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    Charred Remains A Night with Char

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    Greetings Charred Remains listeners! It has been like forever since last show and I have missed you all. So tonight, I am not babysitting, working, watching movies or reading books, I am just CHAR and I have some topics to hit and people to reflect on. So if you are not too broken up over the final episode of TRUE BLOOD then click on over and spend some time with me. The phone lines will be open for friends...hell even open to enemies to drop in and have a chat visit. Tell me what's new with you. I am here to listen as well as jabber. 

    Show starts 7pm Pacific/9pm Central/10pm Eastern. Number to CALL is (347) 324-5036. Chat Room will be open. 

    Topics: ALS Ice Bucket Challenges, Lost Heroes, Films, Novels, Opportunities and what ever callers want to talk about. :) 

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    Charred Remains Promote Yourself

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    Welcome to Thursday night on Charred Remains with Char Hardin. Tonight is PROMOTE YOURSELF night. Where YOU the audience becomes the STAR of the show. 

    Call in (347) 324-5036 7pm Pacific/9pm Central/10pm Eastern and promote your horror film, novel, music, art whatever you are doing that is horror related, tonight is your night to shine. If you are kicking off a crowd funding campaign for Kickstarter, Indie Go-Go, etc., feel free to promote your campaign. Be prepared to share links to websites/fan pages etc.Depending on participation time could be limited.

    Tonight's show is sponsored by Donna Emerich author of "It's A Family Tradition" currently available on Amazon.The book is being called "It will break your heart and horrify with her methods of handling, love, lust, and betrayal. The climatic ending will blow you away." 

    Char is an advocate of Paying It Forward, so please visit Donna Emerich's page and give her a like. Random acts of kindness have a way of brightening a person's day. Then pay it forward and share her page.


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    Charred Remains Radio with Demon Boy

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    Hellfire and damnation, it is one hell of a hot summer down in the deep south. Tonight on her second Charred Remains Radio Hour Show, Char welcomes back her friend rocker Demon Boy. With her guest comes some great news. So fire up the pits and get your marshmallows ready another soul will be CHARRED on Thursday night at 6 pm Pacific/8 pm Central/9 pm Eastern. 

    Demon Boy Links








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    Charred Remains Char Speaks about Indie Horror

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    Welcome back to Charred Remains. Tonight Char spills her guts. She is a Woman on Fire! Char speaks about about a certain short film in Indie Horror, Horror Socials, Balls...wait no talk of BALLS on this show, politics, games, actresses, film festivals, awards and more. Tune in November 22nd at Midnight Central. Tonight a lot of people are going to be CHARRED. Get ready to talk about the whole gruesome saga known as Indie Horror and Social Media.



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    Charred Remains Movie Night

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    Nocturnal greetings and salutations HORROR fans. Tonight on Charred Remains, Char is invoking Open Mic Night. Topic MOVIES...Genre Various...Horror preferred but open to all genres. The invitation includes offer to all  filmmakers, actors etc. who have a film coming out on DVD or in theaters. Call in and plug your film. The show is 2 hours and the number to call in is (347) 324-5036. Don't be shy this is an opportunity to talk about what you have seen recently good or bad. All Char asks is if you call in that you be positive and pleasant.. Up for good debate but hate talk and negative vibes will be handled quickly. 

    Where to be is on Charred Remains Tonight 11/21/13 at 8pm Central (6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern). Call in number (347) 324-5036. Talk to you soon!

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    Charred Remains: First Day of Spring (Open Mic Night)

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    .Welcome back to Charred Remains with indie horror host Char. Tonight celebrates the first day of Spring. Char

    is opening the virtual door tonight to allow others to drop in to chat about current projects, news and self promotion for all things Horror.

    If you have something to say that pertains to Horror, call in tonight 8:30 pm Central to (347) 324- 5036 and share.

    Char will talk about her film festival, erotica and no telling what else, so tune in tonight...if you dare. 


    My badass logo is created by David Rupp of Ninth Circle Designs. David is affordable, friendly and fast. He is awesome! You tell him Char recommended him. :)

    Indie Horror filmmaker Director Joseph Poliquin needs your help. I supported this campaign and hope you will too. My friend Joie D. Parent is one of the local actresses they refer to in the campaign video. I want to see this film and you will too! It's called, "Immurement"

    Read for FREE my new Erotica "The Game". Comments are welcome. 

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    Charred Remains Radio with Trixie Laroux

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    Welcome to Charred Remains Radio hour with your host Char. Tonight's guest is Trixie Laroux. Trixie is the drummer for the band Dirty Soul Revivial.  A trio of  musicians who create "foot stompin" music. Char is anxious to meet Trixie and learn more about this beautiful lady. Trixie is also one of the exotic ladies of the Dreamland Vixens Pin-Up models. Tune in Friday night 6:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Central/9:30 pm Eastern for a foot stompin good time. 

    Now Booking Bands/Solo artist to be on Charred Remains Radio. Contact Char if you would like to be on the show.

    This show is sponsored by author Donna Emerich of the family drama that Char calls a mash-up of The Waltons meets The Sopranos. Click here to find out more about "It's A Family Tradition".

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    Charred Remains Justin Hamelin

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    Charred Remains welcomes Justin Hamelin. Justin is a fellow horror enthusiast that eats, sleeps, breathes horror as well as writes about all aspects of the genre. He is the master of a couple of blogs, a freelance writer who contributes reviews to a horror website and recently finished a collection of horror stories. Char is excited to have him on the show and he comes bearing PRIZES and TRIVIA questions. SO tune in Thursday night 6pm PST/8pm CST/9pm EST to hear Justin Hamelin.
    Phone lines and Chat-room will be open. Call in if you know the answers to his and Char's Horror Trivia questions, you could win a Trick or a Treat. 
    http://www.mmwihm.wordpress.com http://www.mangledmatters.wordpress.com http://www.ravenousmonster.com http://www.disturbingfilm

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    Charred Remains Welcomes Jeff Dickinson

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    Charred Remains welcomes writer Jeff Dickinson. Tonight Jeff will be sharing news about The Raven at Rue Morgue. They may have cookies on the darkside of the moon, but on the Charred side of horror, we have Zombified Cadbury chocolate eggs and strawberry milk. So grab a seat and handful of zombie eggs and kick back trolls and ghouls as Jeff pricks all our thumbs and enchants us with tales of something wicked this way comes. Call in and join the conversation (347) 324-5036. Chat room will be open. 


    Jeff Dickinson  The Raven at Rue Morgue

    Tonight's show is sponsored by author Donna Emerich. Her latest books is available in e-book/paperback at Amazon.com. "It's a Family Tradition". Char is equally as proud of this book as she had a little imput on the writing of the story. Be sure to leave a review for the author should you purchase her book. She appreciates it. 

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    Charred Remains Tips for Podcast Virgins

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    Good evening and welcome back to the Charred side of horror or Char's Den of Horrors...someone is working on her brand, can you tell? 

    Tonight's topic is Podcast VIrgins and tips and ideas to get you started, create and maintain your show. What is a podcast? How do you start one? Who listens to podcast? What if no one listens to me? What do I talk about? These are just some of the questions generally asked about podcasting. Join Char Monday night as she shares tips and ideas that have helped her with getting started and maintaining her weekly show. 

    Chat room will be available. Phone lines will be closed. There's a lot to cover, so break open a notebook and have pen ready. Char doesn't claim to be an expert, but hopes others will benefit with what she was taught from friends and her peers involved with reviewing and Indie Horror. 

    Show starts at 7:30 pm Pacific/9:30 pm Central/10:30 pm Eastern. Talk to you soon!

    Tonight's show is sponsored by author Donna Emerich whose latest book "It's a Family Tradition" is available now on Amazon.com in paperback and e-book. 

    Keep up to date with the Southernbelle of horror Char Hardin on the Charred Remains Facebook page. Thanks for listening, it is greatly appreciated.


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    Charred Remains Char's Birthday Bash/Goodbye Show 1-3-15

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    January 3, 2013 wasn't just the night of my birthday, but my first audio broadcast on Blog Talk Radio. What a fantastic show! So many cool people called in and talked to me. I had a total blast talking to Manoush, Rebekah Herzberg,John Ginder, Parrish Randall (Circus of the Dead),Larry Wade Carrell (director of Jacob), Kaci Hansen, Debbie Louise the fabulous mother to singer/songwriter Chris Lizzi (he called too) called in and sang, "Happy Birthday to You" and so many more. For a listen you can click here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/charred_remains/2013/01/04/charred-remains-another-year-olderparty-with-char .

    Tonight is my 45th birthday and the only place I want to be is on Blog Talk Radio chatting with the folks of Indie Horror people I have formed strong bonds of friendship with and my brothers and sisters of horror the other reviewers who write and interview like I do. So tonight's show is a birthday party and it is my Goodbye to Blog Talk Radio. 

    For the last few years, I have had some awesome sponsors who have helped fund the show in order for me to keep the premium benefits of shows longer than 30 minutes and other studio perks. With my new promotion at work, my responsibilities has changed and I am working nights now. With a baby in the house, it is hard to do late night shows and be quiet about it, because you all know I am far from quiet when talking about indie horror.  The Charred Remains shows will remain even after I cancel my premium status.

    Is this the end? Tune in January 3, 2015 at 6pm Pacific, 8 pm Central, 9pm Eastern time and find out! 

    The show is an OPEN MIC night. CALL in and CHAT with me and end my run with an awesome night of FRIENDS and let's talk a little HORROR. Favorites and Worst films of 2014, Scandals, Cons, whatever there's FREEDOM to Speak your minds. 

    Talk Soon,


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