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    Organizing A Tiny House Eco Village: (323-642-1084)

    in Real Estate

    Today on "Tiny House Village Radio" we shall  discuss how you can organize your Tiny House Eco Village.

    This is an interactive podcast, so feel free to call into our LIVE STREAM # @ 323-642-1084)

    Thankyou for listening and sharing this podcast.

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    It takes a village

    in Lifestyle

    We need to unite as a people to overcome these circumstances and situations we face in life in this day and age

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    It’s Time For A Village Meeting: Awakening Moms, Reclaiming Our Girls

    in Moms and Family

    Join Ms. Reason as she speaks with Sherilyn Bennett, the author of It’s Time For A Village Meeting: Awakening Moms, Reclaiming Our Girls is passionate about helping moms go against the modern current and fight to be the village our daughters need.

    Sherilyn Bennett was born and raised in beautiful Ocala, FL. She is the mother of two wonderful sons, Kenneth (KJ) and DeVonte’. She owns her own design company, Graphic Design by S. Michelle. In addition, Sherilyn is the CEO of Spiritual Sweets®, LLC, a lifestyle brand and ministry for girls and women and the host of one of the fastest growing blog talk shows for girls— Spiritually Sweet Talk ™ Radio Show.

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    Tiny House Business Models

    in Real Estate

    Tonight on Tiny House Village Radio we shall be discussing "Tiny House Business Models".

    Call into our LIVE STREAM # @ 323-642-1084.

    If you have a idea for a tiny house business model, please call in and share it.

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    Tiny House Outreach: (323) 642-1084

    in Real Estate

    Welcome to another installment of Tiny House Village Radio. We shall have a brain storming session this evening. Feel free to call in and participate in the conversation @ our LIVE STREAM # 323-642-1084.

    We shall start off by discussing tiny house "outreaches", tiny "homeschooling", and tiny house anything you might when it comes to tiny houses and tiny house communities.

    If you are interested in more information call us @ 202-280-5153.

    Thank you for listening to Tiny House Village Radio.

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    Former Village Chief Shot Dead in Sorsogon

    in Current Events

    We have a flash report from Pawa, Matnog in the province of Sorsogon, Bicol Province. A former village chief was shot dead in the early evening of April 25, 2016 in the house of another village chief while in a campaign sortie.

    Former Village Chief Cayetano "Onoy" Oro, who was running for the municipal council was shot dead by still unidentified gunmen at around 6:20 early evening, Monday.

    According to a trusted source, the victim was already receiving death threats from the New People's Army days before he was shot to death.

    A pursuit operation was conducted by the Matnog Police after the shooting.

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    Tiny House Villages - A Blue Ocean Opportunity (323-642-1084)

    in Real Estate

    Today on Tiny House Village Radio we shall be speaking with Mussa Abdulla Muhammad, Sr about a Tiny House Village project that he is developing in South Carolina.

    Tiny House Village development is a Blue Ocean opportunity.  Tune into to todays podcast and be prepared to take notes, if you have any interest in developing your own sustainable land development projects.

    Our LIVE STREAM # is: 323-642-1084

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    Finding Tiny House Legal Locations: (323) 642-1084

    in Real Estate

    Welcome to Tiny House Village Radio. Our mission is to give you information on how you can find various locations where you can "Go Tiny Legally"......which your "tiny house" that is.

    Call into our LIVE STREAM podcast and participate or just listen @  323-642-1084.

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    Saving The Village - The Black Condition Conference 2

    in Current Events

    The Black Condition Conference was amazing, the Keynote Speakers Senator Ron Rice and Lawerence Hamm set the stage for a call to action in Paterson with the main message being VOTE, don't just register but go out and vote... Founders of Save The Village Ernest Rucker Jr and Brent Nation brought a vision to Paterson that needs to be addressed each and every day if we are to survive, if our communities are to survive and if our children are to survive. Unlike last year which was packed with concerned Patersonians and Public Officals this conference was attened by a small crowd and a few Public Officals. None the less the message was clear, we are the help that we need and we are the help we have, in other words work with what you have until you can get better... Dr. Joseph Fulmore, Tiffany McKoy, Carren Lee Nation, Mother Pearletta Parks, Councilwoman Ruby Cotton, Council President William McKoy, Matthew McKoy, Cheif Tambua Moody, Christopher Muhammad, Nancy Grier, Waheeda Muhammad, Council Candidate Della Fischer, Commissioner Mark Fischer, Harold Williams, Director Donna Nelson Ivy, Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman Ken Morris, Jazmeka Delane, The staff at PS #6,Jamie Bland and Jumpstart and The National Action Network, The Paterson Board of Education, Sheefa Drugs, La'Neves Banquet Hall. Our outstanding Food Organizer Kathy L. Morgan, Princess Reaves, Lynda Gallashaw and The City Post, The Paterson Coalition against Substance Abuse, Jada Fulmore, Gideon's Needle,Mother Kennady and The Paterson Dept of Recreation, U'Asia Cowan, Mr. Kelvin Quince and the Steamin Stallion's Drum Line, Teresa McDerrmot and Educators for Change, Mike Williams and Cause Paterson, Gee Gee Grier and Paterson Cares, Queen Mother Janet McDaniel and NuFamily.To all the residents of Paterson who came out our heart felt thanks for making this conference a success. If I forgot anyone I apologize.... Our Guard Dog Misty Nation.......

  • Florida Retirement Village Has High Rate of STD's

    in Social Networking

    Let's discuss this epedimic in Florida. Call (818)301-5834. 6:30 p.m.

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    Homeless Solutions (Village Building) (215-383-3803)

    in Social Networking

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss strategies to help the homesless

    Call into our LIVE STREAM @ 215-383-3803.

    If have have been homeless, attempting to avoid homelessness, or know someone who has been homeless do yourself a big favor and listen to this podcast. Feel free to call into the live stream as well.

    We shall give some information on how people can become homeless and what to do about it.

    Thank you for listening to Black Towns Nation Radio.

    Have a positive day.