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    Michael Bastine: Algonquin healer, storyteller, spiritual teacher, and author

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    Most Senior White Roots of Peace Council Elder Michael Bastine

    Algonquin healer, storyteller, spiritual teacher, and author (with Mason Winfield) of Iroquois Supernatural (Bear & Co./Inner Traditions, 2011), MICHAEL BASTINE has trained within Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Hopi, and Cherokee traditions for 30 years. Among prominent Native Americans who have been his friends and mentors are the Cayuga healer Peter Mitten, the Seneca elder Beeman Logan, the Tuscarora author and healer Ted Williams, and the Cherokee/Shoshone medicine man Rolling Thunder. Today Michael travels all over the U.S. and Canada for lectures at conferences that have included Wisdom Keeper at Council Groves in Kansas; Lily Dale in Cassadaga, NY; the Gathering of Elders in Lincoln, VT; the Condors and Eagles Conference in Asheville, NC; United Nations of America in Canter’s Cave, OH; the Temple of Understanding at the Auburn Seminary in New York, NY; the William Commanda gathering in Maniwaki, Quebec; and the “Spiritual Summit” organized by author Doug Boyd in Toronto, Ontario. A veteran of many media appearances, Michael was a guest in 2012 on the famous paranormal radio program Coast to Coast. A founder of "Touch The Earth" Natural Resource Center of South Wales, NY, and a cofounder of the East Aurora-based research organization Spirit Way Project, Michael also serves as an advisor to The Center for Algonquin Culture and as an advocate for the developmentally disabled. Michael lives in South Wales, NY, with his special-needs daughter, Bailey–from whom he receives uncountable spiritual lessons every day. 

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    Jeffrey Boyd Jr. is a researcher, chemist, metalurgist and his heritage is of Cherokee. Jeff currently resides on Poverty Point, an area where, hundreds of years ago, the Cherokee and native people had an expansive settlement that was a hub of trade in the area. With an avid, hands on experience with various sites around America, and his knowledge of science and industry, Jeffrey sees patterns all over the world, at all the sacred ancient sites, repeating the same patterns. That our ancestors, at one time, had a higher level of advancement that what is written in the history books. 

    He comes on Aquarian Radio to share the information about the patterns, the artifacts and stories that create an overarching narrative showing an interconnectivity with the past and present, the surface world and the underworld, the Earth and True Space. 

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    Jan 23rd 2016 10pm(PST) Energy Shifter Sharon Sinclair!

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    Saturday night January 23rd, 10pm Pacific 1am Eastern Spaced Out Weekend is joined by a wonderful Energy Shifter Sharon Sinclair!

    Sharon began participating in the rituals of Space Clearing at the age of five. Three near death experiences before the age of 17 connected her with the ability to communicate with ghosts and spirits to help them crossover. It heightened her ability to sense and feel energy in the environment. Sharon began studies of Shamanic Practice under the guidance of her Cherokee Father & Celtic Mother & Grandmother.

    Much of Sharon's studies have been rooted in Shamanic Buddhism. Many of the techniques she uses were taught to in the traditional (oral) way of being passed down by practice and observation through mher Mother, Father, Grandmother and a host of wonderful teachers and mentors. She shares these techniques and gifts with you in hopes of bringing you the clarity and the healing that you desire. In over 15 years of practicing as a professional, Sharon has cleared hundreds of spaces, helped many businesses to prosper and many people to heal their homes and themselves mentally, spiritually and physically. 

    Native American Studies: This the tradition of Sharon's father - the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions. This is the Native American tradition of honoring the Earth, its cycles and all creatures guided by the properties of the four directions. This is nature-based study of the sun, moon, stars, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all the living plants and animals. 

    Soul Retrievals, Extraction & Healing work, Depossessions & clearings, curse & spell unraveling, Chakra balancing & opening energy channels. Sharon's team brings this information into their practice. http://www.byregion.net/index.shtml

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    The $12 Dollar Radio Show with David Bublitz #35 (10/06/15) w/: Kyle Pogue

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    The $12 Dollar Radio Show with David Bublitz

    with guest, comedian Kyle Pogue.

    #35   (11/06/15)

    FREE internet radio.


    And worth almost every penny.

    LIVE most days.

    Archived episodes available 24/7.

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    Review of Charles Pogue's Bellview Lecture John 5:28-29 Part 2

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    Two weeks ago we began a study on Charle's Pogue's Bellview Lecture on Eschatology, namely, his treatement of John 5:28-29. He believes tthatt  two resurrections separated in time by almost 2000 years and counting. He dismisses a first century return of Christ and associated resurrection per 2 Tim. 4:1, by citing the term, "the hour is coming and now is" to refer to what he deems as the first resurrection in John 5 which is our redemption. He then reasons that the resurrection of verses 28-29 are ascribed to bodies raised from literal graves.

    This approach sounds plausible on the surface, especially with the use of "graves" to the Western mind. However, a closer application of the text along with the context from which it is quoted, i.e. Daniel 12, creates problems for the literal view. We will address this and other problems with a futurist view of the resurrection.


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    This is a placeholder for a program that has not yet been produced. Notifications will occur on Facebook and elsewhere when it is. Blueotter has just returned from Green Corn Ceremony and will be reporting what was said by the elders, and by visiting Micmac and Miami elders as well.

    The BIA "recognition" process, (long held hostage by Cherokee bureaucrats) has been changed by the current  White House admnistration. We'll be discussing all this in an upcoming broadcast. 

    BACKGROUNDER: Unknown to most, the Cherokee had been fighting amongst themselves for hundreds of years by the time Columbus arrived. After the Civil War, the US Gov't (to reassert US sovereignty over all Indian tribes) brokered a Treaty of Amity and Friendship between all the Indians in what is now Oklahoma. All tribes became signatories BUT strangely, the United Cherokee Nation of 1839 reserved the right to continue their ancient internecine (between brothersof) war... over what "issue" remained unsaid.  The US Gov't, eager to limit as much as possible the names on Indian rolls, (and financial responsibility for them) was eager to condone this.

    Since that time, it has become clear that the unspoken "issue" was Cherokee political infighing over US federal dollars... and the ancient human right to self-determine: the human right to call oneself a Cherokee without reprisal.

    Now that it is clear that the USA is facing another financial collapse, things are changing. Cherokees are beginning to rethink just who IS a Cherokee. It's a fight between the European concept of "citizenship" adopted in 1827, and the ancient Cherokee concept of who "belongs." No longer are most Cherokee ignorant of our actual history and lifeways.


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    Tarot Readings for 2016 with Luci Leibfried

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    Friday, January 1st    10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    Another New Year is here! What's in store for you? What can the cards reveal? Love? Money? A new career? Knowing where you are now helps you to choose the right path to follow. Understanding the past can help creat the future you want.

    I am a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and have traced four generations of my family on the tribal rolls. I have a very strong connection to my ancestors and my spirit guides who  help me find the answers that my clients are seeking.

    My style of reading is different from that of others. I do not ask any questions when I read for a client.  I prefer to see what the cards tell me. Usually the situation in your life that needs the most attention will be addressed.  I am only the messenger.  I relay the initial message that is given, then I will address any specific questions you may have.

    I am here to help to bring you into your own awareness of yourself and to connect with the universe. Let's find the path that is best for you in 2016.

    Remember: You have full control over your life choices no matter what the cards say. Never base any important life decisions based on a reading by any one! No medical questions, no lottery numbers, or questions about legal issues! Some things need to be addressed by a professional in that field and not by ANY reader! (Including me!)

    Call into the show for your FREE mini reading! Let's see what is waiting for you in the coming year! 

    Call in number: (661)244-9831. Press the number "1" to get into the queue and call in early as the lines fill up quickly!

    Website: www.tarotreadingswithluci.com

    Email: tarot.reader@comcast.net

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 1-1-16... “First Show" (of the 2016)

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    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/01/01/kp-radio-hawaii-1-1-16-first-show-of-the-2016

    Talked about (among other things):

    Survived the 12 midnight noise(s).
    Not being “into” the loud holiday celebrations.
    The “9” of the 2016 message… We’re at starting point of completion of lots of things.
    The Sputnik article and Preston James article… old paradigms and “things” are “closing out”..
    Being at peace, in solitude, during turbulent times will be helpful to many.
    Indigenous prophecies article, how it relates to the Mauna Kea protectors..
    Discussed the latest GaiaPortal… standing in one’s strength..


    MP3 download link:


    [Pre-show notes: “It’s the first show (of 2016).”]

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    Review of Charles Pogue's John 5:24-29 Resurrection of the Dead Bellview Lecture

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    It is little wonder that brethren at the Bellview Lectures have difficulty with the resurrection. They have challenges with the establishment of the kingdom, believing it was all consummated in 30AD. Charles Pogue seems to have no understanding of a transition or the progressive establishment of the church. 

    He argues the hour was imminent for the "spiritual resurrection" but separates it from the latter part of the text creating two resurrections, a spiritual one firt and a physical one later. He again argues the kingdom was at hand, fully established on Pentecost, never even citing Lk. 21:31. He also does not call attention to the same use of at hand to refer to the parousia or coming of the Lord in such texts as Jas. 5:7-8, 1 Pet. 4:7 and many others. 

    He asked about Acts 2:38 and the remission of sins, but would not read through to Acts 3:19 which states that sins would be "blotted out" at the restoration of all things when times of refreshing would come from the "presence" of the Lord, i.e. when God would send Christ to them.

    John 5:28-29 is a quote from Daniel 12:2. But so is Rom. 13:1-12, which says the resurrection was at hand and that they were in the "last hour". That is after Pentecost, thus after the "spiritual resurrection" which he affirmed was already in progress. So, now he has three resurrections and three hours unless he begins to do some consolidation.

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    The Free American

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    The International Jew -- The World's Foremost Problem 

    Clay Douglas, disgusted and displeased with the quality of the intelligence of modern man, takes a trip into the past to talk with real inteligence the Ghosts of Christmases Past. Bill Cooper, Jonathan Gray and more! The Free American  is the only magazine/rafio show  to deal forthrightly with what was called  Conspiracy Theories ten years ago but are on MSN today, ten years later. This interactive online magazine can be delivered to your e-mail in a PDF format.. Link videos and more. The Free American Radio and TV daily.is the only publication to consider and  examine the JEWISH question with out hate or prejudice. The Constitution and our Bill of Rights which  permits all American to worship as they please. We do not need wars between factions. www.freeamerican.com, Books and films at www.shop.freeamerican.com