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    Domestic Violence

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    Domestic Violence -

    Is It really love?

    What is it?





    GET OUT!!!!


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    Domestic Violence Expert

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    Our guest today is Suzanne Perry, a domestic violence expert and founder of LoveShouldn'tHurt.tv




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    Domestic Violence

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    Domestic Violence from athletes to Judges from all walks of life comes violece againist men and women.

    Verbal - Sexual - Physical Abuse

    Man Up Pledge: The pledge says "I pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women. I pledge to learn about how I can help to end violence and discrimination against women and girls and to work towards creating a community where all people are valued and safe.

    On one hand, domestic violence committed by intimate partners — current or former spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends — has declined by more than 60 percent since the mid-1990s, according to Justice Department figures.

    Yet the dramatic decrease from 1995 through 2004 has largely stalled, with the numbers stabilizing at a level that appalls people in the prevention field. The latest federal figures for "serious" intimate partner violence — sexual assault or aggravated physical assault — showed 360,820 such incidents in 2013, or roughly 1,000 per day.

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    Overcoming Domestic Violence In the church

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    Todays show will provide tools, tips, and resources for listeners on how to acknowledge domestic violence in their ministry and in their churches. Domestic violence has been overlooked for years where it has plagued many Christians into silence and ended up in barriers and not speaking regaridng this emotional disiease. Today we will provide tips on how to encourage and deal with these issues. Did you know that it was against the law to intentionally abuse someone whether it is verbal physicla, and or emotionally? it is and this is why we will talk about this today.

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    Mental Health, Trauma and Domestic Violence

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    This show will focus on how mental health specialists work with victims in the African American community. National guest speaker will include Adrienne Casteele, Dr. John L Casteele Jr., Ph.D., LMFT and Will Yancy. Guest will explorer the African American experience with mental health and domestic violence, mental health treatments. How domestic violence programs work with victims of domestic violence and mental health. Mental health resources for African American victims.  Guest will speak to issues of individual and collective trauma.

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    What we Can Do for the CHILDREN, the YOUTH  and ADULTS included to lead the to SAFETY?





    NEWS That Matters - United States Sentencing Commission and RETROACTIVITY July 18, 2014 

    PRISONER'S PERSPECTIVE - Clemency Project 2014

    The Virtual Site Seeing Tour Bus goes to....


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    The Battered Face of Domestic Violence

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    October is "Domestic Violence Awareness" month, and it's important to shed a light on a matter that affects 1 out of 4 women during her lifetime.  Too often we continue to believe that domestic violence has a look, or affects a certain race, financial bracket or many other traits that aren't true.  Join us two survivors sit down to discuss their testimonies, victories and the aftermath of being in abusive relationships.  They may look very different on the outside, but their journeys are quite similar.

    Regain your power...


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    Domestic Violence the Silent Killer

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    Join Ms Reason and J Floyd as they discuss Domestic abuse. October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month but we feel that everyday is awareness day. Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. This is especially true when the abuse is psychological, rather than physical. Noticing and acknowledging the signs of an abusive relationship is the first step to ending it. No one should live in fear of the person they love.

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    Domestic Violence And Abuse

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    Today's topic focuses on "Domestic Violence And Abuse".  This is an Encore show from February 28th. 2011.  The Headline News recently has brought Domestic Violence issues to the public's awareness and I wanted to have an encore show with a very special guest my guest is Miss. L.Y. Marlow. She is the third generation of her family to have been a victim and survivor of domestic violence: a violence that almost took her own life and the life of her unborn child. In her award-winning Color Me Butterfly, she tells the poignant and evocative story of four generations of mothers and daughters: the true story of her grandmother, her mother, herself, and her daughter; and the toll intergenerational domestic violence and abuse has had on her family for over sixty years. L.Y. will be speaking about her courages story of Domestic Violence and how she survived the violence and abuse. We will also be discussing her award-winning book "Color Me Butterfly".   If you or someone you know has been a victim of Domestic Violence And Abuse you won't want to miss this very informative show. If you would like to know more about L.Y. Marlow please visit her website at http://www.colormebutterfly.com/ There you will also find Domestic Violence Help And Resources important numbers and links for help for you or someone you know that may need help. You can also visit www.savingpromisecampaign.org Thank you Sonia. :))))

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    Domestic Violence and Bullying Awareness

    in Self Help

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and Bully Awareness Month. Join us with Robin Graham who is the CEO of Spotlight on Recovery magazine. "Spotlight On Recovery" is an outreach and resource magazine geared towards individuals
    affected directly or indirectly by overwhelming issues like domestic violence. The previous articles that were highlighted in "Spotlight On Recovery" have included topics such as: accessible testing for those children whom have been affected by dyslexia in the public school system, Women in Prison, Legalizing Marijuana, coverage of the recipients of the Edison O. Jackson Single Father’s Foundation Scholarship, “Lost Glory”, the Disappearance of the Two Parent Household, Family Planning, Adult Illiteracy, Youth Awareness, Support and Recovery, a column for fathers dealing with “Baby Mama Drama” and a host of talented poets who will stir your heart and soul.


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