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    Social Business and Charitable Giving

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    #TChat Radio is all new on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, at 7:30 pm ET (4:30 pm PT).
    In the U.S. there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations that compete for charitable dollars. The fact is it's become more difficult today to attract donations in our social media-savvy society, despite spending over $7.6 billion annually on marketing.
    What to do? Well, according to the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Report, nonprofits find great value in their fast-growing social networks. This makes sense since many of us utilize social networks to communicate and collaborate in a variety of personal and professional ways, including aligning with companies' corporate social responsibility initiatives. We live in a society today where social giving, impact investing and paying it forward are indicative of a different way of thinking about philanthropy, and there are new services and platforms that allow nonprofits, consumers and small businesses to benefit greatly in their giving. This week’s #TChat Radio and Twitter #TChat will discuss what it means to put social giving in this new nonprofit world of work. #TChat co-creators and hosts, Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman welcome this week's guests Marion Mariathasan, CEO of SoRewarding.com, a cause-focused social network that integrates giving into your daily activities, and Jure Klepic, a prolific speaker, writer, marketing and social media innovator who specializes in marketing strategy and social media innovation for consumer business.
    This will be a great "world of work" show, so we hope to see you here!

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    The Spirit of Giving

    in Finance

    In this episode I'll discuss how giving money to charitable causes helps us stay financially healthy.  It's a great paradox that the more generous we are, the richer we become both in spirit AND in our bank accounts.  I'll talk about the benefits of giving, the barriers to giving, how to get started on your journey to becoming a generous giver.  Email me questions you have on tithing, giving, and charities before or during the show!  Christine@ChristineLuken.com

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    Generous Giving

    in Religion

    When we think about generous giving we automatically think of money. However there are other gifts that have no monetary value and whose value is beyond price. Mary Kaleli and Wangari Siocha will give us tips on generous giving. Listen live at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    'Tis the Corporate Giving Season

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    Corporations and those who lead them have become the strong and vital patrons of our culture.  They sponsor and advocate for our arts, education, hospitals, and our environment.  Our community charities depend on our businesses, and our businesses depend on a good relationship with their community.  This week host Bart Jackson invites Thomas Bakewell, author of Claiming Your Place at the Boardroom Table, to discuss how business people may plan charitable strategies that create a win-win for both givers and recipients.  It's all part of being a good corporate neighbor, and now, in this season of generosity, 'tis time to take pause and consider the best ways to use our resources for the benefit of all.  As always, those who give and those given unto are each bless the other.

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    Engaging the Next Gen Workforce Through Social Giving

    in Management

    HR Latte continues its month-long series: The Employee Experience...

    Ty Sullivan Stops By HR Latte to Talk about the Internal Impact of Social Giving 

    For the last several years, the HR world has been made increasingly aware of the wants and needs of the next gen workforce and how to attract and retain them. 

    Continuing its look at The Employee Experience, HRLatte invited Ty Sullivan for a conversation about the resultant employee impact of social awareness and giving by a busy organization. For 13 years, Ty has been developing programs to engage employees, crossing HR and Marketing streams, in NYC with Fresh and Co and Cafe Metro. We'll talk about the difference its made with employees and how or if it has changed employment branding for his organization.

    HR Latte is a fast-paced, quick hit show where you can expect not only surprises but the information you need to know for success in the world of talent management.

    Follow the action on Twitter:

    Ty Sullivan - @Ty_Sullivan
    Cafe Metro - @CafeMetro
    Fresh and Co. - @FreshandCo



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    Youth and the Meaning of Gift-Giving

    in Parents

    Join co-hosts Eric Komoroff (www.communityofunity.org) and Dr. Jason Stein (iRyze.com) as they discuss teaching our youth about gift-giving. What does gift-giving mean, how to best give and receive graciously, and how these discussions can be part of learning a bigger lesson will be part of the very on-topic seasonal conversation.

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    The 2014 Global Infrastructure for Giving report

    in Business

    Join us as we talk with Andrew Watt, FInstF, President and CEO, Association of Fundraising Professionals about the role that the Association of Fundraising Professionals plays in philanthropy in the US as well as key insights from the 2014 Global Infrastructure for Giving report.

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    Giving Back to Receive

    in Education

    Today marks the observance of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.  Tonight's episode of Tassel to Tassel will discuss the ways in which service ties into education.  By giving of yourself to serve others, you will find that you also receive rewards you didn't anticipate.  Tune in tonight for ideas and sentiments.

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    When does giving become too much?

    in Self Help

    We will be discussing types of giving. The different levels of giving. And the downside to giving. Also how giving can change your life for the better. And finally are your reasons for giving appropriate for the situation. Meaning are your motives self serving or are you giving because you are compelled to help o

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    Importance of Giving Back

    in Religion

    Giving back feels good, it is a selfless notion. Giving back means giving without expecting a reward or recognition. The fulfilling and biggest reward is knowing that you made a difference in some one’s life. Heizal Njuguna will give us tips on giving back. Listen live at 619-393-2852 or listen live/archived at: http://pinnacleofpraiseshow.com/new/

    Thanks. Beatrice Ndura – Host

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    Giving As Jesus Gave: Giving The Gifts Of Truth, Beauty and Goodness

    in Spirituality

    This week we'll explore the most precious gifts giving to humanity by Jesus with a reading of two amazing sections from the Urantia Book, Paper 100: Section 7 - The Acme of Religious Living and Paper 171: Section 7 - As Jesus Passed By.

    Here is a preview:

    Jesus spread good cheer everywhere he went. He was full of grace and truth.
    Jesus really understood men; therefore could he manifest genuine sympathy and show sincere compassion.
    Jesus could help men so much because he loved them so sincerely. He truly loved each man, each woman, and each child.
    Jesus was never in a hurry. He had time to comfort his fellow men "as he passed by."
    When he smiled on a man, that mortal experienced increased capacity for solving his manifold problems.
    He frequently set out to help a person by asking for help.
    Great things happened not only because people had faith in Jesus, but also because Jesus had so much faith in them.
    It was literally true, "He went about doing good."
    He lived the truth, even as he taught it. He was the truth
    Jesus was an unusually cheerful person... His constant word of exhortation was, "Be of good cheer."
    The Master was always generous. He never grew weary of saying, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Said he, "Freely you have received, freely give."
    Jesus was great because he was good, and yet he fraternized with the little children.
    Jesus was the perfectly unified human personality. And today, as in Galilee, he continues to unify mortal experience and to co-ordinate human endeavors

    Join us as we explore Jesus' splendid gifts to us, the greatest of which is the gift of love. We also hope to share our favorite ways of giving and some of our favorite charities. Please call and share your gifts!

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