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    Why God must return to public schools

    in Education

    Listen Dr. J.E. Carthron as he explains from the sciptures why public schools in America must reruen God back to the class rooms or America will be faced with more tormoil....

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    Detroit Public Schools: Our Kids Deserve Better

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    Some 88 out of 97 schools in Detroit closed recently after teachers called in sick in protest of rodent and mold problems. There are complaints of an odious smell of mold and mildew that hits you like a ton of bricks when you step through the front doors at Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit. Once a school any city would be proud to have in its district. Today, it’s the poster child for neglect and indifference to a quality teaching and learning environment for some 500 students.

    The gym is closed because half of the floor is buckled and the other half suffered so much rainwater damage from the dripping ceiling that it became covered with toxic black mold. Instead of professionally addressing the problem, a black tarp simply was placed over the entire area. That area of the school has since been condemned.

    The once beautiful pool sits empty because no one has come to fix it. The playground is off-limits because a geyser of searing hot steam explodes out of the ground.

    Exposed wires hang from missing ceiling tiles. Watermarks from leaks abound. Kids either sit in freezing classrooms with their coats on or strip off layers because of stifling heat.

    Complaints to Darnell Earley, the emergency manager over the Detroit Public Schools have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

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    Brian Pick, Chief of Teaching and Learning at DC Public Schools is joined  Jessica Rauch , President and  Executive Director at DC Public Education Fund which has raised over $100 million for education.

    Presented by FUNDS FOR LEARNING

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    Working to Change Public Schools

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    Find out how these 3 terms can make or break your children's future:
    Education Standards

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    Public Schools Still Working in 2015

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    There’s no link between vouchers and gains in student achievement.

    There’s no conclusive evidence that vouchers improve the achievement of students who use them to attend private school. Nor is there any validity to claims that, by creating a “competitive marketplace” for students, vouchers force public schools to improve. In fact, the most dramatic improvements in student achievement have occurred in places where vouchers do not exist — such as Texas, North Carolina, Connecticut and Chicago. Instead, those states and communities focused on teacher quality and extra help for students who need it.

    Do vouchers undermine accountability for public funds?

    Do you feel that vouchers do not reduce public education costs?

    Do vouchers give parents real educational choice?

    Two out of three voters cast “no” on use of vouchers.

    Join The Smoking Glass Hour tonight at 7:30 p.m. CST as we discuss these issues. Let your voice be heard.

    Tune in at www.thesmokingglasshour.com or 773-897-6398 or watch us live on Periscope by following us on Twitter @baronglasshour.

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    Iowa Caucuses/Chicago Public Schools/Gynnya McMillen/Flint Congressional Hearing

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    Hey Family, Join us at a special time tomorrow for an amazing show! We'll discuss the Iowa Caucus results as well the latest Democratic Debate. Joining us for that segment will be none other than Democratic Strategist Jamal Simmons. We'll also discuss the latest with Chicago Public Schools and Governor Rauner and the Congressional hearing on the Flint Water Crisis. Lastly, we'll discuss the tragic death of Gynnya McMillen, the latest black body to die in police custody. 

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    Saving Dyett: Are Public Schools Being Taken Over By Private Business?

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    Has public education become big business at the expense of our children? Dyett High School in Chicago is just one of many public schools in danger of closing and being reopened as a privately owned institution. Some say that's good - the more private institutions we have, the more control we have over our children's education. But private schools, unless heavily financed by large corporations, tend to fail because schools rely on families to meet budget requirements through tuition. When tuition costs rise, families leave the school and this creates a greater financial burdon on the remaining families. The downward spiral effect leads to good private schools closing. In areas where coporations have taken over the schools and made them private, many local children are excluded from attending. Jitu Brown, National Director for the Journey For Justice Alliance, is working with the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization (KOCO) to insure that Dyett remains a viable public school, and is not closed and reopened as a private, corporately owned school that excludes neighborhood students.

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    Winning in Public - Losing in Private

    in Christianity

    Too many believers have "skeletons" in their closet and are praying that the doors of their past remain closed and lock.  Yes, the same person you see smiling in church on Sunday may be the same person fighting private struggles that are paving a road to a dead-end defeat.  It can be challenging for any believer...especially Leaders to admit that he or she is struggling with a private bondage.  But there is a way to win private battles.  The strategy is simply the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  Join Min. Apryl Young as she ministers on this powerful topic.  Grab your Bibles, notepads and ink pens.  Journey with us and we continue our series on "There's a Crack in Your Armor"

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    Carolette Meadows Explains Civil Rights Lawsuit against Buffalo Public Schools

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    As of late local activist Carolette Meadows has been a controversial figure in Buffalo's political scene. She seems to be a fearless writer in her new role in the Buffalo Chronicle as Education Corespondent, lambasting a well-loved Minister and covering public education and urban affairs, her latest column has some amazing commentary as well as the link to Meadows v. Board of Education posted just at the foot of her column.

    It is her latest article ("Buffalo parents asked to join civil rights lawsuit") on her trials and tribulations with the School Board that Chris ("The MAO Syndrome") will be discussing with her this evening.

    She can be reached at carolettedm@yahoo.com

    Or you can scroll down to the Facebook link just below to leave a comment live or during the replay.

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    Having the Public vs Private School Debate

    in K-12

    Does it ever make good financial sense to pay for private school? This week the Divas debate the pros and cons of private vs public. Let's see if we can change your mind.

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    Public Junior High Schools in the US Virgin Islands - a Reprise

    in Culture

    The United States Virgin Islands Dept. of Education (DOE) is an executive branch of the Govt. of the US Virgin Islands mandated under Titles 3 and 17 of the Virgin Islands Code. It is the largest governmental entity in the Virgin Islands and it functions as both a Local Education Agency (LEA) and a State-level Education Agency (SEA). The DOE is headed by a Commissioner at the SEA level and a District Superintendent at the 2 LEAs.

    The DOE’s role as stipulated by Title 3, Chapter 7, Section 96, VI Code, encompasses the authority to exercise general control over the enforcement of laws relating to free public education in the Virgin Islands. Its responsibilities include the development, implementation, & monitoring of instructional programs for all K-12 students & adult learners, & provision of support services such as child nutrition, pupil transportation, library services, & the maintenance of educational facilities & offices under its purview. Services are provided at 33 buildings supporting 40 activity centers.

    In Fiscal year 2010, the DOE endeavored to address the needs of the 15,493 students enrolled in the system. 1,176 students territory wide were identified as students with disabilities and 519 as English Language Learners. Of the 1,056 students who were enrolled in 12th grade, 912 earned high school diplomas and an additional 16 graduated with certificates of completion.

    (St. Croix) 21-33 Hospital Street, Christiansted, St. Croix, 00820
    Phone: 340-773-1095 Fax: 340-778-8895 Email: ideas@doe.vi

    (St. Thomas) 1834 Kongens Gade, St. Thomas, VI 00802
    Phone: 340-774-0100 Fax: 340-779-7153 Email: ideas@doe.vi