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    Getting Hot In The Kitchen - Prelaunch

    in Food

    Thanks, very much, for joining us tonight.

    Your hosts, Dr. Dave and Venus Quintana, will be talking about their upcoming shows here on Blog Talk Radio as well as plans for other media events on both TV and on Long Island.

    We really appreciate you taking the time to help us work out any final "bugs" with our program.

    Thanks again.

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    In the Kitchen with Chef Dezi

    in Motivation

    Master Chef Dezi gives us the goods on cooking, passion and keeping it all semi-functioning. We sit down with her and get the goods on being a POWERhouse in every form of the word.

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    Chef Ray Trono from St. David's Episcopal on Church Kitchen Ladies Show

    in Lifestyle

    Chef Ray Trono from St. David's Episcopal on Church Kitchen Ladies Show talks about their Greater Opportunities program with the Austin School system. Their integration of volunteers and students have made an indelible difference to their community.

    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours inspirational greeting cards. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for more information.

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    Gilbert Saenz HOSTING Spiritually Reincarnated

    in Motivation

    Spiritually Reincarnated with HOST Gilbert Saenz. 

  • Getting Hot In The Kitchen - Episode #1 - In Loving Memory

    in Food

    Please join us, Dr. Dave and Venus Quintana, as we pay a loving tribute to Eva Reeves.

    This episode is dedicated to Eva Reeves, Venus' Mother, who recently passed. We will be featuring a discussion of Eastern European culinary influences and some of Venus' childhood favorite foods, Eva's popular holiday recipes and so much more.

    Please join us to discuss some of your family's little gems and family favorites.

    Dr. Dave and Venus

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    Cookin' it up w/ Chef Ceddy

    in Cooking

    Chef Ceddy is back in the playhouse, and he's coming back with a vengence.  Bringing you great recipes to help get you through your week.  If you're trying to find a way, to get your family to eat Quiche; the King of Food will show you how.  Maybe you're looking for a great entree, salad, or dessert recipe; don't worry, he has them on his list for you, as well.  Come hangout with the King of Food, and find out why so many tune in every Monday.  There's nothing like feeding your soul, and your family.

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    Real Life Real Faith welcomes Chef Nancy Manlove, Winner of Cutthroat Kitchen!

    in Self Help

    Resident of the Texas Gulf Coast just south of Houston where she was always an excellent home cook who retired from the Space Shuttle Program in late 2010 and sought out the desire to go back to school and learn a new professional  trade and went for it.  The oldest in her class she enrolled in her local community college ( Galveston  CC ) and began her magic journey to become a professional cook and chef.  She finish top of her class with a 4.0 GPA!  Not bad for a babyboomer!

    Chef Nancy Manlove's professional culinary career began in 2012 at Moody Garden Hotel Convention Center & SPA under the Award Winning Executive Chef Urs Schmid. As an intern she worked high volume for Banquet and Events on the Garde Manger team where she garnered unbelievable kitchen experience and knowledge. Later she was moved to the fine dining restaurant brigade duties for the 4-diamond and Trip Advisor Award of Excellence rated restaurant 'Shearn’s Prime Steaks and Seafood' were she continued to grow and excel as a Pantry Cook.  She is known for her leadership and fundraising abilities. She is a cook that comes with a lot of business competencies, high energy, a deep passion and a can do attitude!

    All of this followed her careers in corporate America that proved to be invaluable to her being a chef now! Like the skills learned to be a talented chef, she can do many things and has! Nancy's love of cooking started as a teenager and her humorous stories of "practicing" on her husband and family members, co-workers, neighbors and friends for many years will delight you! Everyone wants to eat at my place!

    She currently handles personal chef assignments, schedules cooking demos in your home, works with culinary event planning, menu planning, recipe development, kitchen set-ups, real food stylist and food photography clients.

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    Spiritually Reincarnated with HOST Gilbert Saenz

    in Motivation

    Spiritually Reincarnated with host Gilbert Saenz every Saturday at 7pm. Make sure to tune in!!!!

  • Quick Design for the eat-in kitchen kind!

    in Design

    I am one of those people who love to eat in the kitchen. Some rental kitchens are built that you can't or can you? This decor short will give us tips to enjoy an eat-in kitchen. As kids, we could only eat and drink in the kitchen. Lets see how we can make this happen.

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    Great Options in Kitchen Redesign

    in Business

    They say the heart of the home is the kitchen. It is the place where family and friends gather. So when remodeling or redesigning your kitchen there are many options that will make your life easier while cooking your family meals, entertaining family/friends or for your holiday gatherings. From types of drawers and cabinet options to trendy styles and styles to evoke warmth there are many choices to capture the feel and function you are seeking.

    Our guest today is Margaret Windhausen with Ambassador Kitchen and Bath in Fort Myers Fl. She has over 20 years experience in kitchen design and will bechating with us about the latest options that you can add to make your life easier.

    For more information visit Ambassador Kitchen

  • Spiritually Reincarnated with HOST Gilbert Saenz

    in Motivation

    Spoken Will Artist Gilbert Saenz. Make sure to join him at 7pm!

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