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    The Conscious Rasta Report with Keidi Awadu

    in Culture

    Our daily news, research and educational programming incorporates cutting-edge research with deep background to current news stories as well as practical insights on how to make progress a regular part of our lives.  We cover culture, history, education, economics, business development, health and disease prevention, along with a broad spectrum of other human endeavors.  Our aim is to create a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society wherein all of our children can live toward their greatest potential. 

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    The Keys 107: Chewicide: The Movie feat. Keidi Awadu

    in Nutrition

    We're back with more talk and much more information from the experts! Today's show opens up a deadly can of bad food that spews into our stomachs causing havoc in our bodies... when we just can't stop eating bad food, it's Chewicide. Join us as we present Award winning Chef Keidi Awadu who will talk about his new movie Chewicide: The Movie, the dangers of eating bad fast food, and how you can kick the habit!  

    The Keys 107 focuses on the 7 keys that open doors to endless possibilities in the pursuit of life, peace, and happiness. Each episode explores one or a combination of the 7 keys such as: spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, art science & entertainment, and the social with an emphasis on acts of kindness. It is our intention to invite guests who specialize in specific areas to help you move to the next level and through informative dialogue, motivation and stimulation. We believe the 7 keys are the essential building blocks to taking you to the next level as you pursue love, peace, and happiness.

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    Website: www.thekeys107network.com 

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    Keys 107: Four Stages of Healing by Chef Keidi Awadu

    in Self Help

    Host: Sis. Rafika Soaries-Muhammad welcomes Chef Keidi Awadu
    Topic: The 4 Stages of Healing: 1.Removing the underlying cause of pathogenesis (disorder which causes disease), 2.Relief from the symptoms of disease 3.Feeling the energy within, 4.Rejuvenation
    Keidi Awadu is a California based raw food chef who has developed a brand of nutritionally dense cuisine "Living Superfood" and pioneered a healing modality called “full-spectrum hyper-nutrition” administered using gourmet raw food cuisine as delivery vehicle.
    Chef Keidi’s “Life-Lights”
    Award-winning raw food chef and longtime master of vegan & vegetarian cuisine Author of 22 books on health, culture and the humanities Multi-media journalist for 35 years in print, broadcast and an Internet webcast pioneer Internationally featured lecturer on health, culture, economics, conspiracy and progressive activism Life-long career musician and recording artist Son of honored industrial chemist George Howard 3 Years of laboratory experience:reproductive cryogenics technician Trilingual (English-Spanish-French) and studied 8 languages Life-long organic gardening expert horticulturalist Currently producing a trilogy of books on the Living Superfood healing system: LIVING SUPERFOOD RECIPES, LIVING SUPERFOOD RESEARCH: Unleash Your Miracle Full-Spectrum Hyper-Nutrition, LIVING SUPERFOOD REMEDIES: Eat to Beat Chronic Diseases and Disorders Priest Kheper Ra- the Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra Ministries projects in Haiti, Ghana, Benin & Zimbabwe Father to 3 college students www.thekeys107network.com

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    "Experiences from the Light" with Author Keidi Keating

    in Spirituality

    Tonight your Host and Medium Pamela Marie Edmunds will have as her guest Author Keidi Keating.  They will be discussing Keidi's book "Experiences from the Light."  Keidi will be sharing various stories of meetings with loved ones, near death experiences, meetings with masters, and many other spiritual experiences involving the spirit world.

    More About Keidi Keating;

    Keidi Keating experienced a sudden spiritual awakening at the age of 30, after a series of transformational healing sessions. One night, an orb of glowing white light appeared in her bedroom and instructed her to put together a book of Light to assist and support others on their journeys to enlightenment. So following Divine guidance, which showed up as white butterflies, auspicious number combinations, and intense dreams, she gathered some of the planet’s greatest spiritual teachers and authors to contribute chapters. Three years later, after a lot of hard work and synchronistic magic, The Light spilled its rays to readers, attracting international publishing offers almost immediately! Keidi now speaks at spiritual related events, and she continues to write books that empower people to awaken their Divine inner Light. Originally British, after living in Spain for 20 years, she now lives in Ketchum, Idaho. Her website is www.keidikeating.com

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    Blingin the Airwaves with Chef Arif

    in Entertainment

    Chef Arif Assaf didn’t always want to become a chef; but started his journey as a true foodie at the young age of 15. Perusing the cupboards of his house, Chef Arif started off by mimicking cooking techniques and recipes that were found on network television programs and family recipes. Chef Arif specializes in Southern African, Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine. His cooking techniques have attracted the attention from key NFL players in which Chef Arif has been notoriously dubbed as “The NFL Chef.” He has been able to incorporate his love for cooking and sports by providing nutritious and healthy meals for NFL players. Alongside cooking for NFL players, Chef Arif has cooked for actors and members of congress. He is continuing to grow his empire in the culinary world as he is preparing to release his own line of seasonings!


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    Taste the Islands with Chef Irie featuring Executive Producer Calibe Thompson

    in Lifestyle

    Calibe Thompson, Executive Producer, will join us to discuss  the success of the new PBS cooking series, Taste the Islands with Chef Irie.

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    Summer Fun with Chef Amadeus

    in Lifestyle

    Let's have fun with Chef Amadeus, He will share some great summer recipes and entertaining ideas!

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    The Southern Passion Lounge w. Chef Amadeus

    in Self Help

    This week in the Southern Passion Lounge we will be discussing grilling and smoking for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. My guest this week is an old culinary friend that I met in Seattle Wa, many years ago. When it comes to grilling, smoking charcuterie Chef Rob Mullins is one of my go to guys.

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    Celebrity Chef Ryan Scott

    in Food

    Celebrity Chef Ryan Scott chats with Big Blend Radio hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith about guacamole, healthy snacks, family meals and what ingredients should be in the pantry. Chef Scott is a TV and radio personality who currently owns Market & Rye in San Francisco, California. He was a contestant on Bravo’s "Top Chef," (2007) the former host and Emmy award winner of Live Well Network’s “Food Rush" and has appeared on numerous national talk shows, including "The Rachel Ray Show," "The Talk” and "The Chew."

    This interview originally aired on April 26, 2015, on Big Blend Radio's Champagne Sundays variety show, which streamed live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona.

  • 00:41

    Sharp As Knives™ with Chef Shauna Sever

    in Entrepreneur

    Shauna Sever is the author of Real Sweet, Pure Vanilla, and Marshmallow Madness, and is the voice behind the popular blog Piece of Cake. As a baking expert and television host, she has appeared on Food Network, NPR, CHOW, eHowFood, and more. Her work has been published in O Magazine, USA Weekend, Family Circle, Woman’s World, Fine Cooking, Parade, The Huffington Post, and many others. She lives with her husband and their two children in San Francisco.  

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    in Entertainment

    Chef Elliott is honored to share his technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friend and colleague: THE DISTINGUISHED AND PHENOMENAL, CEO & FOUNDER OF CHEF REESE CATERING & ENTERPRISES, LLC, CHEF CHERISE JOHNSON!!!!

    Chef Cherise Johnson started  following her mother around the kitchen at the age of 7 sampling food from pots trying to taste before the main course was ready.  Chef Reese has been featured in numerous articles, TV segments, Radio shows and even Food Network’s "CutThroat Kitchen".  With her love of food and flavor combinations she has pushed herself into America’s spotlight.

    LISTEN LIVE AT 718-766-4964 OR ONLINE.