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    Enterprise Hornets vs Chico Panthers

    in Sports

    Tyler Spence and Brad Miller will break down the play-by-play from the Hornets Nest at Enterprise Community Stadium as the Chico Panthers travel up an hour on I-5 to go face the defending Northern Section Champion/Northern California State Champion ENTERPRISE HORNETS! Tyler and Brad will also keep you guys updated on every scoring play from around the Northern Section. Tune in at 8 PM PACIFIC !

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    Donkey 105.9: Columbus Day Show! with Chico

    in Entertainment

    Sorry we have been so inactive lately. It has been a busy fall for us here at Donkey 105.9. School and work has been very demanding lately. So we will continue to try and bring you all of the entertainment that we have to offer! On this show we have Chico discussing a couple topics and introducing a brand new artist that will be featured on our shows! Follow us on Twitter @Donkey105x9. Also if you have any business inquiries email us at Donkey105.9@gmail.com. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for the next show! We promise to try and be more consistent!

  • 01:15

    Chico Camus, Ashlee Evans-Smith, & Francisco Rivera

    in Sports

    Our first guest tonight is coming off an impressive Flyweight Debut, Chico "King" Camus. Chico just picked up split decision win against Brad Pickett at UFC Fight Night: Edgar Vs. Swanson. We will talk with Chico about the decision to drop weight classes, how the change was for him and what he had to do differently to make the cut, and how he felt leading up to the fight and inside the cage. Chico is always a great interview and we will discuss what's next for him and how he feels he stacks up with the rest of the weight class. Follow Chico on Twitter @KOMCamus

    Ashlee Evans-Smith is joining us and we will talk with her about her early days wrestling and then making the transition to fighting. Ashlee is now set to make her UFC debut in the same year that she made her WSOF debut. We will talk to Ashlee about getting the call and what this chance means to her. We will also discuss her opponent, the match up, and get her thoughts on this season of The Ultimate Fighter. Follow Ashlee on Twitter @AshleeMMA1

    Our last guest tonight Francisco Rivera is set to take on Urijah Faber at UFC 181. We will talk with Cisco about the fight, how he found out about the opportunity, and where this fight stacks up for him in his career. We will talk with Cisco about his career from fighting for Tachi Palace, his days in the WEC, and of course his time inside the UFC. Follow Cisco on Twitter @CiscoRiveraUFC


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    Talkin Law with Dan Hochheiser: Special Guest - Attorney Xavier R. Donaldson

    in Legal

    "Talkin Law" Radio with Dan Hochheiser analyzes criminal cases in the news, trends in the law, & covers all legal current events.  Attorney Daniel Hochheiser is a Criminal Defense Attorney in NY & host of this show. Each week "Talkin Law" with Dan Hochheiser features newmakers, attorneys, media personalities, celebrities, politicians, business people & so much more.  "Talkin Law" with Dan Hochheiser has a straight talk with a no nonsense edge & engages attorneys and laymen alike.


    Dan will be talking to Attorney & Former Prosecutor Xavier R. Donaldson about all of the hottest legal news of the week. Dan will also talk to Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) Director Robert Gangi about his new report on NYPD misdemeanor arrests in 2014.

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    Donkey 105.9: Friday SuperShow with Chico, Smalltine, & Fuego

    in Radio

    There has been some delays tonight. But it's here! The Friday SuperShow features 2 parts. This part (part 1) is just a talk show between Chico, Smalltine, and Fuego. Still no Smack Daddy Stephen though (Sadly). However stay tuned for part 2 we will have a dual mix from from Chico and DJ Stunnerz featuring a song from a surprise featured artist. We hope you all enjoy the first part so please stay tuned for part 2 (the music half of the show).

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    LeNair Xavier Joins Diversity Rules Magazine on the Air

    in Culture

    Lenair Xavier is a predominately gay bisexual entertainer and blogger. While he’s retired from performing in studio-based gay , his continued exhibitionist displays online and telling of his sexual adventures and explorations maintains his being considered an adult entertainer.  He is an active and well-recognized voice for racial equality in gay adult entertainment by way of comments on various websites like Fleshbot, Gay Times, and The Sword. And since retiring, his voice fighting for that racial equality continues to be heard by the aforementioned, and even more places now as he has spread to fighting for it in gay mainstream entertainment as well; all this while he resurrects his skills as an actor, dancer, singer, artist, poet, and songwriter.

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    Friday SuperShow (Part 2) Crazy House Mix Featuring DJ Stunnerz and Chico!

    in Entertainment

    Sorry for the delay tonight. There were a couple of problems with the audio. Since we moved the show almost a half hour later, there will be no part 3 tonight. Instead it will be played tomorrow afternoon or night. But please enjoy this CRAZY House mix by Dj Stunnerz and Chico. They worked hard on this all week and it'll really help if you supported us by leaving a follow and sharing with your friends! Also follow us on Twitter @Donkey105x9 or email us for business inquiries at Donkey105.9@gmail.com!

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    My Gospel Soul with Jennice Ebow Special Guest J-Xavier

    in Christianity

    My Gospel Soul Breaking the Yoke of Bondage Through the Power of the Work of God.  

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    Nosso Lar in Our Home - Notions about the Home

    in Spirituality

    Nosso Lar (Portuguese for “Our Home”) is the name of the spirit colony that Andre Luiz describes in this first book of his collection. In this vibrant narrative, the author offers us his observations and discoveries regarding life in the spirit world, acting as a sort of reporter who records his own experiences. It reveals a pulsating world full of life and activity organized in exemplary fashion, and where discarnate spirits go through steps of recovery and spiritual education supervised by high order spirits. Nosso Lar enables us to see beforehand the spirit world that awaits us when we abandon the corporeal body through physical death."

    Here is a link to a trailler for the Nosso Lar movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjgiHi0QtpM

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    Donkey 105.9: Chico & DJ Stunnerz INSANE Dual Party Mix

    in Radio

    This is the first of many INSANE dual mixes by Chico and DJ Stunnerz. It features all songs to get you and your friends pumped at a party or just in general. This track gives you some of the best house music. Feel free to download and listen to it while you travel with iTunes. Also feel free to give us a follow, it would be much appreciate. Have a suggestion or song request? Message us here on BlogTalkRadio or email us at Donkey105.9@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you. Also stay tuned for Smalltine's appearance tomorrow on the night show.

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    Donkey 105.9: Chico feat. Smalltine + DJ Stunnerz' HOT Track

    in Radio

    Sorry for the late post. There were a couple probems that made a huge delay. But tonight we got Smalltine and Chico hosting the show plus a HOT track from DJ Stunnerz (as usual). Hope you enjoy and please follow it will help us a lot. Also if you have any suggestions make sure you email us at Donkey105.9@gmail.com and also make song requests if you would like. We will eventually put it into a show or mix.

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