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    How is your character? The different levels of character

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    Raising Kids With Great Character

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    In today's world, it seems that good character is no longer in fashion. From politics to the school playground, talent and popularity seem to be more in demand than good character. What kind of message does this send our children?

    It is sad to see the rise of bullying, insensitivity, and violence in our children. Not to mention, reality TV shows and other forms of "entertainment" that seem to promote bad behavior are growing in popularity. What's a parent to do?

    Tune in as we chat with Pastor Robert G. Johnson about why character is key to good success for your child. 

    Call 646-716-6910 

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    Character development

    in Entertainment

    Candi and Teresa will be continuing talking about being a writer. Have you already written your first novel or are you just beginning? Maybe you want to get into writing but don't know where to start. Today we will talk about character development. Tools that you can  use to develop any character and how each of these  authors, develops their characters. Though the writing process is unique to everyone it never hurts to have a little help.

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    Akhlaq ul-Mustafa (The Character of the Chosen One) - Ustadh Malik Mutasawwif

    in Islam

    As salaamu alaykum ikhwaan, 8pm tonight at Masjid al-Mu'min we begin our first session of al-insaan ul-kaamil (the complete man). Ustadh Malik Mutasawwif will lecture on the subject, "The Character of the Chosen One". Listen in (949) 272-9559

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    KMnm/Keep the Peace-How?-Like the character of Prophet Muhammad(saw)-of course!!

    in Religion

    2015 years ago indicates a change occurring due to the huamn beings advancement in knowledge or just the opposite, human beings ignorance.  The constant movement of matter sometimes shifts which causes material conflicts.  What happens when the mind has conflicts?  The mind is constantly moving with thoughts.  Thoughts waiting or wanting to be borne into a world of expression.  The thoughts don't have the ability to use the best judgement of what will happen once it is borne and causes conflicts with other thoughts from another womb.  The decider and the considerer or better yet, the warner, has to touch basis or bases literally, in the mind of the thinker before expressive acts are brought forth.  The character of Prophet Muhammad( prayers and peace be upon him), is the best act borne out of pure thoughts and trust  in THE ONE G-D, GUARDIAN EVOLVER, THE ONE MAKER etc.

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    Does Your Character Line Up With A Virtuous Woman

    in Women

    A virtuous woman has  Godly character that leads to her making healthy choices. A virtuous woman is a comforter, encourager, and people trust in her securely. Our character defines and speaks to who we are and the type of relationships that we will encounter with one another. Please join us on Monday November  10, 2014 at 6pm.

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    A Character Makeover Pt.3

    in Christianity

    God wants to give you A Character Makeover that will change your attitude & values which will change your actions and eventually your  life. Don’t worry about the criticism you're getting or will get from religious traditional christian people. See, God will give the explanation of your transformation through your relationship with His son Jesus Christ by the new lifestyle you are living from His makeover.

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    Education 4 All Radio Show: Education & Character, Let's Connect the Dots!

    in Moms and Family

    This show is in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his peaceful efforts. May all people be known for the content of their character and not the color of their skin!

    Special Guest: Dr. Shonta M. Smith, Educator, Author, Speaker, Professional Coach

    Tune in as Dr. Smith shares information about how your children's character and education are connected.  We will also discuss:

    some of the many influences on character and
    how parents can assist their children in developing their character so that it leads to academic success.

    Feel free to call in with your questions and/or comments!

    For more information, visit Dr. Shonta Smith International at: http://www.drshontasmith.com

    Also, contact Dr. Shonta M. Smith at: 314-454-1149 or drshontasmith@gmail.com


    Special thanks to our Individual Sponsors, Eddie & Maxine Jordan, II

    Special thanks to our Corporate Celebrity Sponsor, Mr. Willie Moore, Jr. Founder of WILFLO Music & The Young, Fly, & Saved Movement: http://www.williemoorejr.org

    If you would like sponsor a show, please contact Host Dr. Carletta D. Washington at: carletta@education4allinc.com


    To learn more about Education 4 All, Inc. visit: http://www.education4allinc.com

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    The true character of God Revealed

    in Religion

    The character of God is the revelation of His divivne nature of love. God does not destroy is not His character, beause God destroys in the interest of salvation;2 Peter 1:3-4; According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

    4 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.
    Jesus Christ is the full revelation of God's character to fallen man in hpoe of sinfree living.


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    Character Magazine

    in Entertainment

    The Publisher of the HOT! NEW! Christian publication, Character Magazine... shares some of the highlights of Character!
    This year we're bringing Interviews with some of the greatest Songwriters, Gospel Artists, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders who are making a difference.
    This year, our Contributing Writers are preparing to Spring forth  with articles and inspirations on Fashion, Health & Exercise, Faith and of course, Fun!
    In Every Issue:
    We spotlight "The Sweet LIfe of a Pastor's Wife" as she shares with you the joys and challenges of ministry.  Also, the Creator of Lil Johnny presents some encouragement to the young and the "young at heart."   Regardless of your interests, you don't want to miss out on this!!
    Get your copy today! Visit us online at www.charactermag.com
    Keep it HOT! Keep it FRESH! ...and whatever you do, do it with Grace... and Character.  

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    Quality Character can Bring Wealth

    in Self Help

    Every great thing you achieve will be based on character.  Achieving wealth requires certain character traits find out what traits to bring to the forefront in your life. The outcome of your circumstances can be shifted to work in your favor.  Also, Mario J. Payne of Raymond James Financial services will share some important financial resolutions to make if you want to increase your income.  People who want to be extraordinary do extraordinary things.

    Download a free chapter of Pat's book:  Click to download.     

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