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    What's Trending on Monday, Dec. 15th? Cheney responds, CRomnibus passes Senate

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    What's trending on this Manic Monday? Cheney responds to Torture Senate Report. Angus King responds, Ron Wyden respond. CRomnibus bill passes Senate and will go to President Obama for his signature and MORE. Tune in at 3:30 PM Pacific Time. 

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    The Free American

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    Thursday Nov.26 Ronnie Blair Mental Health   Hi Clay! I will try to make a Thanksgiving theme to this idea of learning about Energy Healing or Energy Psychology. Learning how incredibly powerful we really are is a great gift that is already shifting our nation and planet to a new paradigm of pure genius. That is, out of the moronic Bush-Cheney-Clinton-Obama / British-Zionist driven scrambled slave state. They can’t win if we stop playing the game.  The stuff I want to talk about on your show gives us a lot to be thankful for.  You can post this narrative, with credit and open source to all if you want to, permission granted. I will send the rest in the morning.  Need to get some sleep--will take a nap tomorrow.  Its important to get this information out and fully understood as our best “secret” weapon against the occult.  Ronni Blair, Holistic Health Coach ronni.blair@gmail.com


    You were bred to be a slave in a tightly controlled society. Your chains are invisible. Your schools teach you to be content with your lot in life while they train you to follow orders. Your history has been changed, gradually. Your grandfather knew more than your father and less than his. You are poisoned at birth by Mercury contaminated vaccines. A time bomb, if you will. The poisoning continues throughout your teenage years and adulthood  Clayton R. Douglas clay@freeamerican.com www.freeamerican.com www.shop.freeamerican.com


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    Nov. 18, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Presidents and UFOs with the legendary Grant Cameron

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    Tonight we have a special guest. Grant Cameron is a Canadian UFOlogist, who's career looking into the stars in the sky and wondering what was out there, started back in the late 1960's with a run in with the red orb. It was so fascinating and unknown, that it became Grant's mantra to find out what exactly what was "Charlie Red Star".  

    In the past few years Cameron has turned his research interests to the involvement and actions of the President of the United States in the UFO problem. He has made 25+ trips to the National Archives in Washington D.C.,and most of the various Presidential archives around the country looking for presidential UFO material. One highlight his presidential UFO research was the chance to question Vice-president Dick Cheney on his knowledge of the UFO subject.

    He has produced a CD-Rom which includes "Tales of Charlie-Red-Star" a manuscript that was prepared in the late 70s about a flap of UFO sightings that occurred in Manitoba Canada in 1975-76. This is a flap of sightings that was immense in size, but generally unknown outside of Canada. A second item on the CD is "UFOs, MJ-12, and The Government," a book published in 1990 by MUFON. The disc contains the paper "Presidential UFO Audio Story" which is an article that contains 60+ embedded UFO audio clips of the presidents, their aides, or people talking about the presidents and UFOs.

    Cameron was instrumental in recovering all the UFO files inside the Clinton files at the Clinton Library in Little Rock Arkansas. Over 10,000 pages were processed in the requests. They show that the Clinton administration was very interested in the pheneomena and actually tried to force out some of the hidden infomation to the public.

    He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he works full time on the UFO mystery.

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    Truth Serum with LONE WOLF

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    TONIGHT’S TOPICS “Ban The Box.” The Pres announce plan to sign an executive order to end discrimination in the hiring process of ex offenders. “Let My People Go.” 6,000 federal inmates released Monday. “Selling One’s Soul For A Miserable Price.” 2 Pennsylvania Judges found guilty of scheme to jail youth for profit. “White Lives.” Police cleared of killing young white kid during a drug sting. “Happy On The Plantation.” The KNEE-GROW to the Pig being fired for vilifying female student. “Black Dems for UNCLE Ben Carson.” Ben Carson and the black vote. “More Like Fear Of A Brown Planet.” Why White America has a lack of fear of blacks verses lats. “Pick And Choose Your Battles Wisely.” Black Lives Matter protesters crash another Clinton speech. “Terrorism Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.” “Time To Pay The Piper.” German human rights group file war crimes charges against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and other CIA officials. Ending On A Positive Note.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: The Hurrieder I Go, The Behinder I Get

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    Say hello to the latest "green energy" scam: zero-point energy extraction; Bowe Bergdahl won't just escape the hangman, but perhaps his otherwise future jailer as well; Another day, another EPA toxic mine spill; Barack Obama nails Donald Trump; ISIS prime suspects in Turkey bombing, or President Erdogan's accomplices?; Dick Cheney for House Speaker? Why not?; Obama NASA chief: U.S. "must" include ChiComms in space program; Jerry Brown enshrines "gun-free zones," "fundamentally transforms" crisis pregnancy centers into abortion shills in California; Obama on Putin in Syria: "What's he doing about climate change?" - Putin on Obama in Syria: "He's got mush for brains"; Taliban strength rises to its highest level since....2001; Will a "fiery" Hillary Clinton show up at the Democrat debate tonight?; Clintonemails.Com had wide-open remote control access to any hacker on the planet - deliberately; Planned Parenthood retreats on organ harvesting business; and the Third Palestinian Intifada is off & running (over Israelis).

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    Frat House Saturday #58

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    A “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program is coming your way and it’s another week where the MLB playoffs are going to lead us off as the New York Mets swept the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS. To discuss that, we were joined by Mark Healey of GothamBaseball.com on our “flagship” Frat House Sports Show on Thursday evening.

    But, let’s get it straight . . . once the dust settles; you’re REALLY worried about your fantasy football team. Well . . . you NEED to be tuning in to our weekly Frat House Sports’ Fantasy Friday program with Frat House Mike, Nik “Sweetness”, “Caleb on Sports”, and Bobby G. We’re providing you just a taste of the nonsense & mayhem that goes on that program here this afternoon.

    Finally, you do not want to miss our always classic, Frat House Sports’ NFL Picks-of-the-Week: Pittsburgh Steelers – Kansas City Chiefs / Minnesota Vikings – Detroit Lions / Dallas Cowboys – New York Giants / Philadelphia Eagles – Carolina Panthers.

    This is MUST Saturday Autumn afternoon listening . . . but there’s plenty of time for your calls to 347 – 826 – 9964!

  • Frat House Sports' Fantasy Friday #10

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    It’s now mid-season, and admit it – you’re panicking! You’re 2 – 4 or 1 – 5 or perhaps have lost three-in-a-row what is your game plan? Do you make a big trade, or reach for an obscure bench “sleeper? Perhaps you’ve given up already, but is that fair to the rest of your league?

    Well, here’s the first thing you need to do! You MUST be listening to Frat House Sports’ Fantasy Friday program with Frat House Mike, Nik “Sweetness”, “Caleb on Sports”, and Bobby G. They’ll be joined by guest analysts and expert writer for Rotominds.com, Evan Cheney. If you still don’t have a fantasy game plan after this program, you weren’t listening!

    The guys will be reviewing the best and worst starters – the best game match-ups – the “sleepers” of the week – the “duds” about to break-out – and the guys you should definitely bench.

    Most importantly – THIS show is all about YOU! YOUR questions – YOUR dilemmas – YOUR trade offers and that’s why you MUST be participating with your phone calls to 347 – 826 – 9964 and tweets to @FratHouseMike / @Sweetnesz13 / @CalebonSports  /  @bobbyg_81

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    #107 - Obama Stinks, Cheney Thinks, Rahm Winks, Rand Paul Jinx, Kate U. Pink

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    Obama definitely stinks as president and Dick Cheney thinks he’s the worst. Rahm Emanuel winks at the press as he uses the Sam Giancana vote tabulation system to win in Chicago. Rand Paul officially enters the presidential race but can he overcome his foreign policy (or lack of it). We have all of this happening on the national scale in addition to the Jade Helm operation which, regardless of the Army’s claims is a full scale martial law practice. Make no mistake, Pete still thinks Obama wants a third term (and probably more). Putin is saber rattling all the while and trying to annex the rest of Ukraine. Iran is licking its chops over a potential nuclear weapon. What do most people care about? Sports, reality shows and Kate Upton’s latest photos.

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    OIL in Golan Heights - Rothschild - Cheney

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    Tonite (9.03.2013) we reveal a secret about the Syrian conflict:
    The rottenshield/rottenfeller CRIME family wants President Assad out so it can start drilling oil in the Golan Heights.
    Dick Cheney is involved in the Golan Heights oil scam.
    Rush Bimbo says he does NOT believe President Assad gassed his own people!

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