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    The Chopper Caper by George Dorsey and R.D. Moore

    in Writing

    R.D. Moore and the late George Dorsey's son, Dean Dorsey, join us this afternoon to discuss "The Chopper Caper," an action-packed novel that centers around two combat chopper pilots who, during the middle of the Vietnam War, plan to hijack an armored truck with three million in cash that's traveling through Oregon.

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    Pet Radio-Having a Ruff Week-Scrappy, Milo, and Chopper the Biker Dog

    in Pets

    Meet Scrappy and Milo Macaroni from Operation Pet Pals. Operation Pet Pals delivers stuffed animals to those in need of comfort. Scrappy and Milo are the ambassadors and in charge.  Jocelyn Taylor thinks she is in charge!

    Spike Taylor, was an amazing little rescued Papillon beloved by thousands in the US and in 70 countries around the world for his spirit and will to live life to it's fullest! Spike beat severe Congestive Heart failure in style & complication free for over 5 years after his 6-8 months-to-live diagnosis. He finally decided it was time to journey on right before Christmas Day, 2013. He was approximately 15 years old. 

    Who's In Charge Now?
    OPP is headed by Spike's hooligan 'brothers from another mother' Scraps McGee and Milo Macaroni. Along with delivering stuffed animals to those in need of a little soft comfort, they live a life of crazy adventures.. Sharing smiles and inspiring others along the way. 

    Operation Pet Pals

    Chopper the Biker dog is a Boston terrier with a big personality who works as a therapy dog giving comfort to those in hospitals and nursing homes.  He even has his own motorcycle...Harley of course! Visit Chopper' s FB page

    Also joining us is Colleen Demling CPDT, to talk about how to train your dog to be a therapy dog. Colleen is our go to dog trainer making her 2nd appearnce on the Pet Radio Show. Please check out her web site Pawtopia. 

    Please do not forget to like our FB page!


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    A Moment with Our Sponsor; Price Chopper Supermarkets

    in Entertainment

    Price Chopper Supermarket has been a major sponsor of the Newburgh Jazz Series since its inception in 2007.

    Price Chopper is a chain of supermarkets headquartered in Downtown Schenectady, New York. The chain opened its first supermarkets in New York's Capital District in 1932, and changed its name from Central Market to Price Chopper in 1973. It is owned by the Golub Corporation. 

    Price Chopper is a community conscious company that puts resources back into the community projects to improve quality of life. Price Chopper has made investments to incorporate various green and energy-saving initiatives throughout the store. In the last decade,

    Price Chopper is no longer a NYS chain of stores, today it is has expanded into being a major player in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut  

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    Check Out My Interview With DMX 1st Signed Artist- Word One

    in Blogs

    Los Angeles born Word One flew clear across the nation to be raised in New York. He can be considered a vet in the game with a career spanning over a decade beginning in 1993. His biggest inspiration is his mother but he also pulls a great deal of influence from fellow lyricist such as Rakim, Wu-Tang, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eminem, and DMX. His philosophy is that music can be made for average, working-class individuals and doesn't always have to be about balling, trapping, sex, or other nonsense. Real-life, relatable situations are his teachings and class is in session. Word One will be dropping the Best of Freestyles: Vol 3 

    (Ruff Ryder Edition) in February of 2015 in celebration of him being singed to work with DMX. His first single was entitled “Hocus Pocus” from  the album "Journey To Nowhere" which dropped in 2011 during his eighth year as an artist, also eight years after his fist edition of his solo mixtape brand: Best of Word One prides himself on being one of the most versatile artist in rap music. He can kill a southern track, or go fast or chopper style with artists like Rittz, or Bone who are among just some of the national names he’s worked with. Others include Dorrough, Lil Rue, and Fat Pimp from the South.

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    in Lifestyle

    Join us on March 4th, 2015 at 7pm Central as Classic Chrome interviews world-renowned painter John Dills of Dills Paintworks. Dills’ work has been featured all over the world, from late model customs to the rarest of rare antique motorcycles. Most notably, Dills provides all of the paint work for the Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

    Also on the program, tune in as we interview Kevin ‘Teach’ Baas of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to being a master fabricator, custom bike builder, and metalworking artist, Baas has been the main man behind an incredible youth outreach program at John F. Kennedy High School in Bloomington, MN for more than a decade. The Kennedy High School Chopper Class teaches students the art of building a custom motorcycle from the ground up, and has proven to be incredibly successful. 

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    Graphic Policy Radio with Guests Keenan Marshall Keller & Tom Neely

    in Pop Culture

    This Monday is a brand new episode of Graphic Policy Radio with two special guests. Joining us are Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely, the team behind the Image Comic series, The Humans.

    Apart, they are nothing...deemed by society as outcasts, misfits, losers, no good punks! But together, they are THE HUMANS! The Humans is a high-octane, no-holds-barred, ape-biker-gang chopper ride into '70s exploitation genre bliss. Follow Bobby, Johnny, and all The Humans as they fight and fly down the road to oblivion on a ride filled with chains, sex, leather, denim, hair, blood, bananas, and chrome.

    Tom Neely is a painter and cartoonist best known for the cult-hit indie comic book Henry & Glenn Forever, which he created with his artist collective The Igloo Tornado. His debut graphic novel, The Blot, earned him an Ignatz Award. He authored the Melvins comic book, Your Disease Spread Quick, and a collection of comic strip poems called Brilliantly Ham-fisted, and the painted novel, The Wolf.

    Keenan Marshall Keller is a letterer, colorist, inker, penciler, and writer. His work has been seen in Marvel Comics Presents, Henry & Glenn Forever, Eerie, and now he's the writer for The Humans.

    Join us this Monday as we talk to these two about this fantastic new series. We want to hear from you. Tweet us your thoughts @graphicpolicy.

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    America's Favorite Pastime: Victimhood

    in News

    Before we start condemning Brian Williams, let’s look at ourselves.

    Whether NBC News fires or demotes Williams, I don’t care.  It is their business.  Frankly, ratings will decide his fate.  If people stop watching NBC News and advertisers stop advertising, then Williams will probably be a talk show host and not a news anchor anymore.

    But the Brian Williams story goes deeper into our media, our politics, and our culture.  And it is – well – kind of embarrassing.

    It’s called Victimhood.

    And we all do it.

    Brian Williams portrayed himself as a victim.  He told us that he was in a chopper that was under fire in a war zone.  Why?  It made him look good.  He wasn’t just a talking head sitting behind the desk.  He was a reporter in the field.  Trust me, every news anchor wants to prove that.  Every news anchor doesn’t want to look like Ted Baxter or Ron Burgundy.

    Haven’t we all done that at some point?  I am sure I have.  But I just don’t remember at the moment

    We want to be thought of as someone who is heroic or who has done good – for people. 

    Is Brian Williams victimhood horrible?  Maybe not.  He was doing his job in some respects.  He was making himself look good for ratings.  I am not saying that is right.  He should be more in-tune to the truth.  But he’s making 10-million a year to keep that image.

    The worst faux victims are people like al Qaeda and ISIS and other extremists.  Osama bin Laden felt victimized – and he used it.  ISIS feels the world is a horrible place because there is no caliphate.  Really?  No, they want the power -- they can’t have -- because the mullahs in Iran and the royal family in Saudi Arabia have it.

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    Brian Williams Needs You

    in News

    NBC News Anchor Brian Williams is in a little bit of hot water.  He admits he embellished a story about being on a military helicopter that was shot down in Iraq in 2003.

    Some of the soldiers on the chopper were the ones who called Williams out.

    As of this recording, NBC News has not disciplined him.

    This story is a great symbol of what TV news is today – and why it is losing relevance as news – because it is wrapped in entertainment.

    First, let me say this about Brian Williams.  I don’t know him.  What I see of him on the air – like on the Daily show – he is funny and talented.  From what I hear and read, he is, what one person described as a mensch who talks to and mingles with staffers.  He is no prima-donna.

    So I feel some sympathy for Williams.  You hate to jump on someone when they’re a decent person and they’re down.

    Still, my comments here relate to the TV news industry – and what effect it might have had on Brian Williams and this story.

    Williams has apologized.  He went on air and social media to say – quote –

    "I think the continued viewing of the video showing us inspecting the impact area — and the fog of memory over 12 years — made me conflate the two, and I apologize." End Quote

    OK let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he was so wrapped up into the “eye witness accounts” of the soldiers that he re-lived them as his own.

    Ronald Reagan used to tell war stories in speeches only to find out the incidents were from screenplays.

    And who among us hasn’t embellished a little bit on our own significance?

    Still, Brian Williams holds what is supposed to be a position of trust.


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    Tim Healy confidence leads to success and sales. Top ideas to implement today

    in Motivation

    Tim Healy leads a life of confidence and shares this with his coaching clients to help them achieve their true potential. You can too. 
    Healy Success Solutions Inc.
    Empowering Your Sales from Prospect to Profit

    Tim Healy is the President and Owner of Healy Success Solutions.  Tim’s mission is to help you “Turn Prospects into Profits” through his Prospect to Profit Sales Training & Coaching System. 

    Tim is the host of the business talk show, “The Profit Express” on 88.7 FM WRHU Wednesdays at 6PM EST.  For 6 years Tim has interviewed some of businesses greatest success stories like:    

    George Foreman, Barbara Corcoran (ABC’s Shark Tank), Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars), Tony Horton (P90X), Paul Teutul SR & JR (American Chopper), the Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno, Ken Blanchard, Harvey Mackay, and Michael Gerber.  

    Tim Healy

    Strategies of Success
    Host Brian A Cohen





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    "American Thunder" & "Chopper Nation" Producer Jay Barbieri

    in Lifestyle

    Jay Barbieri, Producer of Speed TV's "American Thunder" and ESPN2's "Chopper Nation," knows what it takes to become part of the motorcycle culture. In fact, he's written a book about it: Biker's Handbook featuring hilarious illustrations by popular cartoonist Don "Thunder" Baggett and an introduction by Michele Smith, host of "American Thunder."
    DIner of the Week: The Maine Diner
    Visit Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys website.