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    Chimes Tolling for Elections 2012

    in Politics Progressive

    You may have noticed that Presidential and Congressional elections are nigh. We are willing to comment (yet again) on what's up and who's doing what. Expect predictions!
    Our Boston-area Will Rogers character, John L. Galligan, joins us this week. We'll hit national, state and maybe local races...those that prove points. You can prep by hitting up John's Chimes at Midnight political blog.

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    Troy Drayton is Our Special Guest

    in Football

      Troy Drayton chimes in to help us try to make sense of all that's happening with these Dolphins of ours!  The great tight end for the Dolphins from 1996-1999 (and formally with the Rams and Chiefs) sheds light on this very confusing time of change for his former team. As co-host on "The Finsiders", he stays up to date on all things Dolphins and with any luck, will share some of the inside scoop with us!  (Maybe he can give us some pointers on how to be good radio hosts too!)

       We’ll address the Tannehill haters out there too!  His numbers do nothing but improve from year to year but, all some fans choose to talk about are the things they see that he struggles with.  I for one am gonna give him some love!  We will talk Miller vs. Ajayi in the back field and a possible 2 headed monster behind Tanny...  The likelihood of DeVante Parker making a splash going into the 2nd half of the season, and so much more!!!  

    (516) 453-9433 is the # to call and ask Troy stuff and vent Dolphins, call me out on my opinions, and any other things ya wanna talk about on Thursday starting at 6:30PM (est.)

    Seeya then

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    Leading Grand Rapids with Mayor George Heartwell

    in Local

    Host: Coach TMB

    Guest: Mayor George K. Heartwell

    Topic of Discussion: Leading Grand Rapids-The Good & The Bad

    Mayor Heartwell's Bio

    George Heartwell is the mayor of the city of Grand Rapids, MI. He was sworn in on January 1, 2004 and is currently serving his third term.

    Prior to being mayor, Heartwell was a City Commissioner for the third ward of Grand Rapids from 1992-1999. Heartwell currently serves as President and CEO of Pilgrim Manor Retirement Community. He was Director of the Community Leadership Institute at Aquinas College, where he also was a professor in the Community Leadership undergraduate study program. Mayor Heartwell is an ordained minister for the United Church of Christ, and served for 14 years at Heartside Ministry, a program for the homeless in Grand Rapids. He was previously the president of Heartwell Mortgage Corporation. In August, 2007, Mayor Heartwell was re-elected to a second mayoral term in Grand Rapids. He won the primary election with 51% of the vote, eliminating the need for a general election run-off.[2][3] He would be reelected for a third term in 2011.

  • Behind the Veil: Fairies, Elementals, and Ancient Beings

    in Spirituality

    Hearing bells, chimes, and flutes playing in the wind. Seeing something flitting by out of the corner of your eye. Orbs of light. Ancient mounds. Portal tombs. Stone megaliths. Burial chambers. Haunted forests. Whisky and mead. The Wild Hunt. King Arthur and Merlin. Selkies. The Forblog. Tuatha de Dannan. 

    For centuries humans have had a tenuous relationship with these beings. It is time now to build a compassionate partnership with these stewards of the earth. 

    Join your hosts Grant and Melissa Virtue as they share stories, legends, and experiences of these magical beings behind the veil.

    You are welcome to join in the live chat room or call into the show. 

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    The Quest Episode Three

    in Entertainment

    Roy Washington sits down with one of Milwaukee's most prolific rappers, Young Bully.  The beautiful and talented Stacy Weathers chimes on in when she fell in love with hip hop, as she gets set for her all access interview with Quest.  We touch on a potential deadly habit that we partake in everyday...SELFIES.  Quest wishes to thank everyone who tunes in, and we hope you grow with us as this platform expands.  Thank you so much, and may God bless and keep us all.


    Roy Washington


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    Football 2 Futbol: NFL Week 2 Review, NYJ vs. IND MNF Talk, & CFB Week 3 Review

    in Football

    Today, we headline with a 2015 NFL Week 2 Review, we discuss the Monday Night Football game between the NY Jets and Indianapolis Colts, and review Week 3 of College Football as well.

    Sean, Gary, and Randy begin by breaking down what happened on MNF between the Jets and Colts. Are the Colts really this bad on offense? Are the Jets just really that good on defense? Can the Colts bounce back from their second consecutive 0-2 start? We answer those questions and more.

    After that, we go through every game that happened on Sunday discussing who played the best, who played the worst, what to look for in week 3, and more. Sean and Randy have their reports of each game they watched, Gary chimes in as well with the best Fantasy player, and we have questions for every team.

    Then we move on to talk a little College, as Randy leads the guys through the best of the weekend and talks about some of those big upsets as well.

    Finally, we end things with our Top 5 NFL Power Rankings and our MVP of the Week.

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    Cowboys Break Camp, Prepare To Do This Thing For Real

    in Sports

    Panic set in amongst some media based on the Cowboys two preseason performances. KD is joined by Keith Mullins to talk about what's truly important in the preseason. Later, Ryan Burns chimes in on the state of the AFC and who is likely to be opposite Dallas should they make the desired SuperBowl run. CTC Sports' Cami Griffin checks in to discuss running backs and the new venture along with Patrik Walker and the cornerback situation. Finally, Cowboys insider Mike Fisher talks about the fallout of the Orlando Scandrick ACL tear, who will be a part of the dress rehearsal against the Vikings and much more. It's Crunchtime, get in on it!

  • Encouragement Group--A Flower Has to Open in order to Bloom

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the Encouragement Group host David Gerber discusses how just as flowers open and bloom in nature, one must also open up in recovery in order to become the beautiful person they are meant to be. Many people are willing to go to treatment, but we bloom in recovery when we open ourselves up to trusting and being vulnerable. Michael Boccia chimes in with the analogy of the Nozzleman in a firefighting crew, and how it's the support and encouragement of others that allows him to move forward into the fire. Listen in as miracles will be shared.

  • SCI Encouragement Group--Willy Wonka and Recovery (Updated)

    in Podcasting

    In the latest edition of the encouragement group host David Gerber discusses the recovery messages found in the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. Here we identify can do people who make mistakes, but ultimately achieve more than just their goals when the choose to do the work and be honest. Michael Boccia chimes in by discussing the importance of following the program and being patient. Listen in as miracles will be shared.

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    The SharletteK & StevieJ UK_All_Music_Hour Live & Direct

    in Indie Music

    Today, I salute "The Only Band That Matters." A label that Joe Strummer understandably hated, but which I strip the hype away from and embrace as truth.  The mighty, mighty Clash was Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Keith Levene, and Terry Chimes and I love them because they represent and attitude and an ideal which also runs parallel to HipHip.  Music should be available for all.  

    SharletteK & StevieJ showcase the best and brightest Unsigned Hype in and around the UK and some parts of the USA.  We play EDM, Dubstep, HipHop, NeoSoul, R&B, punk and really any kind of good music, quel que soit the genre.  

    Tune in to get a taste of what is new and upcoming on the scene today, without any commercial filters to get in the way.

    We want to introduce UK artist to the US audience and to the rest of the world.  

    Call in to speak with the host:



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    The DIY of OCR: Obstacle course racing---Inspire the fire

    in Design

    Obstacle course racing is the next soccer. Yeah, it's a 'thing'. You've probably heard of one. Or know someone who has---or will---do one. They change lives.

    And for us MyFixitUpLifer's there's an extra cool part: It's loaded with DIY of building stuff. So if you’re not lacing up for your own obstacle course racing journey, without people to build the obstacles—for races or for backyards---the race is just a walk in the woods. So this MyFixitUpLife show will inspire the fire for the DIY of OCR.

    Spartan Race’s (in)famous Race Director Norm Koch takes us behind the spectacle where the tools are machetes and chainsaws and a whole lotta work. And HGTV’s John Colaneri—co-host of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens and a Spartan racing / Cross-fit nut job (we love you anyway Johnny)—chimes in with fitness tips he uses to stay extra handsome.

    This isn't about the gym. Or how fast you go. It's about life itself and building your own tools for the journey. As someone I admire wrote: I already know what it feels like to fail. I want to see what it's like to succeed.

    Life happens to all of us. It's what we do about it that counts; how we handle the obstacles.

    So tool up and come obstacle course racing with us Lifers, time for a little dirty fun.