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    Viva Charlie

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    Viva Charlie

    Enough of the No-Go's

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    Boxing Immortality Charlie Zelenoff Is Now 71-0

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    I Reached 71-0 Undefeated Undisputed And Still P4P #1 In the World Won the UBF Title June 1st 2011 In Las Vegas had 60 Title Defenses More then any fake tv self proclaimed champion ever I am The GOAT ! The Power Hand Speed Technique Elusiveness Stellar Headwork Explosiveness Proves It. Charlie Z Is Untouchable type on Youtube Charlie Zelenoff Vs Geo Zavala Youll see what Im talking about 

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    Charlie Hebdo

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    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus speaks on the recent tragedy at Charlie Hebdo - a satire newspaper publisher.  Two masked gunmen attacked the publication killing 12 people including cartoonists.  They were targeted due to their racy and provocative images attacking religion, namely Islam. Some have called their cartoons racist and an expression of religious hate; others simply defend the illustrations as free speech.  Sacerdotus gives his take on this tragedy and the use of offending people as means to communicate one's views.


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    Charlie Hebdo

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    A defiant Charlie Hebdo cover of a crying Prophet Muhammad above the slogan "All is Forgiven" was reproduced by media around the world on Tuesday but was seen by many Muslims as an unnecessary provocation.
    "Charlie Hebdo has again insulted the Prophet," the conservative news website Tabnak asserted, next to a blurred image of the cover.Major Arab broadcasters Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera did not show the cover in their reports.
    Almost none of the newspapers in Italy and in Russia carried the cover image.Many US news media showed prudence. New York Times website reported on the Muhammad cover but providing readers only with a link to the site of the French newspaper Liberation. Major television networks also did not reproduce the cover.
    Wall Street Journal, though, did, and so did tabloids like New York Daily News.Times of India




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    Charlie Z 2 Wins 2 Nights in a row Im the Best To Ever Do it

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    beat his ass the whole 3 minutes complete annihilation Prime Charlie Zelenoff right here 


    1 sided shutout vs this fighter that landed a lucky knockdown that didnt help em at all because I outboxed him with ease as shown in the video  




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    Charlie Crime Buster ep4

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    a crime prevention show

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    Superb Win Last Night and Friday Night By Charlie Zelenoff Hands Down The GOAT

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    i won 2 title fights (Underground UBF) 2 days in a row Boxing History In the making. who the fuck is deontay wilder wait isnt that the Punk I tkod in 2014 oh yeah thats right, that glass jaw bitch shit hes not even worth the mention. Im the Greatest We Both Won Decisions Last Night But the night before wilder fought I won a fight too. 2 days in a row cant find that in "mainstream boxing" espn2 is delusional Charlie Zelenoff Is #1P4P 




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    Charlie Crime Buster ep 5

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    A show about crime prevention and keeping you and your family and friends safe.

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

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    Meet author Deborah L. Killion. She'll be stopping by the show to chat with me about her new book,The Ultimate Guide to Real Work at Home Opportunties That Pay Real Money: When You Are Really Serious About Making Money From Home.

    About the book:

    Do you want to make a serious income from home? Tired of making a few pennies here and there for laborious tasks? Deb Killion makes over $3000 per month working at home as an entrepreneur. She owns her own technology and creative media content creation business. But there are hundreds of other opportunities which allow you to make a full-time income from home. In this second eBook about working at home for real money, Deb explores the many opportunities available to someone who just wants to make a real living from their home. Whether you want to start your own business or work as an employee at home for someone else, she teaches you how to analyze your talents, find a job that fits those skills, and go for the gold. In this no holds barred approach, she also encourages budding entrepreneurs and work-at-home employees alike to never take "no" for an answer.


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    In the Wake of Charlie Hebdo

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    On January 7, 2015, two masked gunmen killed 12 people, 11 of whom worked for the French satirical newspaper, "Charlie Hebdo," a publication with a reputation for lampooning Islam and its prophet.

    Terror alerts remain high, and in the wake of the killings, Charlie Hebdo remained defiant, publishing a caricature of Muhammad on its very next issue.  Millions of copies immediately sold.

    Soon after, Pope Francis declared his condemnation of the attack and hi support for free speech, but also declared that "you cannot insult people's faith."

    The debate rages on.  Did these attackers truly represent the religion of Islam?  Should the attack have been expected because it was provoked?  Should satire expect protection in all of its forms, or are there limits?  And what should responsible media outlets do in regard to religion, free speech and the safety of its employees.

    Guests include Brian Dalton (Mr. Deity), Ali A. Rizvi, Faisal Saeed Al Mutar and others.  Plus your calls and emails (podcast@thethinkingatheist.com)f

    The Way of the Mister:  Fuck the Pope:  http://youtu.be/6xDnxv6eFNg

    Ali A. Rizvi's blog archive:  www.huffingtonpost.com/ali-a-rizvi

    Faisal Saeed Al Mutar's website:  www.faisalalmutar.com


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    Charlie Crime Buster ep3

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    Protecting your home from breaking and entering

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