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    Rage In The Cage Radio 39

    in MMA

    There is nothing like the anticipation going into fight week. The time is finally here, Rage in the Cage 38 is just 4 days away. We have fighters from our main event and co-main event on the program tonight. Jeremy Jones, Dee Burchfield, and Ryan Wyant will be on tonight’s broadcast along with Kenny Walker as he prepares for his 2nd fight in his amateur career.

    Join hosts Kimber Shafer and John Kaiser tonight at 9 PM Central on Rage in the Cage Radio live on the MMA Madhouse Network.

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    Episode 11 : NBA Finals, Prom Season, Chris Brown Apology & More

    in Radio

    Man do we have a lot to talk about on the show this week, the NBA finals are underway starting this Thurday. A few celebrites appeared at Prom and we talk about Chris Brown excuses for why he has been going crazy on twitter these past couple of weeks. Tune in as we have much more to talk about (347 )850-8600

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    Rage In The Cage Radio 38

    in MMA

    Tonight on Rage In The Cage Radio CJ Walton takes over the host seat. He will be bringing fighters Chris Lee and Justin DeAngelis with him. Join us as we talk about their next fights at #RITC38 Sat. June 27 at Choctaw Creek Park. We go live at 10pm EST / 7pm PST  

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    Rage with KC Massey with guest Legendary Jim Parks

    in Current Events

    Its the last week before my scheduled trial and still no ruling on my case, Bikers murders, and Jade Helm and Terrorist threats by the terrorists our own Government created. News from Texas about our new law putting the Grand Jury back in the peoples hands not the elitists friends. Come join in the conversation tonight.

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Kory Floyd PH.D. He will be my guest on The Author Chat Show to discuss his book, The Loneliness Cure: Six Strategies for Finding Real Connections in Your Life.

    About the book:

    Rediscover the benefits of a real-life social network! Although today's technology allows you to communicate with people all over the globe, it can also leave you feeling disconnected and unhappy in the real world. The Loneliness Cure helps you rediscover the power of socializing in person and finally find the affection you've been longing for. Written by communication expert Kory Floyd, PhD, this valuable guide offers six compelling strategies for attracting more intimacy into your relationships and everyday life. This guidebook details the causes of affection hunger, helps you assess your needs, and shows you how to build genuine connections to those around you. Whether you're looking to get the undivided attention of a friend, reconnect physically with a romantic partner, or grow closer to your family, this book provides you with the tools you need to lead a healthier, happier, and more affectionate life.

  • 01:15

    Tracey Brown ~ Angelic Advisor

    in Spirituality

    Come join me today for a full hour of psychic readings and celebrity hot topics! Got a celebrity question? I have the answers!

  • 02:00

    Bobby Brown Bail and Beyond w/ Special Guest Will Scoville - Swinging At Shadows

    in Entertainment

    The show everyone’s been waiting for is finally here! First of its kind ever, Bobby Brown Bail And Beyond, goes live with online Radio, linked with his exciting new Reality TV show. Bail And Beyond is hosted by this 24yr veteran Bail Bondsman; Bobby Brown. Formally a detective and currently a member of retired cops ‘Apple Dumpling Gang’; Bobby is also a frequent guest on Reality TV Dog the Bounty Hunter show. Bobby Brown teams up in a unique, cross border alliance with, multi-talented, Psychic, Empath, and Evidential Medium; Amelia Pisano. Also known as Psychic In Stilettos, Amelia’s rare talent seeing beyond where most cannot, is something she has lived with all her life. Amelia’s gift allows her to locate the missing, and help bring closure to those who have lost loved ones. Bobby Brown and Amelia Pisano together, have a great passion for the work they do. Each case reflecting professional pride, while showing the utmost of compassion. Bobby Brown Bail And Beyond is uniquely different bringing years of top detective skills, together with Amelia’s extraordinary gift of seeing and communicating with those beyond, a gift only a true Medium can give. Audiences will be able to ask questions directly to Bobby Brown, Medium Amelia Pisano, along with all the world renowned guests scheduled for this exciting new show. Bobby Brown Bail And Beyond is a show like no other! The Exciting Who’s Who of guests will be appearing each week. They will include Crime Detectives, Celebrities, Authors, Psychic’s, with vast subjects including, cold and active crime cases, exposing historical mysteries, and the unknown paranormal. The list goes on, you don’t want to miss one moment of this exciting new online Radio and Reality TV show; Bobby Brown Bail And Beyond.  (Written by C.C. Champagne)

    Call or Skype in 1-657-383-1205 

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    Talk the Talk (T3) Christian Biker Radio Show with Chris & Steve

    in Christianity

    Join us Monday June 29th at 6:30pm EST. as Chris & Steve Look at "The Shouting From The Boat" part 2 and visit a familiar Bible story and learn about the faithfulness of Jesus and the need for encouraging words from our Christian Family. This week we are going to speculate on what those on the boat MIGHT have said and what they could have said to affect Peter's walk of faith. If you missed "The Shouting From The Boat" part 1 you can catch up at the link below.  

    Just go to this link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bikerbibleinstitute2 and follow the show and you will be notified of all upcoming broadcasts.

    We welcome your prayer requests, and praise reports for our Praise and Prayer segment of the show.

    If you have an event coming up let us know and we will get it on the air.

    We are looking for good news in biker ministry, if you have some you want to share drop us an email

    You can let us know about any of the above requests by simply sending us an email at the address below!


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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Erica Fye. I'll be chatting with her about her book, For The Joy Set Before Us. We'll also discuss her organization Africa 4 God,

    About the book:

    “For the Joy Set Before Us" is about Erica Fye's journey to the mission field, the challenges she has faced, and the joys and rewards of a life lived to the fullest in surrender to God. The author weaves in personal stories from the field, both heartbreaking and funny, to demonstrate and address real and practical topics. This is missionary life, un-sugarcoated.

    About the author:

    Erica Fye is from New York State. She is the founder of Africa4God, Inc. missions organization and has served as a missionary in Northern Uganda for the past 8 years. She has a heart to reach the lost and broken, in particular the women and children. Erica teaches Bible studies in remote villages and invites those who are hungry for Jesus to join a more intensive training in the Bible, literacy in their language, and income generation to support their families. In late 2014 Erica’s first book was published, titled For the Joy Set Before Us: Insights into the Missionary Journey.


  • 00:33

    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Norma Yeager. Norma will be chatting with me about her book, Breaking Down the Walls: 50 Courageous and Successful Years

    About the book:

    Young women in the 21st century have choices. They can marry or not; the doors of educational institutions and industry are wide open to them. They can do and be whatever they choose. But to keep moving forward, it is important to understand from where we have come. And Norma Yaeger's story helps put it is perspective. Like most young women in the 1950's, Norma Yaeger married young, had children, and depended on her husband to support their families. Unlike most women of the times, when things went awry and her husband failed to provide, Norma took it upon herself to make a better life for her and her kids.

    About the author:

    Norma Yaeger, came of age in New York in the mid 20th century when even educated women were expected to marry, have children and keep house.  So Norma went to City College of New York’s Bernard Baruch School Of Business and the Institute of Finance and then she got married, had children and deferred to her husband.  When he failed to provide, she not only stepped up, she stepped out, and became a stockbroker.


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    Bobby Brown Bail and Beyond with Guest Psychic Paul Francis- 2 - ESCAPEES NY

    in Entertainment

    International Psychic Medium Paul Francis from the UK joins Bobby Brown and Amelia for a SUPER FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL.  Call or SKYPE IN 657-383-1205 to get your FREE READING/MESSAGE from your loved one on the other side.  This show will be mediumship readings to help those who have lost a loved one connect and receive a beautiful message to bring them peace and comfort. Happy Father's Day from Bobby Brown Bail and Beyond.


    Angels and Guides give both Paul Francis and Amelia their messages. 

    For Entertainment Purposes Only 



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