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    The Longest Walk 4 - Assualted an Elder - Threatend Lakota Children with CPS

    in Spirituality

    The Longest Walk 4 - Non Sanctioned Walk that Assualted an ELDER by Chocking & Threatened 3 LAKOTA Children that CPS is going to Take Them Away from their Mother .

     Donors are asking Where is the Non Profit? What Name is the Non - Profit

    - Why are the Donations going to a Private Pay Pal Account with hotmail ?

    This Walk Has Turned into the WALK of SHAME .

     Why Won't Michael Lane answer any questions on what happened there ?   

    Carl needs to Apologize to the Elder he threw down and Chocked him by the Neck -

    THIS IS NOT A WAY TO TREAT AN ELDER - Carl and Buck bad bear sampson 

    Why is Carl and Buck using the AIM name ? 

    When the group they formed is NOT Sanctioned by AIM ? 

    NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LAY HANDS ON AN ELDER or Threaten Lakota Children with CPS .  


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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    BREAKING: 3 massive explosions heard in Tehran, Iran near the missile facility. Also Russian President Putin "threatens Israel" over attacks on Syria. Also Volcano in Philippines eurpted and 5 climbers are dead. Also Gas tanker explodes in Mexico City, Mexico 18 dead. Also in Pakistan explosion kills 12. Also Delaware to vote to become the 11th State in America to allow "Gay Marriage". Also Egypt's Mohammad Mursi has just appointed 9 new Muslim Brotherhood members to his cabinet. Also 3 women missing for over 10 years have been found in a house of horrors in Cleveland, Ohio. In Portland , Oregon the "Occupy Portland" group made an image to the Golden Calf of Egypt and worshipped it in down town Portland. Also in Indiana a naked man "Indiana Zombie" attacked people puching and chocking them with a pipe. These events and more bible prophecy with your host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    RMDR presents Don't Choke; Give the Gift of Life

    in Lifestyle

    Rapp MD Radio with Dr. Kadisha Rapp airs on the TCR Network at 5:30pm CST every other Tuesday. Call in 760-587-4082.
    'Tis the season of holiday parties and dinners.  Alcohol, laughter, finger food and small pretty objects abound. 
    Unfortunately, the perfect set up for the party is ALSO the perfect set-up for choking.   On average, choking kills a child in the U.S. every 5 minutes, and what is most tragic is that choking is usually preventable.  Don't YOU choke when a friend or loved one does....you could possibly give the gift of life this season by knowing how to save someone from choking! 
    Do you know what to do?  Let's talk about it!

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    Domestic Violence in Marriage

    in Family

    Domestic Violence & Abuse Special Segment

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    LNS- Dangerous Sex && Do believe in "GAYDER"?

    in Entertainment

    1.Have you had any experience with someone having dangerous sex? 2. Define Dangerous sex 3.Have you ever heard of someone chocking there selves to they get a nut & accidentally hang themselves 4.How far should rough sex go? also. . do you believe there is such a thing as "GAYDER"? what does it mean to have "GAYDER"? and what do you have to say about someone who is str8 but your "GAYDER" is going off?

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    Emergency choking and drowning intervention with children.

    in Politics Progressive

    When a child or infant is chocking or downing, fear and indecision on part of their parent/guarding is often the "last nail in the coffin." The percentage of children and infants that die from such neglect would lessen if people regularly practiced a few interventions. Here are a few interventions that may help when the aforementioned emergencies occur.

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    Show #1 - who is Chuck?

    in Entertainment

    Chuck went to the coast of Louisiana a couple weeks ago and he is shocked at what he sees, mass evacuation, people getting sick, martial law, FEMA Camps, power is shut off the fumes are chocking, he is hiding in an abandon building reporting to you what he sees (Fictional)