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    So if you missed our last show, you missed a historical event. We had the privledge of having three membwers of The Legion. As we progress every show we try and uncover more bullshit, and bring hip-hop, real hip-hop back to its core. I always ask the question "Hip-Hop was beautiful when..........", Think back to a time when hip-hop was pure, real, raw and the true voice of culture, and a movement and not just some twitter trendsetting topic or second rate reality show. Our tracks this week are "Everything is Illuminated by Corey Cunningham, and Taking it Back by Immij Nos"  from THE LEGION V.3 

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    WDEF presents THE BLAST

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    The Legion has began taking over the industry, and now we are taking over the airwaves. Last week we had the pleasure of having Stogie LA Russ, Haiku and Roc Flair from the Legion, and we are only going to get bigger. This week we are featuring  Crisis, and Tre feat. Dale. So tune in every Friday for WDEF- THE LEGION RADIO. 

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    Double Down Film Show #56: Writer/Director Rafick Khan!

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    On the next Double Down Film Show we’ll be recounting the trials and tribulations of a first time feature with writer/director Rafick Khan. Rafick is a long-time listener of the show who successfully converted his Double Down Film Show knowledge into action with his debut feature entitled “Chessboxing”.

    · What finally gave him the COURAGE to make a feature?

    · What WORKED when he broke the rules?

    · How did THIS SHOW prep him for the process?

    · How did he land then lose a BIG NAME actress?

    · What 3 positions did he have to FIRE AND REPLACE?

    We’ll provide all those answers and more as Rafick Khan walks us through his feature journey from screenplay to film-in-the-can. Listen and learn from his first time trials, tribulations and ultimate triumph.

    Get your full serving of indie film education and inspiration every Wednesday night on the Double Down Film Show.