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    Chef Alex and Chef George's Friday Night Beef & Veal Chat

    in Cooking

    On this show, Chef Alex Cardinale and ACF Executive Chef George Norrell will be kick starting your weekend with an awesome show! It's Friday night and that means ACF certified Chef George Norrell will be joining the show!!!!! We are going to be talking about beef and veal, which are 2 commonly liked meats! I hear Chef George Norrell has an amazing menu for the show!!!!! Chef Alex also has a great menu. Chef Alex will be giving out a veal parm, veal marsala, beef stragonuff, braised beef, and beef caccatorie recipes in store. For dessert, I will be giving out my Peanut Butter Oreo Cheesecake recipe out! In the first hour of the show at 8 PM EST, Chef George and I will be talking about beef and veal. Come learn how to cook veal and beef, learn some tips on beef and veal, and then we will share our menus! In the 2nd hour of the show at 9 pm est, Chef Alex and  Chef George Norrell will be doing a LIVE Caller Q and A. Do you have questions you want answered by chefs? Want to know how to cook something? Then simply call in live on the show at 646-716-6458 dial 1 to ask  questions. Chef George and I would love to answer your questions. Happy Friday and enjoy the show!




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    #HGEATS Radio Garlic Chat with Chef Bruce Feingold

    in Food

    April is National Garlic Month and April 19 is Garlic Day, so what better way to celebrate Garlic then a whole show focused on it with a very special guest?! HGEATS Radio welcomes Chef Bruce Feingold, Executive Chef and co-owner of DADA restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida. Chef Bruce is also the winner of the Garlic Festival Iron Chef competition for three years running! 

    He attended the Culinary Institute of America and has won numerous awards. Chef Bruce is also known for his support of charitable causes and his focus right now is The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Man/Woman of the Year fundraising campaign.

    Are you ready to talk garlic?? Join us at 12 noon eastern on April 15 for an hour full of delicious!

    We will be live-tweeting during our broadcasts on #HGEATS – listeners and tweeps can chat and ask questions during every broadcast!

    Follow @HungryGoddess ~ @STeixido ~ @KimberlyFMoore and use #HGEATS hashtag to chat!

    HGEATS Radio is a live Blogtalk Radio Show that happens every other week. The show is hosted by Kimberly F. Moore (The Hungry Goddess Herself) and Sara Teixido (The Home Cooking Goddess). Each episode features special foodie guests, ingredient and recipe tips for the season, kitchen finds and tools, and more. You can tune in live or listen to the archives listed on the Hungry Goddess Eats Radio schedule page. Kimberly and Sara are food writers, recipe creators and share a passion for all things edible. Check out all of their delicious recipes here on the site! Tune in for serious Food for the Ravenous Soul!

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    Let's Chat Fruits with Chef George Norrell

    in Cooking

    On this special Friday night show, Chef George Norrell and I will be talking fruits. Fruits are a very conmmon food product that many people enjoy eating. Fruits have organic and naturual sugars inside them that are good for you. But on this show we are going to be talking how to cook and bake with fruits. Chef George Norrell has told me he has a great fruit menu in store for us. I wonder what is on Chef George's Menu for this show. I am also going to have an awesome fruit menu. I am going to give out an apple crisp recipe, strawberry cheesecake recipe, raspberry gorgonzola salad recipe, and a chicken apple salad recipe, fruit salad, and apple turnover recipes in store. Enjoy this awesome fruit show! If you happen to have any fruit or cooking questions don't be shy pick up the phones and dial in! 646-716-6458!



    HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2013!!!!


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    Cosmic Chat

    in Self Help

    Simply in a few words ...Im a Prophet like Nostradamas I have a divine conection and am divinly inspired 70%of the time . ,I combine my skills and education to make hypnotic music add afirmations and subliminals and a few other things  , brain entrainment.binurals ,subliminals , a little sugar and spice  everthing nice ,some kung fu chi master ninja akido enthusiast  I  put my own spin on things and add a little  Hollywood magic I live in L.A  so it goes without saying its contagios  herre .. everone is a actor singer or dancer in this town ,and where i live pasadena is heart of the art world im like a sponge i have been soaking up for a min and im about to get in the mix and add some Astro spice    , My goal  is to get my angel stripes and somday make a carer out of this once I have worked with a few needy people and chat with experts and amatures  fix a  few problems with myself .im not perfect or claim to be im still learning i have a good 10 years before i become a master at my craft ... .this a Break from tradition I like some of the old ways but i prefer to spin it my way , I like to bend the rules the kobiashimarue is  my fav move ,I love Star Trek and science fiction I live by the prime directive to some extent also the code of bushido to some extent .when the game is set up to lose ,I change the game ."I dont like to lose "(Jim Kirk) Look out World.............. HERE I  COME !!!!! AWooooooooo!

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    Chef Alex Presents: Seafood Chat with Mr. Jac Dalton!

    in Cooking

    Musician, and Marine Biologist Jac Dalton stops by the Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show to talk about seafood. Jac Loves to eat seafood I am sure, and we will have a fun conversation on seafood. Learn what a Marine Biologist has to say on eating fresh, nutritious seafood. Also, William Forrest will be on the show chatting seafood as well. I will be sharing a Fish and Chips recipes and a Haddock Francaise recipe. 



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    Chef Alex Presents: Let's Chat Vegetables & the Importance of Fresh Veggies

    in Cooking

    On this show, Chef Alex Cardinale will be talking about vegetables and the importance of fresh vegetables. Vegetables play a huge roll in cooking. Vegetables are used in dishes for cooking, they can be used as sides for a dish, and much more. Also vegetables are eaten raw in salads and such. We will chat about the importance of using fresh vegetables and when vegetables are in season. We will be having a SURPRISE GUEST on the show who will be talking about fresh vegetables and why they are important for your pets! If you happen to have any questions on veggies, feel free to call in at 646-716-6458 dial 1 with your questions, comments, or share your vegetable recipes! I will share some awesome vegetable recipes with you.


    ^^^^ get a free audiobook by going there!



  • 01:28

    Civil Chat with Lee Rebroadcast of

    in Politics Progressive

    CIvil Chat with Lee looks at lost income due to tax breaks, anti abortion movement, ongoing focus by the GOP on a woman's right to choose, as well as the declining middle class, and our continual oligarchy society machine pushed by the GOP agenda.

  • 01:25

    Alex Cardinale Show on ACE Network: Chef George Norrell Hour # 3: Chat on Knives

    in Cooking

    On this episode of Cooking with Alex Cardinale brought to you by the Alex Cardinale Show on ACE Network and this episode of Chef George Norrell Hour, Chef George Norrell will be talking about Knives! Knives are a very important kitchen tool that we use to prep food for cooking and baking. We use knives to cut vegetables meats and our foods. One way to tell a good chef is by his knife skills. It is very important to have good knife skills.

    Chef George Norrell will talk to us about the kinds of kitchen knives, Chef George will tell us how to use a knife properly, he will talk to us about the different parts of a knife, the different types of cuts you make with a knife, and most importantly he will share some safety tips when using a knife.

    Have any questions? Call in LIVE at 1 347-989-8142!



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    Chef Alex Says Good Bye To The Chef Cardinale Cooking Show

    in Cooking

    This will be the last episode of the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show! Chef Alex is sad to announce that he is retiring the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show. This was the show that started it all for Alex Cardinale. I started the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show 2 years ago to this day, and fast forward to now, I love Blogtalkradio and am hosting 2 awesome shows that will become famous like the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show. This was the show that created my most interesting and awesome chapter of my life!

    I will discuss why I started the Chef Cardinale Cooking Show, I will discuss why I am retiring this show, I will discuss my new cooking show series, and I will give thanks to those who helped the CCCS become the success it is, and more!

    Call in at  1 646-716-6458 to say good bye to Chef Alex!




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    Chef Cardinale's Ask Chef Alex Episode 1!

    in Cooking

    On this episode of Chef Cardinale's Cooking Show, Chef Alex Cardinale will be doing his first episode of Ask Chef Alex. Ask Chef Alex is going to be a LIVE Question and Answer series where listeners can ask Chef Alex questions on cooking and baking or in the general restaurant industry. It will be very similar to what we called Question and Answer, but in a fresh new title!

    You can call in LIVE at 646-716-6458 dial 1 to ask a question or 2 LIVE on air!

    Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

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    Gender Chat: Episode 3: Trending Topics

    in Podcasting

    For this show, I plan to talk about what is trending on Facebook and Twitter.  If time, I will take in call, (if any) to talk about anything that's on their minds.  I will also be talking about what has been happening with me and tell you more about me and this station.  I just became a Trekkie, so I might be throwing in a bit of Star Trek reference.  Forgive me if I can't spell anything in here correctly, this section of inputing alpha-numaric sentances does not have auto-correct.

    So here is what will happen in order....

    1:  I will talk about me and about the station.

    2:  I will talk about trending topics on Facebook and Twitter (at the current time).

    3:  I will take in calls if anyone is listening.

    4:  I will give a thought of the evening

    I hope you will enjoy listening to Gender Chat on Blog Talk Radio, and I hope to hear your views and ideas.  Details are on the station/channel/profile page.


    You may visit the Facebook Group by clicking here.


    You can also checkout the Facebook Profile by clicking right about....oh here is it.

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