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    Aileen Mand - Producer - The Festival of Chocolate

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     The Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection revs up for a sweet 2015 as they host The Festival of Chocolate the weekend on January 17-18, 2015.

    The Festival of Chocolate, Florida’s largest all-chocolate themed event, which has been featured in Southern Living Magazine and on ABC's The Chew, boasts amazing chocolate indulgences, the Cocoa Couture Fashion Show and a live cake decorating competition.

    The event presents the area's best chocolate and confection companies selling tastes and treats of everything chocolate from truffles, cake pops and cupcakes to cookies, brownies, ice creams and even a smores buffet all peppered through a mind-blowing micro car display. Chocolate savory items, including chocolate BBQ sauce, meat rubs, wines, vinegars and even chocolate spa products will return for those looking for an alternative to the super sweet.

    Set in one of the largest and most eclectic automotive collections in the world, award-winning pastry chefs and chocolatiers will host interactive demonstrations, sharing techniques and tricks of the trade. On January 17th, The Cocoa Couture Fashion Show featuring chocolate-inspired fashion hits the “Yumway” amongst the glitz and glam of the largest James Bond collection of its kind. And on Sunday, January 18th, a live cake decorating competition will give breathtaking artistic creations a tasty twist.

     Chocoholics of all ages will love making chocolate lip balm, chocolate roses, sandy candy and the more adventurous can try armpit fudge. Chocolate Foodies can indulge in Chocolate and Wine Pairings. Chocolate History Makers will attempt to beat world record challenge times.  


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    DEFCON-versations with John Dilley on GrilliantIdeasRadio.com

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    Welcome to John Dilley's Defcon-versations Radio Show! Where we talk about what's HOT in the Sauce World!

    John's Special Guest this week is: Renee Rohrbach & Chef Ricky Sanders

    Madison Chocolatiers West


    Grab some "Hot" Chocolates!

    If you want more info or would like to be on a future show..contact John at www.defconsauces.com 

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    Chatting with the owners of Chocolate Pizazz!

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    Meet Helen and Jeri, the sassy fifty-something Texas chocolatiers who take classic treats such as cookies, popcorn, potato chips, marshmallows, pretzels and moon pies and transform them with a touch of Pizazz - Texas Style!
    Chocolate Pizazz was born out of their love for chocolate, and their incredibly FUN friendship and the desire to put some extra money in their pockets.  Fast forward seven years and they are still cracking each other up!  The difference is they now have a fabulous gourment chocolate shop in Houston, Texas and ship their selection of seasonal gifts, corporate gifts, party favors, and tins nationwide.
    Helen and Jeri say they  gain such joy in creating unique products and know you will feel the same enjoyment when you choose to sprinkle some Pizazz on your gifts and parties!

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    Friends With Benefits, a guide to networking and marketing.

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    eLife Marketing
    Co-Hosts Gene Golnick and Markeith Johnson explore the world of social media and networking. With tips on how to educate your friends and followers about your business. And how getting business referrals for your network will increase your bottom line as well. Each week we will feature new businesses and spotlight the wealth of business knowledge found inside of the BNI membership.
    The Chocolate Shoppe of Perrysburg, Ohio www.thechocolateshoppe.com/ Offering assorted chocolates from many chocolatiers. Includes search by product or price range. Ships in the USA.
    Deborah Gorman
    Today's topic using Linked In to increase your network, Featuring Linked In expert Jeff Linke


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    In 2012, the future founder of Voilà Chocolat, Peter, was hosting his daughter's make-your-own arts & crafts themed birthday party. He noticed how everyone at the party  both kids and adults alike became joyfully immersed in their creativity, similar to how he felt whenever he made chocolates as a trained chocolatier. That was the first moment when he knew he had to create Voilà Chocolat, to share that feeling and that magic with others. After extensive research and planning, Peter began to assemble a "dream team" to help him bring Voilà Chocolat to life. He recruited a diverse team, from a nationally-recognized Master Chocolatier and pastry chef to a senior chocolate scientist, to create a unique place where everyone, not only trained chocolatiers, could experience the fun and magic of crafting beautiful, delicious chocolates with friends, family and colleagues. As an artistic material, chocolate is endlessly fascinating, complex, and creative to work and play with. The Voilà Chocolat team now want everyone to come and discover for themselves the surprisingly rewarding and entertaining experience of making chocolates.Voilà Chocolat’s “dream team” consists of a diverse set of professionals who bring unique skills and passion.We are led by our Founder and Chief Cacao Nut, Peter Moustakerski, and our Master Chocolatier, Christophe Toury.Peter is a visionary entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for chocolate. After relocating from Bulgaria to China and co-founding a confectionary company there that he ran for 10 years.Christophe was born in Chartres, France and began his career at the Ritz in Paris. He has been named by Pastry Art & Design Magazine as one of the 10 Best Pastry Chefs in America. EVERY DAY 10am - 9pm 221 West 79th Street, NYC (at 79th & Broadway) 212.920.8799 



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    Jordan Michael Schuster: The Art of Making Fearless Chocolate

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    To create a major change in an industry, a great deal of cooperation from large groups of people, willing to move in the same direction at the same time is required. This can take a very long time to make even the smallest difference. What if the concept for starting a business was based upon making a difference in the world by embracing the challenges already associated with a highly saturated market? This is exactly the direction of Fearless Chocolate. FEARLESS is an expression of their company’s approach in life and business. They have an unwavering commitment to honor the environment, honor their employees and honor the integrity of their chocolate. They seek to boldly go where no chocolate company has gone before. Fearless has a commitment to craft bold products in each flavor, design and food politics. They strive to achieve sustainability at every level of sourcing, design and manufacturing, as they aim to populate the visual landscape with a warm and vibrant set of chocolate bars. Their packaging is crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, bio-degrading within 6 months. Fearless also donates 1% of their annual profits to change-making organizations suggested by our customers. In the community of raw chocolatiers, only FEARLESS offers a proprietary source of cacao, independent from the 3 network imported varieties available to the greater market (Peru, Ecuador, Bali). All FEARLESS ingredients are 100% Organic and Kosher certified. Fearless also chooses not to use agave and instead opts to use rapadura. Rapadura is an organic, minerally intact, whole-cane sugar from Brazil. Beyond fresh whole sugar cane, Rapadura is the closest thing to a raw, unrefined sugar on the planet. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will speak to Jordan Michael Schuster, CEO, Fearless Chocolate, to discuss the unique process of making gourmet raw vegan chocolate that is good for you while making a positive impact on the environment!

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    Pam Vieau shares “Chocolate Inspirations”

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    Today we’ll "talk chocolate" as I welcome Pam Vieau, owner and resident chocolatier of Chocolate Inspirations, Inc. We’ll share some fabulous, dairy-free chocolate and dessert recipes. Now that's sweet! Pam is a culinary artist with eighteen years of experience developing and marketing specialty chocolate products including her new line of “Vegan Confections.” She is an accomplished chocolatier, having trained under American, Swiss, Belgian and French Master Chocolatiers. Pam traded a batch of her homemade cookies for her first chocolate machine and launched her own specialty chocolate mail order/internet company, Chocolate Inspirations, Inc. Pam has received a national award and high accolades for her homemade English Toffee. She specializes in customizing original chocolate creations for clients including a chocolate birthday cake for Mayor Richard M. Daley and a chocolate Space Shuttle box for Senator John Glenn. Pam also teaches and she has also been contracted for on-site training, consulting and research and development for various small and large chocolate, flavor and confection companies. Her television guest appearances include: CBS Chicago Morning Show, CBS Chicago Morning News, “Taste” on NBC, and she has been featured in Chocolatier Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and the Daily Herald.

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    CHOCOLATE! 350 years of Family Recipes

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    Bissinger's began by hand-crafting chocolate in Paris during the 17th century. They are still using their family recipes and pure ingredients to please our palates. The history of this company, which includes customers such as King Louis XIV and Napolean Boneparte, make this company's story fascinating. Bissinger's is one of the few remaining hand-crafted chocolatiers in the world. Tune in chocolate-lovers and find out why Bissinger's needs to be on your holiday give and treat list. Friday at Noon EST on Better Food Choices Radio, right here on Blog Talk Radio.