 2K.” There, she recounts her adventures and insights as she grapples with the challenges of how to be happier. She also blogs for RealSimple.com.

    Next, we'll chat with Paul Hoffman, who will talk about the power of music. He has created music to empower and motivate listeners to wake up to who they really are and take action in their lives. His music elevates the mind and opens the heart to show the way seeming impossibilities become possible. In particular, Paul specializes at merging music with enlightened consciousness to create success. His Success Songs music inspires thousands worldwide to create powerful moments in their day as they Hear Life from a Higher Vibration. Paul’s clients in the personal empowerment arena include Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Chris and Janet Attwood, Cynthia Kersey, Paul Scheele, Marci Shimoff, Christopher Howard, John Assaraf, Alex Mandossian, Lisa Nichols and Loral Langemeier. Paul is passionate about sound-healing and co-authored the widely acclaimed Sonic Access program with Paul Scheele for Learning Strategies Corporation.

    Make sure to join us so that you can become happy all year long and get empowered by music, too.

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    Not everyone who lived through the heady days of the Sixties’ music scene survived it. Patrick Campbell-Lyons (born 13 July 1943, Lismore, County Waterford, Ireland), the composer and musician who is one half of the cult symphonic-rock band Nirvana , may not be totally unscathed, but he certainly lived to tell about his adventures.
    He does so lyrically in his first book, Psychedelic Days. It begins with the band’s formation in London during 1967 and continues through the legendary duo’s legendary firsts. They had the first album release for Chris Blackwell’s Island Records, after all, and were the only musical act to be invited to perform for Salvador Dali. It may have been as much luck as intellect that kept Nirvana sporadically active until 2006. They might have been active still had the set of lyrics for a new release Campbell-Lyons was composing not taken on a life of its own. There was too much history to be confined to a set of couplets. The lyrics turned into the book.
    Thrill’s and pill’s rhythm and blues, the legendary Ealing Club, Island Records, Chris Blackwell Nirvana in Tin Pan Alley, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Guy Stevens, Mickie Most, Paris with Salvador Dali, Rio De Janeiro with Jimmy Cliff, The Star Club in Hamburg, Stockholm, Belguim, Tangiers and the “happenings.” When I stopped writing four months later I had a book. I had been there and lived to tell the story. Today so many years on people fantasize and wonder about those crazy days and often ask me ‘What were the Sixties like? It must have been a crazy time! I wish I had been there.’"
    Campbell-Lyons then pursued a career in the music business as an A&R executive and producer - while continuing to occasionally record solo albums including Me & My Friend, The Electric Plough and The Hero I Might Have Been.

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    Trey Songz vs Chris Brown

    in Entertainment

    We want to here your voice

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    Adam Bomb and Abby the Butcher

    in MMA

    A weekly sports show that will be co-hosted by famous NY area sports legends. ,Chris Kotsopoulos ,Ron Greschner , Bryon Hunt, Sid Vicious and many many more. Listen to what it was like to play on the biggest stage in the world NYC !! Was the garden ice that bad? The wind at Giants Stadium did it change game plans ? Was Hulk A mania the biggest draw ever at MSG ? Listen every Sunday as we recap the NY Sports Scene.

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    Street talk with Bean - 2hr MUSIC MIX

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    Protesting at military funerals

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    Tonight, we'll discuss the recent decision by the US Supreme Court that now legally gives satanists pretending to be Christians the right to protest at the funerals of Soldiers killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know many of my listeners have strong opinions on this issue, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on this recent SCOTUS decision!
    This show is scheduled for 6:30, and I encourage my listeners to first watch "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace either at 2:00 PM EST or 6:00 PM EST; his guest will be margie phelps from the Westboro "baptist" "church". We'll discuss that interview as well.

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    Sportsfan Nightly with Ron Rondon

    in Sports

    Sports News form Pro, College, and High School plus special guests and Pot Luck!!! and co hosts Chris Chamberlain, Kishmir Burke, Denice Betz, Charles Lee, Victor Andrews and Jennifer Bastian

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    Chris Dedman!

    in Paranormal

    Chris Dedman is a native of Lexington, Kentucky where he serveral of years of paranormal reserach and investigating. His first paranormal experience was at the age of 12 when he had a out-of-body experience where he witnessed the paramedics working vigorously to keep him calm and alive. Many have stated that this experience opened a door-of sorts-causing him to be sensitive to the paranormal field. Chris is currently working on many projects and helping families across the nation deal with paranormal activitiy. Chris has appered on numerous radio shows and feature in several newspapers and magazines.

    Chris has spoke at a variety of paranormal conventions and worked with many top names in the paranormal field. He recently filmed a show for the Travel Channel at Bobby Mackey's called, "Most Terrifying Places Amererica 2", which aired on October 9th, 2009.

    Chris brings to the paranormal field a better understanding of the Dangers that not only the Investigator can face, but the clients too.

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    FNL RADIO #77 (3/4)

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    On tonight's show:

    - New music from: Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, Khia, Willow Smith

    - News on Adele, Lupe Fiasco, Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, Foxy Brown, and more!

    - Plus a call-in from Kenia on 'The Guru Open Mic Night'

    For the latest in music and entertainment news, visit:
    The DOC Report http://thedocreport.net

    DOC - twitter.com/mrdoc
    Chris - twitter.com/youngchris_VA
    Yoshi - twitter.com/itsyoshitv
    Brandiinoo - twitter.com/brandiinoo

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