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    Charlie Zelenoff The GOAT Indeed 22 Wins in 2014 ! Unprecedented

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    Charlie Zelenoff Boxing Legend Wins 22 Fights in 2014 ! The Greatest Of All Time The GOAT Look @ the way I Started the Year Beating Virgil by TKO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Epej1X-7uw

    And I ended the Year By Beating A Strong Power Punching Heavyweight Gonzalez By UD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_pv5_XBTUI

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    Charlie Zelenoff Destroys Heavyweight Gonzalez On Video ! mainstream exposed !!!

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    Im The Greatest Of All Time In Boxing The Power Proves it The Speed Proves it The Record Proves it 70-0 The Comp Proves it the Expolsiveness Heart and Courage And Undeniable Will To Win Solidifies It ! Charlie Zelenoff A Man Of Honor The GOAT Boxings Greatest Fighter And Athlete that Any Generation will ever get to See ! last week I demolished a huge heavyweight busted the guys nose with Immense Power Shots to the face heres the Fight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_pv5_XBTUI

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    #1P4P Charlie Zelenoff Wrecked Geo Zavala What Now "boxrec.com" ???

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    i just knew it from the start that "boxrec.com" was a joke. I exposed them so many times I brutally knocked out floyd mayweather sr I brutally knocked out mike lyubarsky I brutally snapped deontay wilders jaw shall i keep going ? I exposed all of you. and mainstream mma got exposed too I punked chuck liddell in real life and I beat Geo Zavala On video beat the shit out of him with ease shutout lopsided 1 sided Unanimous Decision Win For Me right here on video . you clueless forum bots on "boxrec.com" didnt take my Word for it when i said Im gonna go down In history as the GOAT now your witnessing History the History thatll for ever be cemented Known As Boxing history that Charlie Zelenoff Is #1P4P Of All Time

    @"boxrec.com" that website would make blogs about Me And Hate on Me For No Reason at all pure jealousy i end up winning 69 Fights in the Underground Pros without a single loss Beating Deontay Wilder And Geo Zavala Both on video 2 mainstream fighters that participate in that show bs staged planned choreographed boxing/mma tv fights . they lost to me in Real Battle So what now "boxrec" ????? what did I tell you idiots back when i was a 17 year old kid you clowns didnt take my word for it. now you fucktards see it to believe it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYIKpK4owg0

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    Charlie Zelenoff Embarrased Geo Zavala on video

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    I beat the shit out of Geo Zavala On Video Matter Fact I beat a mainstream boxer deontay wilder and a mainstream mma fighter both from the television in the same year 2014. I am the GOAT None other then Charlie Zelenoff #1P4P 

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    Will The Strong Survive!... Can A Strong Woman Find Happiness?

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    A Single Sistah’s Bedtime Prayer 

    Now I lay me down to sleep, 
    I pray for a man who will not creep. 

    One who’s handsome, smart and strong, 
    And able to admit when he is wrong. 
    One who thinks before he speaks
    And doesn’t disappear for weeks. 

    I pray that he’s gainfully employed, 
    And won’t clam up when he’s annoyed. 
    Please send me a man who’ll open my door, 
    Pull out my chair and want to do more. 

    Send me a man who’ll make love to my mind, 
    But who knows what to do when he hits it from behind. 

    One who’ll make love till my body’s twitching, 
    And bring ME a sandwich too, when he comes 
    back from the kitchen! 

    I pray that this man will love me to no end, 
    And will not try to sleep with my best girlfriend. 

    I pray this prayer in Jesus’ name, 
    Oh, and by the way Lord, deliver me from weak 

    Thank You in advance and now I’ll just wait, 
    For I know You’ll send him before it’s too 

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    Charlie Zelenoff Will Go Down In Boxing History As The GOAT

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    Won 19 fights this year won 15 last year, won 12 in 2012 and won 13 in 2011 . mayweather jr ? is that some kind of joke Im the Best Boxer to ever lace em Up I tkod Deontay Wilder with 1 punch wilder would kill floyd gayweather jr. its even funny to discuss. but yeah hands down Charlie Zelenoff G.O.A.T in Boxing 

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    Charlie Zelenoff Shocks The World Outboxes Geo Zavala With Ease

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    I Beat Geo Zavala On Points On Video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im literally #1P4P i proved it and the haters who doubted me are all delusional pschyopaths Charlie Zelenoff Is The Greatest Of All Time 

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    Strong Heart Warrior Society

    in Politics Progressive

    Hosted by Canupa Gluha Mani, of the Strong Heart Warrior Society and Lakota Nation. ALL First Nations Peoples and others are invited; your questions and comments during broadcasts are appreciated. Shows are scheduled for 9pm Mountain Time. Arrange to be a guest by contacting Mani at (605)517-1547, or email StrongHeartWarriorSociety@gmail.com 

    This is an introduction of the Strong Heart Warrior Society. Identity is of the original Dog Solider Society of the Lakota Nation - the oldest of its kind. Many societies claim to be for their people, but few proved themselves and remain worthy of their people's trust. The Strong Heart Warrior Society will remain. We are past, present, and forever. This brief mission statement gives credence to our traditional concepts. This society is alcohol-free and drug-free. As a society with its own values, we are here. We are forever.

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    BREAKING NEWS !!! Charlie Zelenoff Beats Geo Zavala Shutout

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    Complete Shutout. Outboxed him easily Now you delusional haters know the True Story About Charlie Zelenoff ! Click Play 


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    Charlie Zelenoff Beat Geo Zavala Deontay Wilder Derrick the Giant Dejon Im #1p4p

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    you guys need to give it up Im the GOAT i crushed all these guys on video especially Zavala Watch And Pay Attention @ 0:32 0:34 0:37  Jab Jab Jab In the same spot I hit him 3 times in a row thats called World Class Speed timing and Ability mayweather jr and roy jones jr are complete jokes i beat derrick dejon wilder geo zavala all of em the Zavala Fight was my Best Win because I hit him so many times and didnt even get hit not 1 time. Greatest Of All Time Charlie Zelenoff you trolls need mental help ! I am the Best My Last Win Proves It 

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    Merry Christmas !!!! Charlie Zelenoff Rung that muthafuckers bell On Wednesday !

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    I Fought And Won Yet Again Im 70-0 Now Heres the Fight And Proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_pv5_XBTUI@ 0:05 & 0:08 now thats Hardcore Im the Best Boxer In the World thats some baddest man on the Planet type shit i did right there see I was right Im #1P4P In Boxing a 160lb Boxer Beating a 260lb Pounder beat em to the punch stood toe to toe with him and just straight crushed him annhilated him this is it I beat Geo Zavala And this Gonzalez guy both on video both lets opponents both super heavyweights both lost and got embarrased i embarrased my delusional critics the haters boxrec the forum blogs i bet those fucking idiots shit themselves when they seen this Fight Wednesday night this Week December 3d 2014 WATCH @ 0:08 !!!!!!!!!!!!! My Fight got Age Restricted by Youtube.com Humanity Hasnt Seen that kind Of Extreme Violent Power before now they have https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_pv5_XBTUI

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