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    Comrade Chawn Kweli Speaks:

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     New Black Panther Party National Spokesman Chawn Kweli Speaks on:"The time in which we live: LOVE OF SELF AND KIND"
    This is the show that we will dig deep into the lessons of the New Black Panther party for Self Defense. What is it that we do? What is the program of the NBPP? Are you and Anti- Semetic Hate Group? Can white people join? Who was Aarron Micheals? Who was Dr. Khalllid Muhammad? Who is Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz? Why is there so much controversy surronding your organization? Why call yourselves "New" Black Panther Party? Are you illegitimate to the BPP of Oakland, CA? Is your group an offshoot of the Nation of Islam? Are women in the NBPP? What is your Position on the wars around the world? What is Black Nationalism? What is Pan- Africanism? How can I join your movement... and other questions will be answered live on the air 11 pm eastern standard time with along with on live on air unscripted  Q and A your host : Chawn Kweli - National Spokesman of the New Black Panther Party.  Call 646-478-4447

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    Comrade Chawn Kweli Speaks:

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     The New Black Panther Party  National Spokesman Chawn Kweli Speaks: Nato vs. Africa : Monday Night at 8pm eastern on Black Power Radio. Hear from National Spokesman  of the New Black Panther Party.  Tonight Comrade Kweli will give us the boost needed to push over the top. He will cement in our hearts the need to struggle. The National Spokesman intends to reinforce, ALL of the critical goals of the New Black Panther Party and the Black Nation in general. This is the man hated by the Devils. He has the same enemies as the Hon. Dr. Khallid A Muhammad and Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz.  This is a Man, born to make war with the beast, and fight until the liberation struggle for oue people is won.  The national number to call is (646) 478-4447  We are fighting and winning! BLACK POWER !!!!! BLACK POWER !!!!! BLACK POWER!!

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    Candle Magick-Make it Happen

    in Spirituality

    Join me in this fascinating look into the art of candle magick with vodun priestess, Koshana Kweli Jones

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    Zaiyah's House presents the hugely gifted and multitalented Royce Hall

    in Entertainment


    Described as "Soul Music's MC", Royce Hall (Chinyelu Alimayu) is much more than your typical Hip-Hop lyricist and Neo-Soul vocalist. This actor, arranger, composer, songwriter (Yo! Royce Be Easy Music Publishing, ASCAP), and alum of Florida A & M University, is also a multi-instrumentalist, who happens to be well versed in over 5 instruments, including but not limited to clarinet, alto sax, piano and drums. He has been internationally chosen and featured 3 times by Hip-Hop Sisters(an organization under the leadership of and founded by pioneer MC Lyte), selected as a Style Icon and runway model for 24 Hours of Fashion with Cotton, Inc., E! and MTV, currently stars on Atlanta based webseries "Refracted Reflections", can be seen on season two of Tyler Perry's "Have's and the Have Not's" and "Love Thy Neighbor" as well as The CW's "The Originals", the stage play "Beyond Betrayal" playing the lead role of 'Nathan', holds an MC battle wins record of 44-2, shared the same stage with greats such as Lauryn Hill to Talib Kweli, is the owner of AMANDLA! Apparel of Power & Purpose and currently recording material for his sophomore release, "The Groove Theory", features neo fusion jazz and neo soul, which is the follow-up to his freshman release, "ENC 1101: THE YEAR BOOK".

    Join Zaiyah and Uptown for a great evening of music and conversation with the phenominal Royce Hall.

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    Bodega Fresh Radio: Hasan Salaam Speaks on Sex & Hip Hop

    in Music

    With his album Life in Black and White out and currently on The People's Champion tour headlined by Talib Kweli and Immortal Technique, Emcce/Activist Hasan Salaam drops back in on Bodega Fresh Radio to speak on the other side of his grind as King Noire and how his adult erotica company is empowering couples and women to explore their sensuality.  Tune in Sunday 7PM with host Nadine Michel

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    HIP HOP IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!

    in Hip Hop Music

    INSANE SHANE JIMMY DEEP DISH & TREV play tracks from 90s and today 2 hours of banging tracks limited talk plus hip hop news Trev goes in first

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    The Even Flow Show

    in Hip Hop Music

    DJ Premier special featuring a remix of a 2Pac song plus Biggie and G.U.R.U.

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    I AM INDI GUEST G.R.A.C.E. (Grace the Martyr) Hosted by Lamont P.

    in Music

    About G.R.A.C.E.

    Hip Hop’s newest conscience goes by the moniker Grace the Martyr. Grace meaning (Giving Rap A Conscious Effort). Grace was born in Tallahassee, Florida. He was raised in Merritt Island, Boston Ga., and spent his early adulthood in Los Angeles until he relocated to Atlanta which he now calls home.  As an early teen Grace began writing poetry venting and sharing his creativity through his pen. By the time Grace was a teenager he had written over one hundred poems. He was drawn to music, especially hip hop and related to artists such as Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Common, Nas, Jay-z, Big Daddy Kane, Father MC, and Talib Kweli. Closest to his heart was 2Pac for his passionate approach and Andre 3000 for his creative yet clever wordplay.

    Lamont aka Kdiddy, interviews the Superstars of Indie Music to discuss upcoming projects, play their music and talk the "business" of Entertainment.If you got it come share it,If you don't come get it, the Entertainment Biz that Is!! Call in Number 347-3088747

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    in Current Events

    The American justice system appears to be falling apart. With the recent decisions on Eric Garner in New York, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Trayvon Martin in Florida, and Tyrone West  in Baltimore, the nation is rapidly losing confidence in their justice system, and America's promise of democracy.



    The Black  community in particular is the target of racism, police brutality, and unjust and disproportionate incarceration. They are all at the center of the lack of confidence in the justice system.

    To address these issues and what can be done about it Black Power Radio digs deep into the issues ....

    Activist from across the country .. weigh in .. Minister Hashim Nzinga, National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party  will teach ...live call in & question and answer, Hosterd by Chawn Casto Kweli, National Chief of Staff

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    Live interview w/ L-Smooth

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    In the world of Hip Hop, most artists are recognized as having a very distinguished image that identifies with their street life, but not for L-Smooth.  He doesn’t fit the usual profile of an artist in the Hip Hop nation.  His smooth style of production approaches the new millennium in an effort to bring substance, originality, and underlying energy to the city streets. L-Smooth is able to share his daily life experiences and be the voice of his peers through sharp lyrical storytelling, such as with his forthcoming new single, Pillow Cases.  “This spicy new title has a signature smooth Golden Era sound with an intense message,” stated L-Smooth’s Manager, Rodney Dawson of Street City Enterprises, LLC.

    Lamar Mensah was born and raised in a lower class area of Midwest City, Oklahoma by his single mother whom worked two jobs to take care of him and his sister.  At a very early age, he spent most of his time free-styling with his friends.  At 13, L-Smooth admired many Hip Hop artists in the Golden Era from the West Coast, East Coast, and Down South, such as Fabulous, Redman, Scarface, Outkast, Big Boi, and Talib Kweli.   L-Smooth was surrounded by drugs and violence, but he chose not to get involved. He had the choice to go left or right.  He chose to go right, but had he went left, he probably wouldn’t be here right now.  He grew up doing what was right derived from his step-father molding and shaping him into the man he is today.  Unknown to him of what his future was holding, at 22 L-Smooth was blessed with a son for whom he continues to walk the straight and narrow road to provide him a better life.

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