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    720 Degree Tennis - Josh Cossitt - Cheyenne, Wyoming - Tennis

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    Josh Cossitt is the Director of Tennis at Frontier Park Family Tennis in Cheyenne. He grew up hitting tennis balls in the mountains near east gate of Yellowstone National Park. Josh also holds a position on the Intermountain Sections Coaches Commission and Junior Competition Committee.

    Bill Patton is a 26 year veteran of the Tennis Industry. He has a B.S. in Industrial Psychology from CSUEB, and has written a Masters Thesis in Education at National University.  As an Author, Coach, Thought Leader, Tournament Director, etc. he has never stopped working to branch out and learn new things. Bill has written two books so far with more on the way, The Art of Coaching High School Tennis, and Playing Sports Right: Your Way on Amazon.  You can also contact Bill directly for discounted and signed books.  Aside from that Mr. Patton also is an account manager for TennisConnect Professional Services (TCPS, LLC), which provides incredible website services and power components for clubs and tennis professionals.  You can follow Bill on Twitter,  Facebook, and WordPress

    Tennis, Bill Patton, Patton School of Tennis, USPTA, PTR, Real Tennis Coaches, pattonschooloftennis.com, Castro Valley, Berkeley, USTA NorCal, USTA, Avery Shackelford, Social Media,#tennisthoughtleader, The Art of Coaching High School Tennis, Playing Sports Right: Your Way, Top 5 Strategies and Tactics for Winning Tennis


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    INFINITY THE NEW AGE RADIO!!! Cheyenne "The Wisdom Keeper"

    in Spirituality

    Join us tonight at 8 P.M - 10 P.M Central*** Cheyenne has been a medium communicating with spirits for over 25 yrs. She Practices shamanic healing, aromatherapy and herbs. She teaches meditation, intuitive guidance and how to get to know your guide. . Free Readings you can contact Cheyenne on Facebook @ Cheyenne Starhawk. 

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    Food As Medicine for Body & Spirit with Cheyenne Van Zutphen, The Psychic Chef

    in Health

    Incorporating nutritious meals into ritual leads to profound spiritual connection and body-mind-spirit wellness. This week on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Matthew Engel will be chatting with Cheyenne Van Zutphen, The Psychic Chef. Cheyenne grew up in Malibu. She is the daughter of well known hypnotists and metaphysical authors Dick and Tara Sutphen. Her love for witchcraft and the natural world led her to a career in the culinary industry. Cheyenne started cooking for witches' sabbaths at age 12 and became obsessed with turning food preparation and meals into ritual. Cheyenne is also involved in the Sutphen family business. She is well versed in psychic work, tarot, witchcraft and has a line of hypnosis CD's coming in March.  www.chefcheyenne.com

    Matthew Engel, MSW, CHt is an Intuitive Counselor, Business Success Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Multi-Dimensional healer of psyche and spirit. He has supported thousands of people in actualizing their higher potential by living more authentic and abundant lives for 17 years. He is also the host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. For additional info about Matthew, to sign up for his popular newsletter or to schedule a consultation, please visit: www.matthewengel.com

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    Prophecykeepers Radio - Jason Greywolf Leigh, Cheyenne

    in Spirituality

    This is Jason Leigh's second Prophecykeepers Radio Interview.
    His album of Folk/Americana: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jgreywolfl He is half Irish & Native American Cheyenne. His linage dates back over 24 generations in North America on his father's side, to the Mayflower on his mother's side.
    He spoke about his fascinating life as a NASA Challenger Shuttle Program employee who saw the (the) disaster in vision and tried to stop it.
    He is a published Journalist, a Poet, a Singer/Songwriter with a Top 25 Indie album (From 'Unsigned Magazine') entitled, "Directions," a general raconteur and thorn-in-the-side of some "other" UFO researchers, and a famous UFO Videographer and UFO missing time experiencer. Perhaps you have paid to have seen his copyrighted video, because it was ripped off by Dr. Steven Greer of the U.F.O. Disclosure Project! Dr Greer's lawyer begged Jason NOT to sue, and Jason did not do so. Dr. Richard Hoagland once predicted that a certain Mars Mission lander, The 'Pathfinder,' would crash and Jason said it would not, but would rather be a very successful mission ... Jason was documented to be right while Dr Hoagland was wrong, and said publicly that he would publicly debate Jason on three different radio broadcasts, but oddly, Jason never got a call! Immediately after our interview, Jason emailed that he had visions of coming tornadoes and hurricanes: danger from the skies. Floods, landslides, it was as if he was there, just as in ALL of the visions The Great Spirit, God, gives him: even when predicting airplanes crashes.  

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    The Nations: Shaken, Stirred, and Mixed on Prophecy Headline News toda

    in Religion

    The Nations: Shaken, Stirred, and Mixed Prophecy Headline News 11-24-14

    The Nations: Shaken, Stirred, and Mixed on Prophecy Headline News today. From America to Eritrea, and on to Turkey, Syria, and Iraq; the Nations of men are being Shaken by circumstances out of their control, stirred into a complex array of events which are mixed well with violence and bloodshed. These have made the world into that heaving mass of discontent and chaos. Here we find that in the end, human life means little to others. But the truth of what is really happening is in itself an enigma. Here we find our own governments secretive ‘Refugee Resettlement Program’, which utilizes churches and social welfare as a guise to import entire communities of foreigners into local cities and rural states.  

    WIBR/WARN Ministry sites: www.warn-radio.com  www.warn-usa.com  www.wingswatchman.org www.dday4america.com


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    "Further West" & Dohn Norwood Talking Hell on Wheels #61

    in Entertainment

    8pm pst / 11pm est
    Location: http://indyradio.org/

    On Episode 61 Kinte & Yardley discuss the season finale episode 13 of season 4 "Further West" with with actor Dohn Norwood Air Date 11/22/14

    "Further West"
    Written by: John Wirth, John Romano
    Directed by: Adam Davidson

    As the railroad prepares to summit Sherman Peak and leave Cheyenne behind, Cullen returns to Fort Smith to retrieve his family.

    Hosts: Kinte @KinteF https://twitter.com/KinteF 
    Yardley @militant_marker https://twitter.com/militant_marker 

    Voice Mail Number: (323) 596-7469
    Live Call in Number: (347) 857-3385 press 1 to enter the host queue
    Show Twitter https://twitter.com/TalkingHell
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TalkingHellOnWheels
    email Talkinghellonwheels@gmail.com
    itunes download https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hell-on-wheels-season-2-talking/id903544222?mt=2

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    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager , your Host for Autistic Broadcasting News on Sunday. Maria special Guest: April Cheyenne Goodbrake. April sharing and discuss her personal experience with friendships, and perform Live

    Maria Iliou is your Host for Autistic Theatre Music Caf'e on Sunday's. Maria play special Encored 

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    ReMax of Boulder Radio - Boulder History Museum's Chief Niwot Exhibit

    in Fitness

    Carol Taylor of the Boulder History Museum joins Duane Duggan to discuss the Chief Niwot exhibit.  To commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the tragic massacre at Sand Creek, Colorado, the Boulder History Museum is re-introducing the award-winning exhibition, Chief Niwot~Legend & Legacy, with new content and artifacts previously not on display.

    Chief Niwot struggled to find peace during the most fateful years in Southern Arapaho history. His life and legacy are revealed in this exhibit along with the Arapahos’ place in Boulder’s history.

    The Boulder History Museum is excited to present the powerful story Chief Niwot, one of the most notable Indians of the plains, a man about whom legends were made. Niwot’s story is one of honor and deceit, hope and despair. When hoards of white men began migrating to the central plains in the mid-nineteenth century, they moved into the land that was home to the Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians. In 1858, the Arapaho Chief Niwot (translated in English as Left Hand) astonished the early gold-seekers in Colorado by greeting them in their own language. He and his tribe hoped to make peace with the newcomers to allow the two cultures to share the same land and coexist peacefully. Niwot devoted his life to this struggle but his efforts ultimately failed. He was mortally wounded at the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864. This exhibit is the first to reveal the story of Chief Niwot and the complexity his struggle to find peace during the most fateful years in the history of the Southern Arapaho Indians.

    and between friends. Our community will be strengthened by exploring a pivotal piece of regional history in its rightful context.

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    What is the Tarot?

    in Entrepreneur

    What is the Tarot?  This week we will be discussing the Tarot.  The archetypal values of the cards, as well as why the tarot works so well.  Our special guest and Tarot expert StarzAeneas will be joining StarzJames and StarzDragonSpirit (Cheyenne) for this discussion.  If you have ever wondered why some psychics use tarot cards as a tool, or how it works, you will not want to miss this episode. Tune in from 7-8:30pm est. We want to hear from you!  Call in with your comments or questions for our panel to join this live discussion at (347) 838-9736.

    Live Readings in chat rooms only http://www.starzpsychics.com

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    Cheyenne Rae, Philip Sayce, Holland K Smith & NEW MUSIC Shaun Murphy

    in Music

    Cheyenne Rae is the leader of Miss Rae & The Midnight Ramblers.  Based in Winnipeg, MB, she is also a photographer and videographer specializing in musical artists.

    In 2012, she won the Harvest Moon Songwriting Contest and then performed on their festival stage.  She has recently put together The Midnight Ramblers consisting of Vince Andrushko on Guitar, Tom “Twisty” Fodey on Bass and Dan Levasseur on Drums.

    I will chat with Cheyenne and we will listen to tunes from their just released album, Big Boned Woman.

    Then Philip Sayce will join me.  Philip grew up in a home where classic rock & blues ruled.  By the time he was 16 he was sneaking into bars to hear various bands including Jeff Healey.

    For four years Sayce played with Healey, traveling the world and learning to play the big stage.  He also spent time in Uncle Kracker’s Band before joining Melissa Etheridge for four years.

    He just released his fourth album Steamroller and it proves again that Sayce can work an axe.

    I will chat with Philip about his career and we will listen to tunes.

    Holland K Smith comes from the state of Texas where guitar players are born.  His fourth album Cobalt was just released and Anson Funderburgh is in the Producers chair again.

    I will sit with him and discuss his live, career and music as we listen to cuts from Cobalt.

    Finally ‘Couch Kid’ Shaun Murphy returns with her brand new album, Cry of Love. 

    I was totally stoked when I heard Shaun would be here the night before the album actually drops and the, last week, she went and took home the top honors at The Blues Blast Awards for Best Female Blues Artist and Best Contemporary Blues Album…double score for this incredible woman with a voice that melts steel.

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