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    LIF Talk with Cherie-Spotlighting Gina Maria

    in Music

    Gina Mariah is a new and inspiring artist. 


    From the Artist: 

    There are just some things you “know” you are meant to do in life. One of my purposes and passions is to sing. I’m just starting my music career. My life story is nothing short of a miracle. It’s compelling, inspiring. It’s a story of resilience and hope. 


                    It's music with a mission for a reason. 




    Website: www.ginamariah.com 

    GoFundMe: www.gofundme.com/aocqc4 

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2-zdZByeYtOq1BHrOsktA 

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/ginaglow 

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/GinaMariah/170700663016231?ref_ 




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    LIF Talk with Cherie-Spotligting Gospel Artist of the Month Linda Clark

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    Linda Clark was unquestionably born to sing! Without the ability to enlighten the hearts and minds of others through song, life for her would take on new meaning. This remarkable mezzo soprano, whose phenomenal voice range enables her to also sing soprano, alto and tenor, was born in Detroit, Michigan, raised in Alabama, and currently resides in Virginia.  Linda Clark was unquestionably born to sing! Without the ability to enlighten the hearts and minds of others through song, life for her would take on new meaning. This remarkable mezzo soprano, whose phenomenal voice range enables her to also sing soprano, alto and tenor, was born in Detroit, Michigan, raised in Alabama, and currently resides in Virginia. Artists worked and performed with and opened and sang backup include: Al Jarreau, Morris Pleasure, Maurette Brown-Clark, Cherie Marie, Patrick Davis, Israel Houghton, Vicki Winans, CoPastor Elena Robertson, James Bignon, and Pam Frierson. In addition to pursuing the call to sing and act, Linda also composes, arranges, plays piano and provides vocal coaching. In addition to solo singing engagements at weddings, receptions and special events, Linda also makes regular appearances with Richmond local jazz band, NPursuit featuring Gus Gordon. It's obvious to all who hear and see her that music is truly where her passion lies. Currently Linda serves as Overseer and Worship Leader under the pastoral care of Bishop Daniel Robertson Jr. and CoPastor Elena Robertson, Mt. Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries, Richmond, VA.  Additionally, Linda earned her Bachelor of Science, Human Services, Upper Iowa University and MBA, HR Management, Troy University. 



    For booking information, please email  HYPERLINK "mailto:contact@lindaclarkmusic.com"





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    T-Won and Debra McKinney-Price Talk Marriage on LIF Talk with Cherie

    in Relationships


    The Prices have been married 6 yrs and a half years. Statement is "What the enemy meant for harm GOD turned that thing around for our good". Where seperation came in Daddy God brought unity. We now know its all about God and not about us. We now know how to love each other.

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    LIF Talk with Cherie Featuring Dr. Erica Steele Founder of Essential Wellness

    in Health

    Dr Erica Steele, DNM ND is the founder at Essential Wellness Center who has been treating patients for over a decade with natural medicine. Dr. Erica holds her doctorate in natural medicine and her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the University of Natural Medicine located in San Dimas, Ca. Dr. Erica prides herself on being a patient advocate for natural health and wellness. She has a vast understanding of human biochemistry.

    Dr Erica holds a Bachelors in Natural Medicine, has undergone gross anatomy training at University of South Florida School of Medicine and is working toward her second Bachelors Degree in Alternative Medicine through Everglades University. She began in natural medicine as a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist for over a decade and who specialized in chronic pain, sports injuries, and post surgery. Now she evaluates laboratory panels for nutrient deficiencies and accumulated toxins in the body. She works to treat and heal patients on all levels of self; emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical healing all wounds and their appendages. She was also raised by her mother who is a practicing Native

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    LIF Talk with Cherie present the Founders of C.H.O.I.C.E

    in Education

    The founders Mr. and Mrs. Antwan Robinson started the Choice program November 12 2013.  Choice is an educational program designed for the purpose of aiding personal and social development of youth through their formal, academic, religious or vocational training.   Choice goal is to reach the “yet-to-be-reached.”  Educate or inform the target population increasing their knowledge and/or skills; build trust and relationships between program, staff and youth.  We offer a range of education intervention and prevention service to provide positive alternatives for youth, ensure their safety, and maximize their ability to take advantage of available opportunities.Choice empowers youth to make their own choices and when youth are ready, Choice helps them explore the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  Then we link youth to resources that can bridge that gap.  If a young person is not ready to explore options, Choice simply remain available to them until they are.  Most youth appreciate knowing that there are people willing to help.  “Knowing that there is somebody out there who cares,” it can really have a profound impact on someone’s life.”  Eighty percent (80%) of youths who are locked up right now for certain acts, feels that the behavior that they think led up to that, a lot of it had to do with feeling like nobody else cared about, or feeling disrespected by everybody else unless they belong to something bigger than themselves that they knew about was the gang.  The story of God is what’s Bigger and Better, that God lives through us!

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    LIF Talk with Host Cherie Present "Saving the Best for Last"-ACHI Award Nominees

    in Business

    This show is dedicated to the women nominees of the ACHI Magazine Award where the Founder is Dr. Jaunita Fletcher.  They come from various backgrounds and carry many different gifts.  These women are unique in every way.  God has blessed them to do wonderful things in His Kingdom. They range from Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Authors, Health Experts, Make-Up Artist just to name a few. They are women out there touching lives and making a difference!

    Just like a rainbow they blend together on every level and just like a star they shine!

    I am honored to have these ladies on the show!  They are all winners!!!

    Cherie Holloman


    LIF Talk with Host Cherie



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    Wrestling Marks of Excellence Radio

    in Sports

    Fox Sports 1340 AM hosts 'Wrestling Marks of Excellence Radio' listen to "THA FIRM" G-LO, Docta D, The Wizard Nephew Corey and "Mr. Everything" Champ Creed as they discuss   Monday Night Raw , TNA  and ROH You can call the show by dialing (347) 838-8776 with your questions and comments. Join our Facebook page DOCTA D & THA FIRM. or Follow us on twitter at @Firmwrestling. Visit Firmwrestling.com for the latest interviews and archeive shows.

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    LIF Talk with Cherie-Spotlighting "The Motivator" Lynetta Jordan

    in Motivation

    “The Motivator” Lynetta Jordan is a dynamic speaker, inspirational author and fabulous life coach who catapults women’s confidence in God and themselves! A fireball of faith and former college queen who graced the pages of Ebony magazine, she enjoys helping women become go-getters for God!

    Lynetta energetically motivates the masses at church, corporate and community events. The founder of Lynetta Jordan Ministries, her powerful voice has been heard on Rejoice network and her book, Love Without The Drama, featured on CBN.com and Women.com. Currently, she inspires thousands of women through media, magazines, her ministry, motivational speaking, and life-changing coaching and empowerment programs. She holds a M.A. from Regent University and B.A. from Elizabeth City State University.

    Learn more about Lynetta at www.LynettaJordan.com and connect with her on Facebook (LynettaJordan) and Twitter @LynettaSpeaks TODAY!

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    LIF Talk with Cherie-Featuring Christal Hardy-"Organo Gold Distributor"

    in Health

    Christal Hardy

    “I am more than you see”- “I wasn’t born to fit in, I was born to stand out- That’s why I’m OUTSTANDING!

        Christal is an energetic, caring, motivated & loving mother of 2 boys ages (10) Lonnie Jr. & (9) Maurice Mills.  Christal desires to leave a legacy and a family business for her children.   She is a twin, and amazingly has twin brothers.  She has been a resident of North East Philadelphia for 14 years but a native to Burlington, NJ. Her mission is to help people make an educated decision on choosing a healthier beverage & personal care items. Being a part of Organo Gold is like a ministry within itself.   The testimonials alone of how Organo Gold products have helped her family and friends & her personal testimony are amazing!     She has seen that Leadership is”key” to being successful. Back in 2010, Christal received her first experience of volunteerism  & charitable initiatives when her sister Christena  Hardy (CEO) of The Chosen Generation Project, appointed her to be the V.P of Marketing, Treasurer, and Public Relations. Christal was recently honored at Anne Frank Elementary School for a Volunteer Luncheon Tea. She has been a vendor at the Women’s Conference at the Bright Hope Baptist Church, and in June, she was a part of the 300Kings & Queens Teen Summit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  On deck she will soon be in the “Coffee News”, which is a fun, family weekly publication provided FREE to restaurants, coffee shops and waiting areas in the Bucks County area.  

    Website: www.christalhardy1.organogold.com  215-680-2544, Instagram: cjshealthyessentials, email:,chardy751@gmail.com or chardy751@clear.net

    Facebook: Organo gold gourmet beverages and personal care items

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    Featuring Gospel Artist of the Month-T-Won Price on LIF Talk with Cherie

    in Music

    Spiritual Flava is deeply rooted into the voice and soul of the mastermind behind PricelessProductions Incorporated: T-Won.  Born Antoine J Price in Flint, Michigan, T-Won oiginated from a family background in musical tradition.  Early in life, T-Won developed his musical talents in church and school choirs and singing groups before realizing his true calling....Holy Hip Hop, virtually overnight. T-Won went from performing secular musc to strictly playing for the Lord. or as T-Won would say, "God made me an offer I could not refuse."  This is where the typicality of his story ends.  Using an uncanny gift with computers, writing and creating beats with is knack for producing tracks T-Won developed into a multifaceted, highly sought after Christian Rap Artist.  In a world of hard core hip hop, east coast, west coast, gangster rap, T-Won emerges ahead of the pack with a fresh "old' approach to expression through Holy Hip Hop that belies his humble beginnings.  In 1999 T Wom created and incorporated Priceless Prouctions into an independent record label and music production company.  Gospel Symphony marked the freshman effort from T-Won in 2003.  The sophomore follow-up, Pricesless Productions Volume II was released to rave reviews in 2005.  T-Won continued to produce for other artists during this time.  In 2010 T-Won produced for Debra Price "Set Me Free" and recently co-produced along with Debra McKinney-Price her sohpomore album "Transform Me" where T-Won is featured on the single "I Need You" which is featured in the upcoming movie "Fatherless" http://youtube/G60Hqglzc4.  He has been featured in various publications including his deut appearance on BET's Video Gospel for the video "The Godfatha".

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    L.I.F. Talk with Host Cherie Spotlighting Stephanie Greaves

    in Music

    My name is Stephanie Greaves and I am a singer/songwriter, choir director, praise and worship leader and a pastor’s wife. I was born to Serve the Lord and I truly believe that the God that I serve is not Unrighteous to forget our work and labour of love  Hebrews 6:10


    “Children Obey” is my debut single with my debut album to follow within the near future.

     I was born in Croydon, partly raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica with my grandparents. My spiritual birth took place within the Shiloh Church in Croydon, under the leadership of Bishop Malachi Ramsay and my former Pastor Bishop Danny Bennett. .


     I am married to Bishop Desmond Greaves and we have two sons.  Bishop Greaves is the founder of the Salvation and Deliverance International Ministries and we are currently based in Anerley.  We worship at the “Anerley Methodist Church, Oakfield Rd, Anerely, London SE20 8QA.


    Our services start at 2.30pm on a Sunday and on Tuesday’s at 7.00pm.  Please feel free to come and worship with us and bring a friend or your family.

    I graduated from Kingston University (London) with a B.A. in Social Care and currently work within the field of Social Work with Children and Families. Blessings!

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