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    Lets start off talking about relationships and the "thugs" in Waco....and see where it takes us...As always, join us for our conversation which also features special guest Chawn Castro Kweli, National Chief of Staff, New Black Panther Party....and we truly appreciate the support...Amber, Jobs and Queen

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    *Chawn Saddam Kweli* speaks on Unity of the 22 million

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    Please tune in to hear the NBPP's National Spokesman speak on their recent trip to South Africa, Unity of the 22 million and so much more....Further description forthcoming !!!!!

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    The Even Flow Show DJ Jazzy Jeff Special

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    Insane Shane plays tracks from DJ Jazzy Jeff's The Magnificent 1&2 and The Soul Mix pluse tracks featuring The Roots,Slum Village, Freddi Foxx, Little Brother, De La Soul, Boys 2 Men, Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Slick Rick,Talib Kweli, Method Man, Eminem, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Will Smith!!!!

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    40 acres and a mule it is a crime against humanity

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    Crimes against humanity I believe what Hitler done to the Jews was a crime against humanity. I believe was Saddam Hussein done to his people was a crime against humanity. I believe what the British done in Africa was a crime against humanity. I believe what Portugal done to the slaves was a crime against humanity. I believe what the Catholic Church done for the two shillings that they gaze to the slaves was a crime against humanity. I believe what the Khmer Rouge done in Vietnam was a crime against humanity, and I also believe what United States of America done to my ancestors was a crime against humanityHow can one expect for the black community to heal for all mistreatment that one on over the past 200 years. If we don't even talk about it or technology for as long as we keep pretending that nothing ever happened. And we all one this going to be no healing process for anonymous until the United States of America own up to his injustices the mistreatment of African-Americans a black folk there can be no healing as long as America thinking they're handing giving us something that can be no healing black folks have nothing to be ashamed of the be in this country will broadly against our will told where to live tour how we can be educated given no financial assistance whatsoever in at a minimum when they decided to give welfare black men were told that they cannot live with their families after coming from a society where the whole world was stacked against us. We were told after slavery. Now you go out and compete in the very same laws was still in effect when slavery ended is it a crime against humanity


    If anyone have a different opinion about this show that I'm don't today I would love to hear from you. This is real talk radio,Email me charlesking 43@Gmail.com

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    Today we began a journey with Hillary Clinton to become to become president of t

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    The Republicans have a reason to be afraid of Hillary Clinton. So the only thing they can do is spew lies innuendos and untruth about the lady I can assure you between now and the time we go to the voting booth Hillary Clinton will have been married five times stole paintings from the White House and use all types of racial slurs, according to the Republicans.

    The Republicans active go. We are somehow different Americans, and they are that we're not all Americans can only pay the Republicans are Americans and asked the problem. They don't care how the whole office. They don't care how they get office. They gerrymander all locations in black communities so they can control power don't they know we're better off if we have different input different ideas far country and will all be better off for that and say instead they would talk to you about trickle-down economics. When Ronald Reagan was president he started that idea trickle-down economics are commonly didn't do all the great you know not if he was on the bottom water middle-class, even in the day great president Reagan Republicans will rather believe a lie that do not want to believe the truth, they will refuse to believe the truth about anything that they did not have a handy.

    Trickle-down economics does not work. Ladies and gentlemen, remember the air-traffic controller union that Mr. Reagan busted up. Remember all the people he fired. I wonder if any of the Republicans. Remember that is another thing is Republicans gave to us. Ladies and gentlemen, remember that weapons of mass distraction from Saddam Hussein. There was never found that VP Cheney lied about, and he knew it was a lie, but he didn't go to jail did he know he did not. So when you decide to cash a vote. Remember the Republicans is not the answer

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    The Ole Skool Show w Dj Scarface

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Ole Skool Show w Dj Scarface

    every thursday at 6pm est

    playin classic Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae

    feat Public Enemy, Nas, Jay Z, NWA, DR Dre,Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli, Ice Cube, Ice T, Eminem, Eazy E

    The Notorious BIG, Big Daddy Kane, Whoodini, Wu Tang Clan and more

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    March Neurosis: It’s A Revolution- Son of Babylon

    in Film

    Son of Babylon: This is truly one of my favorite and close to my heart. This one is about a willful young boy who follows his grandmother on a journey across Iraq. This movie will put you in the thick of things. Both are trying to discover the fate of the missing son and father. This movie is after post-saddam in Iraq. This movie will cause you to have a heart, it's real to what happen. Well done movie and camera actions, the acting is like no other. Tune in at a new day Sunday at 6 pm for Movies to Love.


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    Zaiyah's House presents the hugely gifted and multitalented Royce Hall

    in Entertainment


    Described as "Soul Music's MC", Royce Hall (Chinyelu Alimayu) is much more than your typical Hip-Hop lyricist and Neo-Soul vocalist. This actor, arranger, composer, songwriter (Yo! Royce Be Easy Music Publishing, ASCAP), and alum of Florida A & M University, is also a multi-instrumentalist, who happens to be well versed in over 5 instruments, including but not limited to clarinet, alto sax, piano and drums. He has been internationally chosen and featured 3 times by Hip-Hop Sisters(an organization under the leadership of and founded by pioneer MC Lyte), selected as a Style Icon and runway model for 24 Hours of Fashion with Cotton, Inc., E! and MTV, currently stars on Atlanta based webseries "Refracted Reflections", can be seen on season two of Tyler Perry's "Have's and the Have Not's" and "Love Thy Neighbor" as well as The CW's "The Originals", the stage play "Beyond Betrayal" playing the lead role of 'Nathan', holds an MC battle wins record of 44-2, shared the same stage with greats such as Lauryn Hill to Talib Kweli, is the owner of AMANDLA! Apparel of Power & Purpose and currently recording material for his sophomore release, "The Groove Theory", features neo fusion jazz and neo soul, which is the follow-up to his freshman release, "ENC 1101: THE YEAR BOOK".

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown for a great evening of music and conversation with the phenominal Royce Hall.

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    Bodega Fresh Radio: Hasan Salaam Speaks on Sex & Hip Hop

    in Music

    With his album Life in Black and White out and currently on The People's Champion tour headlined by Talib Kweli and Immortal Technique, Emcce/Activist Hasan Salaam drops back in on Bodega Fresh Radio to speak on the other side of his grind as King Noire and how his adult erotica company is empowering couples and women to explore their sensuality.  Tune in Sunday 7PM with host Nadine Michel

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    Candle Magick-Make it Happen

    in Spirituality

    Join me in this fascinating look into the art of candle magick with vodun priestess, Koshana Kweli Jones

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