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    Childhood Obesity.. Where are We Heading?

    in Health

    Join us Tuesday evening at 5:30pm as we speak about a very important topic.Childhood obesity is much more than a cosmetic concern. The health consequences of childhood obesity include greater risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and other serious illnesses. The combination of these health effects and the dramatic increase in childhood obesity rates over the past three decades causes some experts to fear this may be the first generation of American children who will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. (The Weight of the Nation)

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    Join the Movement to Reverse Childhood Obesity

    in Weight Loss

    In celebration of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, Robert Ferguson is beginning a campaign that rallies us all together to reverse childhood obesity. This is a great opportunity for grandparents, parents and guardians to come together and establish a platform for a brighter future for our youth. We are also looking for type 2 diabetics that would like to be part of a national trial to eradicate type 2 diabetes. If you know anyone that has type 2 diabetes, encourage them to listen to this show.

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    Breathing Fire...Surviving childhood abuse

    in Women

    “When the universe sends you a miracle, and then asks you to surrender to the journey that is about to unfold, you have two choices. You can politely say thanks-but no-thanks, or you can commit your heart and soul to doing something entirely on faith...  Breathing Fire, began as a book for others who, like author Chris Davis, had survived childhood abuse, but it quickly transformed into a modern-day fairy tale. 

    As women, we need to talk openly about topics that have been kept in locked boxes on the shelf.  There is no need to feel shame for something that happened that we had no control over.  I support courageous women like Chris who not only survive, but empower others to transform their lives to be happy.



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    Childhood Star Wants To Hide

    in Self Help

    This childhood star wants to hide, and with good reason. But her hiding away or behind others is costing her financially. She also yearns to have the career of her choice and cannot. This is because it is all too close to that childhood experience.

    Catherine was a famous natural healer, doing work that no child has the emotional maturity or training for. When things went wrong, she had no-one to lean on or talk to, yet she still had to help others. By releasing this energy imprint from her mind-body, she can enjoy being a healer again, but this time with training, boundaries and lots of Me Time.

    Even if this experience does not resonate immediately with you, we do some gentle inner child healing with EFT that can help you to move on and find joy working with your true life purpose. You can make a living out of something you enjoy. And by removing childhood blocks to succcess and healing that inner child, you too can find it easier.

    We only have half an hour and will release as much as possible of that period. We will be mainly using EFT, so if you do not EFT already or want to know how I use my unique approch to EFT, please get my "EFT How-To For You" from my newsletter at the top right (you can always unsubscribe after you get the guide if you want) at http://www.eft-scripts.com/confidence-eft in order to folllow this call. Otherwise this call may be triggering. You must tap along with us all the time that we do  :-)  By listening in and tapping along to this call, you agree to all the Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers on my site.

    A Big Thank You to Catherine for opening her heart and mind to healing on this call.

    Enjoy, subscribe, share with friends who could benefit  :-)

    Happy Tapping!


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    APR--Treating Childhood Depression.--Episode 11

    in Psychology

    Now back to regular scheduled shows, the new equipment is working great! In this episode, Jory will talk about childhood depression and how it is treated. Sub-topics will include the latest medicine for treatment, patient response to medicine, and overall prognosis in patients treated with anti-depressants. The show runs for 30 minutes and is subject to reschedule.

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    Healthy Savannah and Battling Childhood Obesity with Paula Kreissler

    in Business

    Volunteer organization Healthy Savannah, along with the YMCA of Coastal Georgia, has been awarded a $150,000 grant to promote healthy lifestyles and community awareness for under-served areas in Georgia and to combat childhood obesity.

    Director of the Healthy Living and Community Development for Healthy Savannah and YMCA of Coastal Georgia, Paula Kreissler, talks with Open for Business® about what this grant means for the community and how anyone can become involved.

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    Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

    in Family

    An individual who was sexually abused as a child is an adult survivor of child sexual abuse. This abuse may have had long-term effects on the survivor’s life. In most instances, the victim of the abuse never discussed the abuse with others while it was occurring. This individual is learning now, as an adult, to deal with the effects of the abuse. 

    Possible Long-Term Effects:

    Each individual’s experiences and reactions are unique to that individual. However, with so many survivors breaking the silence and talking about their experiences, it has become apparent that there are some responses to child sexual abuse that are common to many survivors.
    Feelings of extremely low self-esteem or self-hatred are common in survivors. Extreme depression is something with which survivors also battle.
    Survivors often experience frequent sleep disturbances and nightmares. Links have been made between this and the fact that children are often sexually abused in their rooms, in their own beds.
    Trust is a crucial issue for many survivors throughout their lives. They were betrayed by the very people who cared for them, who insisted they loved them even while abusing them.
    Re-victimization describes the process whereby women who were sexually abused as children frequently find themselves in abusive, dangerous situations, or relationships as adults.
    Survivors with disabilities who experienced sexual abuse in childhood might never have reached a level of independence to escape this abuse and it has become a way of life.

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    Dr. Renee Tocco, DC: What's Really Behind Autism And Childhood Illnesses?

    in Finance

    What are the root causes of childhood affilications such as autism,chronic allergies, obesity, and other diseases?  Are they environmentally-related?  The result of genetically-modified foods, pesticides, or soil depletion?  Is better nutrition the key to healing?

    Scientists and health advocates are often at odds when it comes to looking at childhood illness, but most agree that there IS a problem that should be addressed.

    In 2010, the Center for Disease Control announced that 1 in 110 children have autism.  In just a few years, that number has increased to 1 in 68!

    In addition, nearly 13% of kids in the US have some sort of  developmental disability.

    Add to this the increasing number of obese children and children with moderate to severe allergies and it's easy to question whether or not the healthcare system and pharmaceutical industry in this country is doing the right things to help our children get and stay healthy.

    Dr. Renee Tocco joins Teresa to reveal some of the more controversial and startling theories about why so many children are suffering from these severe health issues, and what needs to be done to help them.  



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    Early Childhood Education Expert, Advocate Offers Tips to Parents, Caregivers

    in Moms and Family

    Join Denise as she chats with early childhood education expert/advocate, Michelle Figlar, on practical ways parents and caregivers can foster learning in children ages 0-5. Michelle also encourages parents to advocate for their children's education early on and gives specific steps and resources on how to be your child's voice. Michelle is the executive director of The Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC), an affiliate of The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). For more information, please visit http://www.paeyc.org/ and http://www.prekforpa.org/

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    Childhood to Adulthood: Are Children Growing Up Too Fast?

    in Parents

    We’ve covered this issue before, but feel it’s important to continue discussing how kids today seem to be more advanced than we were while moving through “Childhood to Adulthood”.  With the fast and continuous advancement of technology (Internet/Cellphones/iPads/Media), we have to wonder the effects these advancements will be on our children.

    After reading the new novel “In the Midst of the Storm: They Call Me Stormi”, by Felecia Poole, I was convinced that we also needed to examine early sexual behavior of children (as early as 9 years old), which most parents are in denial of, or shy away from discussing. We are so pleased to have Author, Felecia Poole, join us to discuss her amazing new novel, and help to discuss how early development of our children, in some cases, can be more harm than good.  PARENTS this is a show you cannot afford to miss!

    Please join us on Wednesday, September 3, 2014, at 9:00pm PDT/ 11:00pm CDT/ 12:00am EDT.  We welcome you to listen and comment by calling (646)200-3148.  Or listen from your computer or from the HTTR app, and join the chatroom conversation.

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    Childhood Obesity and Eating Disorders

    in Health

    Having owned and run private schools and child care facilities for over 50 years Karen has a lot of experience working with children. As a hypnotherapist and experience with eating disorders she is in a position to share her expertise with adults and youth alike.

    Interact with Miss Karen as she explores challenges for Parents and Kids as they relate to issues around Childhood Obesity and Eating Disorders. How do parents recognize these issues? What kind of behavioural and visual cues might a parent see. Touch on the concepts of the "reflection" issues on the parents or guardians.

    Have questions? Email us in advance at yourlifeisweighting@gmail.com.

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