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    WNBA Star from The New York Liberty Erica Wheeler

    in Sports

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview WNBA Star from The New York Liberty Erica Wheeler.


    in Entertainment

    The Richmond Band will join Take 2 Radio Music to chat about their music, upcoming album, and more! 

    Paul, Pete, and Rob will be calling in on Wednesday, Sept. 23rd at 3pm eastern time! I will be playing a brand new song by the band that has not been heard yet on the radio! Exclusively here so listen in!

    Richmond Band has been writing & recording together since our friendships began at school. 

    Highlight - Performing live at The Indigo 02 & Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) admitting he was a fan to Heart FM. 

    Single released - Politician - May 7th 2015 

    Forthcoming Album -Fallen Angels -Due out 2016

    It may not be the easiest path but to try & be the best and true you, WILL be the most amazing. 

    See you on the road.

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    Turn the Page with Kayla Greenwell: Focus on Ryan Snellman & Christina Wheeler

    in Writing

    TURN THE PAGE Host Kayla Greenwell interviews the literati and oddball creative-types with a focus on DIY and grassroots initiatives. This week, Kayla will interview Ryan Snellman and Christina Wheeler. 

    Viking Poet Ryan Snellman was raised on the dark and rainy streets of Seattle. Educated in an array of practical matters & living a life of quiet solitude one dreams of knowing the heart of a seagull. The life and love affair of a solitary raindrop speaks to the essence of poetry and those Christmas lights hanging in the window of the bar in the middle of January speak to life's unending dream. Ryan is a published poet, in the frequent flyer program for nutballs that see ballgames in all cities, and the co-organizer of the Coffee & Pie Reading Series. 

    Christina Wheeler runs NEARSIGHTED NARWHAL, a shop located in Tacoma, Washington. The Nearsighted Narwhal's sole focus is the myriad forms of the DIY culture.  Over 1,000 self-published books, zines, and comics are housed within its four walls, with inventory growing daily. Not only catering to the bookworm crowd, there is also a well-stocked selection of music titles and art from local artists. Nearsighted Narwhal is also home to many creative events, shows, readings, and presentations for schools and organizations.

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    The Ladies Man of "Fresh Off The Boat" - Meet Forrest Wheeler

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Forrest Wheeler.

    he precocious young actor portrays ‘Emery Huang’ on the hit ABC series “Fresh Off The Boat.”The series follows a family in the 90’s who just moved to suburban Orlando from Washington DC’s Chinatown. It’s a culture shock for his immigrant family in the comedy about pursuing the American Dream. Forrest co-stars with Constance Wu and Randall Park. ‘Emery’ is the middle child. He adapts very well to his new environment and becomes the cool, popular kid and a ladies man right off the bat. Season 2 of “Fresh Off The Boat” premieres September 22nd at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.

    Forrest's first acting class was at the age of seven and he quickly discovered his passion and talent. In just a few years, Forrest has developed a thriving career working on numerous commercials, live performances, talk shows, voice-overs and several TV Shows including "Community", "New Girl" and "Chasing Life".

    Forrest's first job on the big screen was in "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" as a Cambodian boy who is presented a rabbit as a pet and takes it home to his family for dinner. His roles as the young Kuai-Liang in "Mortal Kombat: Legacy II" and recently the popular movie "Such Good People" were also great opportunities to showcase his acting talents.

    He knows that if you want to live the dream, it takes commitment and hard work. Forrest has always strived for excellence in his many ventures and activities: Acting, IMPROV, Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA), Hip Hop and Tennis to name a few.

    Forrest lives in Southern California with his family. He speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


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    Catching up with Charlie Engle Extreme - Ultra Runner

    in Sports

    Running 100 miles has become common place among the growing community of Ultra Runners. Few can say they have run over 4600 miles across the Sahara Desert, to raise awareness of the need for fresh water in Africa for an HBO documentary titled “Running the Sahara”. Charlie can.  He can also talk about his run across the United States or his most recent 7 day stage race in Ecuador that began at an altitude 12,000 ft. and continued with over 155 miles at altitude for the duration of the event.  Yes, Charlie Engle is an extremely unique runner and is always fun to chat with.  Listen as we catch up with one of the most colorful ultra-runners of our time.

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    Proxy The Film: Writer/Director/Actor Brandon Deyette and Actor Charlie Harding

    in Movies

    Nicholas Snow welcomes Brandon Deyette who wrote, produced, directed and acts in his latest film, Proxy. Also joining the show, adult film star Charlie Harding who is making his mainstream entertainment debut in Proxy as Tristan.

    The film's synopsis?  On a Sunday in July, one man’s indiscretion affects eight lives. Josh thinks his only goal is to get back his grandmother’s engagement ring from ex-girlfriend Tess. A casual day gets much more serious for Steve and Tristan once their friend Price leaves for a date. A family secret causes friends Becca and Kari to reveal secrets of their own.

    Deyette started producing in 1994, at the legal age of 14 years old. While this seems like a stretch, it was merely a favor from a friend’s father that allowed him to do so. Since then, he’s gone on to work in Broadcast News, produced photo shoots, commercials, theatre, and video; written for and acted in theatre and commercials.  Harding began his performance career by playing Charlie Brown on stage in high school. After many years out of the performance arena, he made his adult acting debut for Falcon Studios in February 2012. He has performed in over 25 adult films.

    Visit NicholasSnow.com!  This episode's main sponsors are Desert AIDS Project and Lulu California Bistro.

  • Chuuch Wit Charlie........... Or Else!

    in Culture

    Chuuch Wit Charlie………… Or Else! What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Justice or Else”? What does justice for our family mean to You? What does justice for our family look like to You? What does “Or Else” mean to You? Are You prepared for “Or Else”? Are We as a Family Unit prepared for “Or Else”? The norm across amerikkkan headlines has become, ‘Anutha Black Man Shot By Police’, what feeling does the continuous disregard for Black Lives incite within You? Please join us Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 11am PST where we will be joined by a couple Bruthas to discuss these questions and So Much More! Please call (914) 219-0885 and push ‘1’ to share your thoughts on what so called justice is in amerikkka means to You!


    One Love!

  • Pat Robertson co-hosts with her guests Billy Watson & Charlie Musselwhite

    in Music

    In May during Brandon Santini’s “Beale Street Mess-Around”, Pat Robertson bid on, and won the chance to co-host Music on The Couch.  Along with co-hosting, she selected the two musical guests and will be assisting me in the interviews.

    Now, I don’t know much about Pat, but we will remedy that next Monday.


    Oh, sorry, yup that would be Harmonica Player Billy Watson, out of California. He is leader of Billy Watson and the International Silver String Submarine Band is an improvisational, all-star cast of musicians, hand-picked from the California music scene. And our second guest is Harmonica Player Charlie Musselwhite;  Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee, Multiple BMA Winner and a Couch Kid to boot!

    I love doing these show because it means we raised money for a good cause.

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    Chuuch wit Charlie............ The Fuck Is REALLY Going On?

    in Lifestyle

    Chuuch wit Charlie………… The Fuck Is REALLY Going On? Let's Discuss Freedom of Speech, Is the "Black" Community Ready For "War", Are We Ready to Go "Off the Grid", & So On! This show is to expound upon a few comments made last week on a special edition of Universal Radio, "What you Say Can and Will Be Used Against You"! Please call (914) 219-0885 & push "1" to share your thoughts or listen online at www.blogtalkradio.com/StandOnYaSquare! Let’s Build!


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    Ange Band and 40 WATT DREAMS with their remaining NEW MUSIC. These are their unplanned Music on This Show.

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    All Things Transfer Paper with Charlie Myers of Neenah Paper

    in Business

    Heat Transfer Paper has been a staple of our industry for years and with the recent uptick in the laser transfer market, Terry and Aaron invited a guest from the paper company who has been the gold standard in transfer paper for years. We are excited to welcome Charlie Myers from Neenah Paper to talk all things Transfer Paper with us. We will get into the history of Neenah and Transfer Paper, talk about what they are seeing today with the transfer paper market and what the future might hold.

    Aaron and Terry will also bring you details on things you want to discuss. Join the conversation at our Facebook or Google + Page or even hit us up on Twitter. Tell us about what you have going on in your business!