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    Charles Measley Hour on Youth for Independence

    in Politics

    On Charles show tonite is Dr. Joe ARMINIO.
    Are you and you kids being brainwashed?
    Dr. Joe has the answers.  Dr. Joe is a professor of Political Science.  From 1988 -1991 he taught "Political Rhetoric" at American University. He served as the "First Director of the Leadership Program of the School of Public Affairs. Initially as a "Lecturer, then as an Adjunct Professor in residence, he structured his teaching in "Oratory" after the fashion of the ancient academies of "Athens and Rome." He did the instruction process through three stages fro precetp to examples to reenactment of great speeches and debates. His forte is "Classical Rhetoric."In 2008, he ran for officein Marlands District one, carrying alot of Ron Paul Supporters. In addtition to the oratory, Dr. Arminio works as a policy analyst, advisor, and freelance writer.  His doctorate is in two concentrations, "National Defense Policy and International relations". He served as cofounder and chairman for the "National Coalition of Defense".  He has published a newspaper called , "The Citicizens Monitor."  He has authored two  government reports , "The surbey of the Grand Stratgey of China, and "Atlas of Projections of the Chinese Economy."  He has authored two books, "The Decline and Fall of the American Way, and Precent forPeace," and "The Gran Strategy of the Han Empire and Lessons For America Today."
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    The Death of Republicanism

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    College Republican of Rider University goes live this thursday and talks about the death of the Republican Party.  recruiting students into the Republican party on campus has been very difficult.  The brand of Republicanism doesn't sell.  The Libertarian brand sells very well. Click here for his article and to find out more on Charles Measley.  http://charlesmeasley.com/blog/2013/1/25/the-death-of-republicanism-part-1-the-battlefield.html
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