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    Charlie Zelenoff is P4P #1 not mayweather jr. get real fakestream I tkod wilder

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    I Outboxed Derrick the Giant and Geo Zavala both 1 sided on video lets see Here, Derrick is 6'4 300lbs with alot of Power behind his punches hed knock floyd mayweather jr the fuck out floyd would never fight him. Geo Zavala is too big for mayweather jr Geo Would knockout mayweather jr with 1 punch, I tkod deontay wilder with 1 punch wilder is 6'7 230lbs i think even mayweather jr knows hed never get in the ring with Zavala, Derrick, and wilder. I beat all 3 of them Im 160lbs not that much bigger then floyd fakeweather. come on man he needs security to get his back when T.I throws a swing @ him the guys a pretender and a i have 27 bare knuckle Wins i never had any security helping Me I won all these fights my self I knocked out Tear Drop another guy who would wipe the floor with mayweather jr oh and my recent Win 2 weeks ago I tkod a 200lb MMA Heavyweight trained professional Fighter Jacob On video Left Hook to the face, that guy would defenitly put mayweather jr to sleep. floyd is not even top 5 boxers in the World let alone #1. not even Close Im the GOAT I would kill mayweather jr. hes way too small to take my power if heavyweights cant take my Power how is a 5'8 147lb gonna do it. no way in hell. I am #1P4P in the World And of All Time 

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    Charlie Zelenoff Beat 5 Men in 2 Months. Im The Greatest Of All Time

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    So I was right afterall Im the GOAT you haters need mental help click play that Firepower Hand Speed Combinations You cant fuck with that. Im 76-0 Now Official 1:58 oh yeah now thats Official BAMMMMMMMMM right in the face  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3oyGAC-DXE

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    Charlie Zelenoff Lands Haymaker And Stops 200lb MMA Heavyweight Jacob !!! 76-0 !

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    id say this was my best Win this was February 27th very recent last week I won this Fight dominated a legit trained pro fighter outboxed him and stopped him with a brutal haymaker heres the full fight. furthermore proof that i am indeed the GOAT and the haters and all of "boxrec" is delusional and deranged. Charlie Z Reigns Supreme yet again 76-0 Now !!!!!!!! And Still !!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3oyGAC-DXE 1:58 that was the finishing punch he quit right after i hit him he even said it on video.

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    Charlie Zelenoff Wins Again ! 78-0 Now!!yesterday I showed the World whos P4P #1

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    0:16 BAMMMMMMMMMMMM 0:32 BAMMMMMMMMMMMM then i landed 2 more hits and stopped him off video. Kicked his ass on video and off video and before that I stopped some kickboxer tv fighter yup 2 wins in a day did it Again you haters are straight up indenial and delusional hey dont tell me that i never Warned You. I told you crazy people countless times your arguing doubting and hating on the wrong person. Now You See it WTF is a "prime tyson" Im alot faster I hit harder my Jab is alot better 0:32 proves it. and Im just better way More Explosive then "tyson" ever was. Im the GOAT 


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    Charlie Zelenoff 79-0 !!!!!!!!!! I striked 6'4 Pro Kickboxer In the Jaw today

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    1 Punch Fight. some pro kickboxer from Africa said his name was Alu we agreed to Fight and then he started shadow boxing like next to me and pulling back punches towards Me i was like wtf so I hit him for real i clipped him in the jaw with a left hook one hand i had a glove the hand I hit him with was bare knuckle and then he didnt look happy when i connected and then i said lets continue this on video he said no video. and walked away, thats a TKO 1 Right there Win For Me. 79-0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    Charlie Zelenoff Lands Vicious Left Hook to Make it 76-0 !!!!!!!

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3oyGAC-DXE Breaking News in the Boxing World #1P4P Charlie Zelenoff Wins yet Another Fight this Fight was 1 for the Ages the Best Win of 2015 by Far. I fought a trained Pro 200lb MMA Figher named Jacob I was beating his ass on points and then I caught him with a left to the face and made him quit Im 76-0 Now. the haters boxrec mainstream boxing once again proven to be a hoax . boxrec is the deluded hoax that always gets exposed by the GOAT Charlie Zelenoff !!!!!!!!!!! 76-0 !!!!!!!!!! 

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    Charlie Zelenoff Stops Jacob With Vicious Haymaker to the Face ! 76-0 !!!!!!!!!!

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    1:58 the Finishing Punch


    btw my Record Is Now being Updated On this Official Website 


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    That Jab I landed @ 0:32 ! opponent nearly got dropped ! Zelenoff P4P #1

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    0:32 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM my Jab is knocking back heavyweights Im the GOAT Charlie Zelenoff 78-0 Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHlU3zpvqK0 you haters were wrong big time you delusional haters were way off. I Won 23 Fights in 2014 and so far I hold 7 Professional Victorys this Year and were only In March. Like I said every year the Wins Will Continue even tho Im Married With a Beautiful Wife I still continue to fight and win my Wife will always be #1 to Me and Ill always Be #1P4P to Boxing. 

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    Charlie Zelenoff Is 76-0 ! "boxrec" humiliated

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3oyGAC-DXE look @ how I Box Im the Best Of All Time "boxrec" no credibility what so ever 

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    78 Tried 78 Failed Charlie Zelenoff Is A Phenom Last Win Was Superb

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    Superb Power And Speed I Am The Greatest Of All Time you haters need help. you sold me short now you know "marciano" "ali" "mayweather" "tyson" "dempsey" joe louis" they cannot match that kind of hand speed power no match Im unmatched Unrivaled Im the Greatest Of All Time this Win Proves it i beat a heavyweight with a weight height and reach advantage with ease I jabbed him so hard @ 0:32 he nearly dropped and got knocked out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHlU3zpvqK0 

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