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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 15 with guest Candyss Bryant

    in Military

    Candyss Bryant is a board member of Gallant Few and has dedicated her life to working issues within the Tactical community. She is a major force behind Best Ranger Competition, has run other major events like International Sniper Competition and is a Team Captain for the Run Ranger Run event. http://www.runrangerrun.com/

    Tune in and learn more about her and the efforts of The Gallant Few

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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 5- Colton Smith

    in Military

    Tonight on Stew and The Nunn we welcome US Army Soldier and WSOF fighter, Colton Smith. Colton will be joining both Stew and The Nunn to update us on his fighting career, Army life. Be sure to check out his official Facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/ColtonSmithMMA



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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 11- Tom Amenta from Ranger Up and the Range 15 movie

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    Our old friend, former Ranger and current movie star Tom Amenta is joining Stew and The Nunn to talk about how Range15 is coming along, what is happening at Ranger Up, current events and just his general opinion on things happenign in the world. 

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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 14 with guest LTC (ret) Jason Amerine

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    LTC (ret) Jason Amerine was the Commander of Special Forces A-team 574 which was the team that brough Hamid Karzai into southern Afghanistan and then help cuase the collapse and surrender of the Taliban in 2001. For bravery in the invasion, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart. He was also a "Real Hero" in the America's Army video game. 

    After Amerine provided information to Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) to assist the Congressman in preparing legislation to improve U.S. hostage freeing efforts in 2014, the Army received complaints from the FBI. In early 2015, the U.S. Army initiated what has been deemed by those close to Amerine as a retaliatory criminal investigation for his work aimed at improving hostage rescue procedures. In May 2015, Amerine's West Point Classmates initiated a Whitehouse.gov petition to “provide LTC Jason Amerine, SF, US Army, Whistleblower Protection and end all investigations and unfavorable actions.” On June 11, 2015 Amerine was one of five whistleblowers who testified before the U.S. Senate Committee when it convened a hearing on Federal whistleblowers. 

    A couple of weeks ago, Jason was allowed to retire, had his secrity clearance restored recognized for his service to this country by being awarded a Legion of Merit. 

  • Stew and The Nunn, Episode 1- Dave Bray

    in Current Events

    Episode 1 Show. 

    Dave Bray, the veteran and patriotic front-man of the Rock bank Madison Rising is a close friend of both Stew and The Nunn. He will be joining us as the first guest on the innagural show of Stew and The Nunn to let our listeners know what Madison Rising has been up to lately and to talk some current events with the hosts. 


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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 4, With Chad Robichaux and Jack Mandaville

    in Military

    Stew and the Nunn

    Episode 4. On this episode we will be talking with Chad Robichaux a former Force Recon Marine and OEF Veteran who founded the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs a Faith Base program that has proven successful in preventing veteran suicide. Also on the show will be writer, comedian and brand manager for Ranger Up Jack Mandaville. He will be discussing the upcoming film Range15.



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    Stew and the Nunn, Episode 3- Jack Mandaville of Range15, Heaven and Earth Oasis

    in Military

    Jack Mandaville of Ranger Up and starring in upcoming Feature Film Range 15 will be talking with Stew and the Nunn about all things going on in the Ranger Up world and his role in the movie that has taken the internet by storm even before filming! Jack is a USMC Combat Veteran serving as an Infantryman.

    Heaven and Earth Oasis is having success in restoring energy, recovery and other trauma-related issues with an array of alternative treatments. The U.S. Army studied the effectiveness of complementary therapies in 2007 that are also employed by Heaven and Earth Oasis. These include reiki that has been found to be effective in treating hyper-arousal, anxiety, panic and tension induced physical pain.The program was so successful that U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey said it should be replicated throughout the military.

    More Guests Announcements coming soon!! Check back often.

  • Stew and the Nunn, Episode 2- Gina Elise, Author James Christ

    in Military

    Ms. Gina Elise from Pinupsforvets.com will be joining Stew and The Nunn to talk about her amazing charity and all the great things it has done and is doing. 

    Author James Christ will also be joining us to talk about his latest book in his long line of books he has written. 

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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 12, Kilo Two Bravo Part Two, Pech River Boys

    in Military

    Tonight is MOVIE NIGHT!

    We have a very special guest from the soon to be released Kilo Two Bravo film will be on to follow up on our first interview about this awesome movie. Paul Katis (Director/Producer) is an extremely versatile award-winning director with extensive experience of a wide range of genres. He has worked in TV & commercial film production for over 25 years, and in that time has amassed a wealth of credits and experience. After initially editing then producing commercials, he has moved on to direct over 50 commercials before concentrating on longer form production. Learn more about this movie that will be out next week at http://www.kilotwobravomovie.com.

    We will also be talking to Jason from another soon to be released indie film, Pech River Boys. In May 2010, Bravo Company / 3rd Platoon / 1-327IN of the legendary 101st Airborne Division was deployed to the Pech River Valley located in Afghanistan's Kunar province.  They were stationed at COP Michigan in the mouth of the deadly Korengal Valley.  Pech River Boys: Tales From Afghanistan will be a documentary film to preserve the events that these men experienced and to remember their fallen brother Spc Brian Tabada.This film is still being funded on gofundme.com and more info about the film can be found at https://www.facebook.com/pechriverboys. 

  • Stew and The Nunn, Episode 9: Howard Love and Paul Lietner-Wise

    in Military

    We will be talking with Mr. Howard Love. Howard served in the US Navy 1965-1969, to include service in the Vietnam War on the USS Enterprise. He worked on flight decks of 3 different carriers. Howard is now giving back and trying to serve those who are serving by sending care packages to the troops for 10 years now.

    Paul Lietner-Wise known for his amazing fire arm designs. His piston designs are truly the benchmark in the firearm industries. He's a dynamic personality and his marketing approaches are catching the eye of more than just the firearm industry.

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    Stew The House Rocker

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    dj big Stew Turns up some hot undergroud Hits

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