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    Donna Corso - When the Wind Chimes Chime

    in Self Help

    As a spiritual explorer for nearly 50 years, Donna Corso believes that Life is a continuum, having no beginning and no end.  Life simply "is." She inspires people to heal and release their fear of dying, to embrace life more fully while in this physical world, and to move forward gracefully into the spiritual realm at the time of their soul’s choosing. While being an advocate for reclaiming our human rights and dignity, Donna is also an advocate for our beloved Planet Earth. 

    Donna is a certified hypnotherapist and an ordained non-denominational minister. She is the author of "When the Wind Chimes Chime:  Ending the Greatest Fear of All" and "Friendship with God – A Guidebook." She resides in Oregon, where she has been personal assistant to author Neale Donald Walsch since 2001. Visit Donna’s website at www.donnacorso.com

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    Chimes Tolling for Elections 2012

    in Politics Progressive

    You may have noticed that Presidential and Congressional elections are nigh. We are willing to comment (yet again) on what's up and who's doing what. Expect predictions!
    Our Boston-area Will Rogers character, John L. Galligan, joins us this week. We'll hit national, state and maybe local races...those that prove points. You can prep by hitting up John's Chimes at Midnight political blog.

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    NY Jets Hall Of Famer Curtis Martin On JetNation Radio

    in Sports

    This week Brandon Dowling and Joe Blewett are joined by a very special guest; Curtis Martin. The legendary New York Jets running back talks about the Jets new head Coach Todd Bowles. He also chimes in on Rex Ryan and discusses deflate-gate.

    We will also take your calls live, so be sure to call in and tell us what you think about the Jets: (646) 716-4697.

    A special thanks to Verizon for coordinating the Curtis Martin interview.

    Fans are encouraged to join the #WhosGonnaWin conversation on Twitter and Facebook and predict who will win Super Bowl XLIX. Then, they can visit WhosGonnaWin.com on a desktop and use Google Street View to decorate houses in team colors and share socially with friends.  

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    Ep. 33: Bonnie McFarlane- The Final Feud

    in Comedy

    Today's episode is a result of wanting a guest so bad you cater to their ached, show up at the club 3 vodka sodas deep and sweet talk producers with promises of veggie burgers in order to record a pod…All for Bonnie McFarlane (Letterman, My Wife Hates Me Podcast, Comedy Central, Women Aren't Funny on Netflix). The girls (i never wanna not describe people as "girls") discuss the idea of contentment in your craft and its dangerous ties to complacency. After a text wasn't replied to, Bonnie walks us through a real-life one-way feud she had with Sab ("How dare you put me through this!"). Both comics are from Canada and discuss comedy in our homeland (aka. their experiences with Yuk Yuks). Later in the pod Bonnie invites Sabrina's brother Sam and his new friend/former stranger Melissa to the mic for an interview. Ursula Frei chimes in at the end with a protocol story about some lady who's been through too much but still manages to smile. Pour yourself a cup of moonshine and warm your toes with this one!

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    Battle of the bay Raiders Vs 49ers Live

    in Sports

    Coming at you live!  @26dreath, @bauce_man82 ,  @cobbwebbsports us three together for the FIRST TIME IN STUDIO! This is #BATTLEOFTHEBAY week the Oakland Raiders take on the San Francisco 49ers and we'll be getting into what this rivalry means to each fan fan base.

    1.Which quarter back would you rather have under center Colin Kaepernick or Derek Carr

    2. Would you trade anything for Jim Harbaugh if anything what would you give up?

    3. Under any circumstances would you keep Reggie Mckenzie, is he as good as gone or is he still deserving of another chance?


    boomer Essiason chimes in on the Raiders  and rams moving to LA scenario we’ll get into that 

     St. Louis Rams 52-0 their worst loss in teams history even worst than the super bowl  loss

    The main question is where exactly do the Raiders go from here





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    We the Anunnaki ~ 12/05/14 ~ Emily, Helen, Gillian, Robert, Janet, Sasha

    in Education

    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin on “We the Anunnaki” ~ Friday, December 5, 2014 with guests/researchers Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg, Helen (Nell) Parks, Gillian DeArmond Green and Robert Evans, Jr. on www.blogtalkradio.com/aquarianradio. Who are the Anunnaki? Why are they important to humanity?  Which Anunnaki gods remained and which left after Sodom and Gomorrah?  Who rules this planet?  Which archetype do you identify with?  Are you part Anunnaki?  These and many other questions are explored in this and other episodes of We the Anunnaki, a discussion panel of authors, researchers and experiencers interested in solving the mystery of who are these Anunnaki gods? Today we are doing another roundtable discussion with 3 to 4 minute segments where each person answers the questions or makes comments and presents their perspective till the timer chimes or  if the time’s not rung yet the panelist may decides to yield the remainder of their time and pass to the next person when they are complete with their train of thought. 1. What archetypes has the Anunnaki story generated and how have these archetypes affected humanity?  The main ones are Enki, Enlil, Ninmah, Nigishzidda, Marduk, Anu, Innana, Ereshkigal, Ninurta, Nannar, Nergal, Alalu, etc. 2. What Anunnaki archetype do you identify with as an emanation of yourself?  please name them and tell us what characteristics and qualities you embody. See more at: http://www.aquarianradio.com/2014/12/04/we-the-anunnaki-120514-emily-helen-gillian-janet-sasha-robert/#sthash.gl2WLnOV.dpuf

    More at www.aquarianradio.com.  Please donate, help us keep programs coming to you.

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    So You Think You Can Live The Lifestyle?

    in Wrestling

    This week on West Virginia Independent Professional Wrestling Radio, the Mad Dog and Mr. Lavell come back from their Thanksgiving vacation and share their thoughts of recent happenings in the global professional wrestling scene. JV Insanity stops by for an inside look at the JVF'nInsanity lifestyle. And all the hype they can squeeze in for this Friday's Ward Wilson Memorial Benefit in Mullens, WV. A breakdown of the scheduled card, a special message from Mr. Lavell. And one of West Virginia's finest chimes in to give his take on how it's all going to go down this Friday night.

    You can listen to this and any episode of WVIPW Radio right here at www.blogtalkradio.com/runhomerecordings. Be sure to visit www.facebook.com/WVIPWRadio and hit "Like" to get all the up to date news, events, and podcasts in the great state of West Virginia.

    Not near a computer? Got a question for the show? Then call on in at (657)383-0080.

    WVIPW Radio is independently owned and operated and has no affiliation to any professional wrestling organization. We proudly support the lifeblood of the sport. We encourage everyone to go out and support your local promotion, but leave the drama at the door. West Virginia has some of the greatest talent on the east coast. If we all band together, we can make the world take notice.

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    Morning Michelle chimes in on #Sterling move

    in Sports

    Practice episode where I try to use Intro music  .... #HappyMemorialDayWeekend

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    SCI Encouragement Group--Right things will Catch You

    in Podcasting

    In today's edition of the Encouragement Group host David Gerber explores the difference in outcomes when we stop chasing all of the wrong things and allow the right things to catch you. By doing so, we open doors to brighter futures. Michael Boccia chimes in with the notion of how trees are sometimes smarter than humans, as they drop their leaves with no questions asked, yet in treatment, we often hold on to what needs to be dropped. As always, miracles will be shared.

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    Jets lack focus and fall to 1-8. New billboard to appear at the Meadowlands.

    in Sports

    The New York Jets fall to 1-8, the longest loosing streak since 1995. After another bad performance in Kansas City Sunday afternoon Wilkerson states it is a lack of focus. Fans have now raised enough money to put up a "Fire John Idzik" billboard next to MetLife Stadium. Tune in as JetNation radio chimes in on all things New York Jets!

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    Music and Moor with Latifa Ali

    in Religion

    The Music and Moor Show is a talk show and Music show that chimes in with the Music in You! The show is designed to use the medium of music as a way of reaching our youths of perpetual freshness to see that all mediums are at their beck and call for good.  It uses music and artists to tell the stories of who we are, where we have been and where we hope to go!  Join Latifa Ali as she explores the world through Music and the legacy of the Bilallian Experience. Every Wednesday from 8-10 PM. 

    Latifa Ali is Wife to legendary Muscian, Imam and businessman: Wali Ali and daughter of the late Roxbury Community Activist Jaqueline Muhammad. Latifa Ali heads up Nurrudden Development, A social Entrepreneurial Venture Firm.  

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