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    Willie Lawson and the Dynamic Duo (Elizabeth Blackney and Cherylyn Harley LeBon)

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    The dynamic duo of Elezabth Blackney and Cherylyn Harley LeBon make another appearance to breakdown the national picture of the midterm election held yesterday. Hear what this means for the rest of the Obama administration and leading into the 2016 elections.  Today we ask if anyone is positioning to make a presidential run in 2016. 

    Today we talk about the strategies used and not used by Republicans and will they be able to continue through 2015. And today we play another game of Word association.


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    Brenner Brief w/ Sen. David Vitter & Cherylyn Harley LeBon

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    Show details -- click here.
    A City Councilwoman in Ohio, entrepreneur, political activist and conservative blogger, Sara Marie Brenner discusses local, national and international politics in her blunt, "call it like it is" style. With her theatrical background, Brenner is able to host a lively, engaging talk show while holding serious discussions about issues that matter to us all.

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    The Willie Lawson Show - Cherylyn Harley LeBon

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    The Willie Lawson Show - Cherylyn Harley LeBon, a member of the national advisory council of the Project 21 black leadership network, is currently president and CEO of KLAR Strategies. She previously worked for the Small Business Administration, the Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs with the Department of Veteran's Affairs, the National Fisheries Institute and was a senior counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee. She is also a contributor with Red County and the Fox News Channel. 

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    MEN are from Earth and Women are from a WHOOOOLE Other Galaxy!!!!

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    THAAAAT'S Right I said it!!!!  In relationships/marriages, they always tend to be one sided, and the heavy side seems to be on the woman's side?  Isn't that right fellas?!?!  Should relationships/marriages ONLY cater to the woman, or should it be a mutual 50/50 thing?!?!?!  Can a woman REAAALLLY handle a hardworking man?  Fellas can you handle a hard working woman?  How do you balance relationship if you have two people that are very ambitious?  Why don't we understand each other in relationships????  Can we really accept each other’s kids, are we kid compatible?  He can't hit it right....Is that OK?  How the hell do you get that LAZY no good blood sucking money spending bum off the couch that is supposed to be a man out working and doing for his family?!?!?!  Fellas, and sistas....Your significant other likes to spend money what do you do?!?!  Women....BE REAL!!!!  Yall really want a balla don't you?  DON'T LIE!!!!  We will be talking about this, the SOTU Address, and MLK Day...This and more on TONIGHT'S House of Harley Talk Radio!!!!!!!

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    iTAV - It Takes A Village

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    Neo Soul Night - Jan 24th Hosted by HoH

    Hat and Bow Tie Luncheon


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    Is blood Really thicker Than WATER?!?!?!

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    You ever notice that you can have a closer relationship with strangers than you can with you're own family?  Does you family put you down and never let go of your failures even though you have moved on from them.  Friends seem to accept your and help you through your struggles.  What's up with that?  Finally, you know that scripture Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father so that all you days may be long?  What does that really mean?  Is that a green light for parents to go off on you or is it more than that?  Join us tonight on House of Harley Talk Radio, and our special guest Pastor Aaron Bishop, Teka Downer, and David Calef as we discuss these issues and more.  It Take A Villiage Family!!!!!

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    iTAV: Realize You 2015 and Beyond

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    Happy New Year!!!  They says there are two important events in your life....The day you was born, and the day you realize what you was born to do.  The question is.....Do you know what you was born to do? What you are made to do?  Have you realized what you are on this planet to do yet?  Tonight on House of Harley we will discuss with our special guest, with Mel, Jas, Ken, and I Self Realization.  How do you get to the point of Self Realization.

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    Happy Holidays: Out 2014 In 2015

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    It has been long year!!!!  A lot has happened!  On the next House of Harley Talk Radio join us as we reflect on the year and spread Christmas cheer.  We will have full line up of guests that I'm sure that you all will enjoy!  We will have Dr. Germon Miller-Bey, Fitness Expert and Nutritionist Michele Reid our featured business owner Thomas Anderson of Potter's Computer Systems.  We will also have our Featured Artist Sunshyne P with guest appearances from Walter Hemingway of the Root Doctors Band, and Arischa.  We will also have a chance for you as a listener to win $50 from House of Harley Talk Radio by calling to sing your favorite Christmas Song.  Don't Be Scurred!!!!  Finally we will have Battle of the Sexes Christmas Edition.

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    HoH First Take

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    Join us tonight on House of Harley Talk Radio as we give our First Take on today's Hot Topics

    Eric Garner's killer will not be indicted

    More Ferguson 

    Bill Cosby

    Ray Rice

    That Republican Staffer that should of kept her mouth shut

    Creepy football player checkin out Maliah Obama


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    iTAV - It Takes A Village

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    House of Harley Talk Radio live at the Kids and Famlies Winter Expo!!!  Join us as we will discuss the village, and if it exist.  If it doesn't exist how can we recreate it?  Interviews with the vendors and more!!!  

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    1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY IHWE RADIO! Biggest Episode Ever!

    in Wrestling

    Happy Anniversary to Us and to say thank you we have the biggest lineup in this show history

    IHWE Southern Wrestling Hall of Famer Jim Cornette

    WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race

    WWE Hall of Famer James J Dillon

    Legendary Broadcaster Mike McGuirk

    UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn

    UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock

    Founder of Global Force Wrestling Jeff Jarrett


    We are giving away tickets to live IHWE All Out Insanity

    Don't Miss This Live Podcast Special!

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #9

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    Tuesday, January 20th from 7-9 pm.  Hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers have a lot to cover.  This is a can't-miss podcast for ALL OF ORANGE COUNTY.  We have allotted 2 hours to this podcast, and will take calls for as much time as we can. We'll cover:

    Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus' plans to expand Sewer District #1
    How this expansion would affect the Kiryas' Joel leaderships plans for irresponsible and unsustainable growth
    What you can do about it
    Monroe Supervisor Harley Doles' cryptic reaction to the sewer issue
    Details on an upcoming United Monroe special public meeting on annexation and our community's fight to preserve our way of life

    Now is the time to tune in and get as many people as possible involved in the cause!  We are at the tipping point in Orange County.  What happens in our region over the next year will make a direct impact on the future of the entire State of New York.

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