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    Horror Maven... Char Hardin!

    in Entertainment

    Char Hardin is one heck of a gal! Not only is she keen on all things horror related, but she is funny as all get out!  A Southern woman living in the deep South between historic New Orleans and Metropolitan Baton Rouge in Louisiana, her surroundings inspire her to write about horror movies and novels, and write reviews and have candid interviews with filmmakers and actors within the horror community that she posts on her website :

      A respected figure in the horror world, this show is sure to be chock full of horror movie related goodness! Not to mention a few rockin' tunes chosen by Char, of course! ;) And LOTS of  knee slappin' fun and laughter!
    Wicked Game by HIM
    Ruined Castle by Arven
    Maria Magdalena by Visions of Atlantis
    April Rain by Delain

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    A Catch Conversation with Char Binkley

    in Lifestyle

    Char Binkley has been active in Christian radio for over 35 years with the WBCL Radio Network, Fort Wayne, Indiana, first as Director of Women’s Programming, then Assistant General Manager and then as Executive Director for 21 years. She is best known as the hostess of MID-MORNING. Char has served on numerous national and local boards including The KeyLife Network in Orlando FL; National Religious Broadcasters in Washington D.C. and American Bible Society in New York City.

    In addition to her work in radio, she founded A DAY AWAY, which brought over 30,000 women together for seminars. In 2007, after stepping down from leadership of the radio network; Char founded RemedyLIVE, an Internet, interactive site for troubled teens.

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    Total Balance...Yogi, Reiki Master, Medium...Mind, Body and SOL!

    in Self Help

    Todays episode on The Quirky World of Mama Char is all about TOTAL BALANCE!  Our guest, Lyndsey Paul of LyndseyPaul.com is a renowned radio host, Yogi, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Certified Creative Thinker and more! She will be sharing her thoughts on the importance of connecting mind, body and SOL! As a keynote speaker at Be Great! Conference Oct 23-25 in Seattle, WA, Lyndsey will be talking about the Yoga of You! 

    For more info on the Be Great! Conference, go to BeGreatCon.com. I have a few discounted tickets if y'all are interested...so hit me up!

    And as always, you can find me at MamaChar.com and on ALL social media as @MamaCharBlessed. 

    If unable to watch live, catch the replay here or on iTunes. Search Podcasts for Mama Char.


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    Resistance and Fear...meet Music , Meditation & Manifestation!

    in Spirituality

    Hey y'all! It's another great episode of The Quirky World of Mama Char! Whoody whooo...

    Continuing with the Speakers at Be Great! Conference, Oct 23-25 in Seattle, WA, today's guest is a Mentor using the 4-Ms...Music, Meditation, Motivation and Manifestation...Molly Knight Forde of MollyKnightForde.com.  Molly's unique way of conquering your fears, kickin resistance to the curb and manifesting a life you were designed for, coupled with her tenacity and talents...make for some very impressive mentions from past clients! She will be sharing a little sumpin sumpin on her talk at Be Great! "The Third Force: Overcoming Resistance" and workshop "Practical awareness: You are your attention".  For more info on Be Great! go to BeGreatCon.com. And drop me a line for solid discounts on your tickets!!

    Will be a great show...who doesn't have fear and resistance, so if y'all can't catch it live, this episode will be available for replay iand over on iTunes under podcasts, search "Mama Char"!

    And as always, you can find me at MamaChar.com and on all social media @MamaCharBlessed!



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    Spiritual Guerilla creating World Peace thru meditation and margaritas

    in Spirituality

    Hey y'all! It's time for another episode of The Quirky World of Mama Char! Today's guest is the bright and cheery, Tara LeDuc of TaraLeduc.com! Tara is probably one of the happiest people you will ever meet and she brings this attitude everywhere she goes! In fact she has a cocktail party for your soul with meditation and margaritas! 

    Tara will be speaking at the Be Great! Conference Oct 23-25 in Seattle, WA teaching us how we can make a difference with 1-minute of World Peace! For more info on Tara and the Be Great! Conference, visit BeGreatCon.com. There is a special discountof 50% off ticket prices if you are traveling to the conference...so be sure and check it out!!

    And, as always y'all can find me at MamaChar.com and on all social media as @MamaCharBlessed!! 

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    Does your business have a soul? This dynamic duo soul coaches say YES!

    in Business

    Another great episode on The Quirky World of Mama Char! Award-winning filmmakers, meditative storytellers, and inspirational community activators Tay and Val of TaynVal.com will be sharing their talk and workshop topics for The Be Great! Conference, Oct 23-25 in Seattle..."The Soul of your Business. Your Secret Ally to get from Stuck to Unstoppable a Success" and workshop "One tool to spark prosperity and success in your business".

    For more info on the Be Great! Conference go to BeGreatCon.com. If you are traveling to the conference, I am prepared to offer a 50% discount on your conference ticket...so check it out y'all!!

    And as always, you can find me over at MamaChar.com and on all social media @MamaCharBlessed...I would love to hear from y'all!!


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    African Americans in 19th Century Alexandria with Char McCargo Bah

    in History

    Prior to the Civil War, Alexandria, Virginia had a large freed African American and slave population who contributed a lot to the community and to the United States.  Each one of these groups helped build Alexandria, Virginia through their skilled labor, involvement in politics, teachers, churches, businessmen and etc. The history of Alexandria, Virginia cannot be told without including these African Americans.

    Char is posting blogs every two weeks on African American people in the 19th century that made a difference in the History of Alexandria, Virginia at http://theotheralexandria.com.

    Char McCargo Bah is the CEO/Owner of FindingThingsforU, LLC.  She has been a genealogist since 1981; appeared on numerous television interviews with CBS, FOX-5, Comcast, Public Broadcasting Services just to name a few and documentaries. She has also received numerous awards in 2014, 2013, 2010, and in 2009 for her work in genealogy. Char became a 2014 Living Legend in Alexandria, VA.  She was the City of Alexandria’s genealogist on the Alexandria Freedmen and Contraband Cemetery.  She is doing an advance study in genealogy at the University of Toronto and is co-author of “African Americans of Alexandria, VA: Beacons of Light in the Twentieth Century.”


  • Award-winning Strategist is a mastermind at getting your life on target!

    in Self Help

    Another episode of The Quirky World of Mama Char sharing how you can reach higher in life! Today's guest is Alexis Pierce of AlexisPierce.com. Alexis is an award-winning Strategist, Spiritual Cheerleader and Master Yogi and she is going to share how all of these things can go hand-in-hand in making us "all we were meant to be"! She has a FREEBIE for the listeners so yall don't want to miss this! She will be a speaker at Be Great! Conference Oct 23-25 in Seattle, WA USA. For more info go to BeGreatCon.com. 

    And as always, you can find he at MamaChar.com and on all social media @MamaCharBlessed. If you cannot watch us live, catch a replay on blogtalkradio or iTunes under Podcasts (search for Mama Char)!

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    Can the Law be holistic...this attorney proves it can!

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to another episode of The Quirky World of Mama Char..,whoody whooo! Today's guest is an attorney and holistic coach...yep y'all read that right! Lisa Fraley of LisaFraley.com makes both work together for the common good. As an Attorney + Legal Coach with Lisa Fraley Legal Coach LLC, she provides personalized legal protection and services for coaches and holistic entrepreneurs to protect themselves and their businesses as they grow. She has created a 7 Step Legal Protection System so coaches and entrepreneurs know how to take the right steps at the right time in the right order so they can feel confident and empowered to share their gifts with the world, including creating client agreements, disclaimers, terms & conditions for websites and programs, LLCs/scorps, trademarks, and more. She also works with individuals to create customized agreements, such as for joint ventures, affiliates, and hiring a team. You will be able to catch Lisa at the Be GREAT! Conference Oct 23-25, 2015 in Seattle, WA. For more info on the conference go to BeGreatCon.com.

    And as always, you can find me at MamaChar.com or on all social media @MamaCharBlessed. 

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    Heart Centered Leadership will have you singing like a bird!

    in Non-Profit

    Jin me Monday, September 28 with guest, Kisty Stephens of KistyStephens.com sharing her Heal Your Life coaching style and how her passion for kids with HIV led her to create a nonprofit, Sparrow's Voice (SparrowsVoice.com). She will be talking at Be Great! Conference in Seattle, WA Oct 23-25 on becoming a Heart Centered Leader! For more info on Be Great! Conference, go to BeGreatCon.com. I have discounted tickets (a few BOGO) so hit me up!!!

    As always, you can find me at MamaChar.com or on ALL social media as @MamaCharBlessed. I welcome your emails, questions, comments and jokes!!! Y'all bless my heart!!


  • God Matters ( The Gift of Salvation and How to be Saved)

    in Religion

    In todays Lesson and sermon we will be learning the road to salvation and what salvation can save us from. We will learn how to become saved and what it requires. We will listen to a few gospel selections and we will say prayer. Remember we do take prayer request and the can be anominous. We will hear scriptures out of the bible. We are taking callers and will answer questions. We will be celebrationg his Holy name and praising and Thank ing him. So please fell free to call in.