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    This episode of the RAINBOW COALITION OF ROCK MEDICINE WOMEN brings together men and women all over this country to discuss the value of the sacred fire.  From the Purifying AGNIHOTRA FIRE  to other Native American rituals we will discusss what they are, Why we need them more than ever today and How they are performed.  My guests include Priestess Nurahdina from Lake Worth, FL, Brother Kwamee, from Georgia  and Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo in Montana.  We're lighting it up tonight, growing in wisdom, knowledge and overstandingl!!

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    Born In The Fire - Keeping Pentecost Fires Burning - Lucy Trousas-Iske - BHTE

    in Christianity

    Revival fires and intercessory prayer birthed the ministry of Dr. Turner in New Baltimore, Mi in the early 1920's. It started with Maria Woodworth-Etter who held a revival campaign in Detroit in 1918 that my grand parents attended. Through that revival meeting they were introduced to Pentecost and Sis. Aimee McPherson of Angelus Temple. My grandparents visited Angelus Temple in Los Angels and Azusa Street the place of Revival in Los Angels and the union was made between Foursquare and the ministry of Dr. and Mrs. Turner. Dr. Turner was with the Foursquare Gospel International and served on the Executive Board and my grand mother was the head of the church office from 1923 to 1940 when they opened Bethel Temple and Anchor Bay Evangelistic Assn. In addition, my grand father was the personal physician to Sister Aimee during some of those years. They never moved to Ca just spent a few months there a year. My daughter Laurie and I had the privilege of attending the 100th Anniversary of Azusa Street in 1906 in Los Angeles and what a old fashioned revival meeting it was. In the early 1930's across the states in Iowa my father went to a revival that Kathryn Kuhlman held in Davenport and accepted Christ and went to Angelus Temple to attend LIFE Bible college and met my mother who was also enrolled in LIFE. They returned to New Baltimore to work in the ministry along side my grand parents. I was born in "Revival Fires" and I am happy to say I still am following those marvelous times. The ministry in New Baltimore was a fellowship of loving caring people that served the needs of the people and brought about through intercessory prayer. It reached around the world with its ministers from Anchor Bay Bible Institute and is still an active fellowship of ministers and missionaries today.

    Lucy Trousas Iske, the Turner's grandaughter, has a passion to keep their ministry and the ministry of her parents alive. We interview her today.

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    Slipsity Radio is back in full effect. Kicking the hottest and newest East Coast sound, along with some updates, on upcoming events, and how you can et your chance to win free studio time.

    Slipsity Radio: Powered by Slipsity Music and Blogtalkradio, letting you know whats hot, and whats New coming from New York City Hip Hop, and the World Wide Underground Movement. 

    Make sure to follow slipsitymusic on all social networks, and visit http://slipsitymusic.com for more info 

    Mostly Hip Hop & Urban style music, talk radio & a few ads, check us out everyweek.









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    Fire Monkey and it's Chinese Zodiac Friends!

    in Paranormal

    Chinese New Year musta justa happened again. Looks like a menagerie just stormed through already. We discuss the Chinese Zodiac, etc, that's what we do, yes.

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    Will Dan get stuck in his chimney

    in Sports

    We're a week away from Christmas as The Big Jack and Dan te Man host this edition of Sports Time Radio. Mark O'Neil from www.ChinaBasinChatter.com joins the podcast to talk about the San Francisco Giants off season moves and what else they need to do. The Giants have added a couple of starting pitchers, but what does Mark think the answer is in Leftfield. Will they sign a free agent? or will they find someone from within their minor leagye system? Don't forget about hockey, basketball and football as well.

    Find us on Twitter @SportsTimeRadio @DanZeeeMan and @Burketime


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    Episode V (EEOC Fires Back on Wellness, Unlimited PTO & Flu Shot Failure)

    in Work

    Special guests  Barb Buckner join our hosts Sarah "Buzz" Williams and Keirsten Greggs as they discuss these HR Buzz Topics:

    The EEOC Under Fire for Stance on Wellness Program| The Cost of Unlimited PTO | Refusing the Flu Shot (Medical Right or Workplace Safety



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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    China using Nuclear Fusion a "Artificial Star" that was 3 times hotter than the Sun. Also Cold Play wears "Global Citizen" on his arm during Super Bowl Halftime Show. Also Taiwan Earthquake leaves 38 dead and over 100 still missing in the rubble. Also North Korea fires Rocket. Also a 6.7 "Mega Quake" just hit Papua New Guinea. Also Radiation Leak at Indian Point Nuclear Plant in New York. These and much much more current news events and bible prophecy and the Powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Wrestlechat- Superbowl of wrestling

    in Wrestling

    Who will be the most influential wrestlers of 2016? We will discuss the names that will be making a difference in the sport this year along with a few names you'll be hearing much less from...

    Tna fires awesome Kong..Finn Balor injured...AJ styles and what WWE has in store for him...Lucha underground 3rd season alreadyannounced..and much more

    Sun at 2:30 est

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Mike From Around the World wil join Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana to discuss "Sounds of the Apocalypse in New Jersey, and New York. Also the Methane Gas leak in California, also Nuclear water leak at Indian Point Nuclear Plant in New York. Also Asteroid TX 68, also Planet 9 or Planet X, Zika Virus in Brazil, also Middle East Madness of war. Also North Korea fires a Test Rocket. Also a 6.4 earthquake hits Taiwan leaving 32 dead and dozens still buried in the rubble. Also a massive Volcano erupts only 32 miles from Fukushima Nuclear Plant in Japan. These and much more events along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley. 

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    Stand with Us With Paul Friedman

    in Self Help

    Paul Friedman is the TriState area High School Coordinator for an organization called Stand With Us. Find out  why it is one of the most important organizations of today. They ask all of you, no matter where you come from and no matter what you believe, to come and stand up for what is right, and learn about the facts that seem so elusive in our mainstream media. This is your chance to help in a small and a big way. Find out why BDS is one of the most dangerous organizations or our time, and how you can change things. If you have never heard of BDS and dont know what it is, you must listen to this episode and begin to undersatnd one of the fires that is lighting the way to World War Three.


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    Episode 1214: Fire & Training with Doug Cline

    in Training

    Douglas Cline, is a 34+-year veteran and student of the Fire Service serving as Assistant Chief of Operations with Horry County Fire Recue.  Cline is a well-known international speaker presenting dynamic power packed programs on instructor development, officer development, rapid intervention team training and firefighter safety and survival.

    Sponsored by Rite Rescue Systems - http://riterescuesystems.com/  - A Rapid Intervention Rescue Device Like No Other