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    Human Nature/ Special guest CheyB

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    Chey B. is a God fearing man, father, Life & Relationship Coach, motivational speaker, blogger, radio personality, and author of the book titled "Food, Sex & Peace of Mind" What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man Available for pre-order now via www.askcheyb.com Release Date Dec. 18, 2012! Chey B's mission is to enlighten and empower women, and encourage men to be the best men they can be. Through powerful coaching techniques, Chey B. has been able to reach over 45,000 people and counting via various social media platforms. If you're looking for a complete transformation in your life, Chey B. will show you how to tap into your true power, find your purpose, and help you reach your fullest potential. “Food, Sex & Peace of Mind” What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man is a book that every man’s daughter should read before getting into a romantic relationship. Many relationship books and movies such as Steve Harvey’s “Think Like A Man” talks about what men like/want/need; in this book, we first execute being a successful single before working towards being a couple. The chapters in this book will take women on a journey that will lead them to finding themselves at their best, which will put them in a greater position to attract better men!
    Any young woman who gets their hands on this book will have access to the necessary tools they need in order to build a happy, healthy, long-lasting relationship with herself and with the man of her dreams. For the men who read this book, they will be motivated to meet the standards that are required in order to get Food, Sex & Peace of Mind from a woman! In addition to helping women tap into their true power, this book also gives them an exclusive inside look on the way men think, why men do what they do, and how men truly feel about women and relationships.

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    How To Keep A Man with Chey B

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    Join Talk SeXcetra and author Chey B to discuss what a man really wants and his book, "Food,  Sex & Peace of Mind". Sex and peace of mind will keep any man happy, but in a relationship, everyone's happiness should be considered. This book will help women tap into their true power as a woman, understand the way men think, and attract a quality man of substance. 
    Life & Relationship Coach, CheyB has taken the questions asked by countless women about living single, dating, relationships, marriage, men and more, and has provided answers to help them achieve relationship success.   
    Food, Sex & Peace of Mind is a great source for hope; Hope for the happy, healthy, and loving relationship that is highly sought out by people all over the world.