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    Moli Steinert: Aging in Place

    in Health

    Aging in place is defined by the Centers for Disease Control as "the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level." The value of aging in place is recognized more now than ever before. 

    Today, with families scattered, the responsibility for the details of care can be overwhelming. With so much to consider on a daily basis, it's easy for important needs to get lost in the mix. 

    Moli Steinert, Executive Director at SteppingStone -an Adult Day Health Care Center is here to help us put those critical pieces of the puzzle together. 

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    Aging In America

    in Lifestyle

    Join us as we discuss health, money and lifestyle for the aging population. Are you preparing for your retirement? Are you health conscious, staying in shape? We are living longer and longer. Lets talk about making aging easier and comfortable.

    And of course we must talk about 2 major anniversaries that recently passed; Katrina and Emmet Till.

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    Aging Younger is a proven record of lifestyle change

    in Health

    Aging Younger is a proven record of lifestyle change, which includes, nutritional choices, supplements, exercise, drinking the correct amount and type of water and it may include natural treatments that have visible results or testing that show your achievements in lifestyle change. Adding to that, physical treatment therapies for beauty as well as health, Photos of Before and after are extremely revealing, this will entice our clients to share their results with others, which they have achieved.

    Being at the right weight is important to bone and blood health. Those who are too thin are at increased risk for osteoporosis Tune in at 7PM est Wed Oct 7, 2015 for the rest of the story.

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    January Jones - Aging Parents with Becky Feola

    in Family

    Meet Becky Feola author of The Eldercare Consultant, Your Guide to Making the Best Choices Possible

    Becky will share the story of her late husband who had Huntington’s Disease (a degenerative brain disease) and how she cared for him for 11 years until his death at the young age of 49.  This journey as a caregiver led her to start 2 eldercare businesses (one a non-profit and the other for profit) along with writing The Eldercare Consultant.  With over ten years of experience and working with over 1,000 families, Becky has seen so many mistakes and successes families make and have when caring for an aging loved one.

    One of the reasons Becky has been so successful and loved by her clients is that she has walked in her shoes.  She is a safe person for them to talk to and confess what they consider to be their dark secrets filled with guilt, fear and anger — only to discover they aren’t alone with these secrets and that Becky has also carried the same weight.


    Her work has given guidance and hope to so many who have a long journey ahead of them. 

  • Caring for Aging or Ill Parents

    in Health

    Life produces many challenges in our lives like, bills, work, marriage, children, business or health issues. Balancing all of these things are difficult enough. But many of us haven't added caring for our aging or ill parents to the equation. Join MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show as she discusses why it is important to have "The Talk" with your parents regarding their care should you become responsible for them. What do the want should they fall ill? You don't want to miss this episode of The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show.

    Topics to be discussed:

    1. Having the talk. Knowing what they want should you have to make decisions on their behalf.

    2. Understanding the cost of keeping them home. Many want to grow older at home surrounded by memories and the things     they've worked so hard for.

    3. Health insurance coverage: Coverage for nursing homes, hospital visits etc.

    4. Quiting your job: Is this a good option or not.

    5. Your own future: Retirement plans. Talking to your kids about your own transitions.

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    The California GOP plus the President of China comes to the US

    in Politics

    Guests:   We will hear from Patricia Dickson.....she recently attended the GOP convention in California and has some ideas about the state of the party.............In Segment 2, we will hear from Barry Jacobsen about the president of China in the US......there are many issues on the table, from climate change to military activism y the Chinese Navy.....and other stories of the week.................

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  • Population Health and ACOs: A Series

    in Health

    On the Wednesday, August 5th 2015 broadcast at 12 Noon PT/3PM ET we turn our attention to population health and it's relationship to and synergies with all forms of innovation enabling the broad brush outcomes of the 'triple aim', better health outcomes, improved user experience and lower per capita costs, we shift our focus to the accountable care industry and ACOs in particular.

    We focus on the following types of ACOs: physician led, hospital sponsored and health plan enabled. For complete blog post, click here.

    Join Fred Goldstein @fsgoldstein and Gregg Masters @2healthguru for this exploration into an timely and relevant topic.


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    "Finding the Fountain of Youth: Reverse the Aging Process" - King Coy Dunston

    in Health

    Tune in to this powerful broadcast on how to reverse the aging process by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet. Listen as Coy Dunston shares his powerful testimony of reversing his mother's cancer diagnosis after the physicians had given her just 6 weeks to live following her bout with cancer in both breasts, the liver and her colon. 


    Show time: 7:30-8:30pm est Thursday October 1st 2015

    Call in# (347) 324-5727

    Don't miss this very informative broadcast. It may be the answer you've been looking for! 

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    LIVE! with Cathi---Creative Aging---Part Four...

    in Fitness


    BABY BOOMERS have always challenged the status quo of society and now they have the potential to bring their idealistic and innovated approaches to redefining "the modern Western Culture concepts of aging.

    Many navigating the second half of their lives are searching for a greater sense of purpose.  There is a longing to tap into their authentic calling and make a meaningful contribution, in new and creative ways, to the World in which they live.  What served them well in the first half of their lives no longer apply.


    How to harness the...etc.

    How to create a World that...etc.

    Review your life...etc.

    Release and...etc,

    Seven qualities of Creative Aging...etc.

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    Living Better 50-The Positive Attributes of Aging, with Guest Carol Doyal

    in Women

    Carol Doyel is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of LivingBetter50.com.  An entrepreneur at heart, Carol loves trying new things and reinventing herself – which she has done many times having owned three of her own businesses, speaking, writing, and her latest and greatest role as “Mimi” – to her four grandchildren. Her work-life experience includes working for a large health care organization for many years in marketing and sales, program development and project management. From 2003 -2010 Carol worked as a real estate broker, and attended Full Gospel Bible Institute (FGBI) from 2001-2004. Upon graduating from FGBI Carol began serving in women’s ministry –which she loves and continues to do so today. The culmination of her gifts and life experience led to the launching of the online magazine, LivingBetter50.com “For Women with Spirit,” covering topics women love from Beauty-to-Business. Carol also serves as the Regional Director for West Coast/Hollywood Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA). She and her husband of 26+ years have three grown kids and four grandchildren and reside in southern CA. Her desire is to inspire women 50+ to live better physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually

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    China sends warships and European refugees on The Collapse Experiment!

    in Education

    China sends warships and European refugees!
    Host: Mathew "The Collapse Experiment"
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Saturday 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    This week has seen a sharp dive in several markets across the globe. The Chinese market that has been over valued for a long time is now crumbling down like a stack of cards. Wall Street followed shortly after and we are now seeing the repercussions of an economy that was held up by fiat currency. Are the current agreements being made between china and Russia working towards the economic demise of the United States. Is lead the real winner here for a valuable metal to invest in.

    Read More→ HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting