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    Horror Maven... Char Hardin!

    in Entertainment

    Char Hardin is one heck of a gal! Not only is she keen on all things horror related, but she is funny as all get out!  A Southern woman living in the deep South between historic New Orleans and Metropolitan Baton Rouge in Louisiana, her surroundings inspire her to write about horror movies and novels, and write reviews and have candid interviews with filmmakers and actors within the horror community that she posts on her website :

      A respected figure in the horror world, this show is sure to be chock full of horror movie related goodness! Not to mention a few rockin' tunes chosen by Char, of course! ;) And LOTS of  knee slappin' fun and laughter!
    Wicked Game by HIM
    Ruined Castle by Arven
    Maria Magdalena by Visions of Atlantis
    April Rain by Delain

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    Desserts is STRESSED spelled backwards. Learn to flip your stress!

    in Entertainment

    Hey y'all...WINTER IS ALMOST OVER! Whoody whoooo! On a special Wednesday episode here on The Quirky World of Mama Char we will be talking about STRESS! Yes...we all have it, we all have our own ways to deal with it...but do we all see it a simply the mispelling of DESSERTS? Our #AskMamaChar is talking about STRESS within a loving relationship and what I think you should do about it!  And of course...I want to talk about "the dress" caused it stressed me out! (It's blue and black btw!)

    Today our guest is baby girl, Nicole Liloia of nicoleliloia.com, the stress+less coach! Bringing her education of a Masters in Social Work and her credentials as a life coach, Nicole will share with us how to flip our stress into something sweet (like desserts)! She has 3 beliefs for happiness that you don't want to miss!

    Our musical guest is John Fabian.  I met John on a dating website and discovered he is a singer/songwriter with the likes of the Swonn Brothers from Muskogee and today we wil be enjoying his new song "Sandy Beaches" which is where I wish I were now! You can find John's music on Reverbnation.com/JohnFabian or Facebook.com/JohnFabianMusic.

    You can always find me at MamaChar.com, @MamaCharBlessed on all social media, iTunes and on YouTube!  If you have a comment or question for Mama Char...be sure and send it in and it could be answered on air!

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    Episode 24: WR Jimmie Logan Simpson: Hardin-Simmons University

    in Football

    On tonight's 24th episode of Inside the War Room we will be joined by WR Jimmie Logan Simpson of Hardin-Simmons University. He plays in the slot and holds value as a returner and special teams player. He runs great routes and shows a nice pair of hands to catch the ball naturally. He is a leader within the locker room and is respected by coaches and teammates alike. He gives 100% everday on the field and wants to do the best in everything he does.

    Jimmie Logan Simpson

    WR 5'9 190

    Hardin-Simmons University.
    Follow his journey going forward toward the NFL at: @JLS_ix

    If you missed any of the past episodes of Inside the War Room check them out at


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    African Americans in 19th Century Alexandria with Char McCargo Bah

    in History

    Prior to the Civil War, Alexandria, Virginia had a large freed African American and slave population who contributed a lot to the community and to the United States.  Each one of these groups helped build Alexandria, Virginia through their skilled labor, involvement in politics, teachers, churches, businessmen and etc. The history of Alexandria, Virginia cannot be told without including these African Americans.

    Char is posting blogs every two weeks on African American people in the 19th century that made a difference in the History of Alexandria, Virginia at http://theotheralexandria.com.

    Char McCargo Bah is the CEO/Owner of FindingThingsforU, LLC.  She has been a genealogist since 1981; appeared on numerous television interviews with CBS, FOX-5, Comcast, Public Broadcasting Services just to name a few and documentaries. She has also received numerous awards in 2014, 2013, 2010, and in 2009 for her work in genealogy. Char became a 2014 Living Legend in Alexandria, VA.  She was the City of Alexandria’s genealogist on the Alexandria Freedmen and Contraband Cemetery.  She is doing an advance study in genealogy at the University of Toronto and is co-author of “African Americans of Alexandria, VA: Beacons of Light in the Twentieth Century.”


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    When things fall apart...trust your body! Use your Intuitive Body Wisdom!

    in Entertainment

    Hey y'all...it's Tuesday and we have a rockin show tonight! Tonight we will be focusing on the stumbling blocks of working thru grief as a result of death...or actually, any loss! In #AskMamaChar I answer a question about God nudges...what are they and why they happen to us.

    Our guest speaker tonight is author, consultant, facilitator, coach, and life long learner, Deborah Lange of deblange.com! Deb will be bringing her MANY degrees and life experiences with her as we talk about how to deal with Death, Anger and Loss. She specializes in her work "Intuitive Body Wisdom" with an interest in such issues as transitions; global aging; new business for baby boomers (60+ years old); dying with grace; new forms of partnership in relationships; emotional and multiple intelligences; and much more. She has a FREEBIE for all listeners so you don't want to miss out on this! Her course info can be found here.

    Our musical guest is Alex G with her song "Find You". You can find Alex G on youTube, facebook.com/HelloAlexG, twitter.com/AlexGMusic and instagram.com/AlexGMusic7.

    And, of course, you can always find me at MamaChar.com, on ALL social media @MamaCharBlessed and on twitter #AskMamaChar. Would love to answer your mail live on the air.


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    The Exclusive Listening Party Featuring Char

    in Radio

    Join hosts Sam C Smooth and the "Angel of the Airwaves" Bobbie D for this weekend's episode of The Keeping It 1-Hundred Radio Show. We will have an exclusive listening party and interview with Inspirational sensation and good friend, Char as she discusses her new single, "Bustin' Out!" It's going to be a really good time and we hope you'll join us!!!

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    031: Embrace the Now with Char Dobbs

    in Women

    What do YOU want your clothing to say about you?  Get rid of the "thens" the woulds, shoulds, coulds AND love your body, love your shape!  Be inspired by this conversation. Char Dobbs shares her "secret" concept for the clothes in your closet, CPW.  Plus tips to help you identify your unique style, release what no longer works, and build-on what makes you feel your best. Click HERE >> http://bit.ly/1DAz932

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    Another solo show in the Quirky World of Mama Char

    in Entertainment

    C'mon y'all...join me tonight at 8pm CDT (9E/6P) for a little chat on lots of stuff.  

    Your plants need it...have you ever considered f**king your plant?
    Online ...3 sites to enhance your geekness experience
    Busey-ism of the week (acronym for you proper folk)...FAITH
    Hobby Lobby and US Bank...do employers have too much authority?
    New music by my great-niece, singer and songwriter, Auty Faulkner.  Her single "Bad News" can be seen/heard at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7tVb41irho and you can follower her on Facebook here...https://www.facebook.com/moosebutter22
    Announcing next week's guest...NuLuv Jones (PTSD survivor and Single Mom of triplets)
    And some random stuff...

    Call in to talk to me...646-915-8605 and let's chat!!  I really want to know how you feel and what's going on in your mind!!


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    Poetic Baby Boomer to Sci-Fi author...his smooth transition dealing with change!

    in Entertainment

    Another great show y'all! Tonight is all about Royer's!  Do not even know if they are kin, but both have excellent works!  Tonight is also our first "Ask Mama Char" segment and it's a doozie...y'all do not want to miss my answer to this question!

    We will talk with author, Daniel B. Royer, about his books "The Biography of an American Poet: Written in poetic script.", "Poetic Biography of an American Baby Boomer" and his latest sci-fi "Secrets of the Egoles Nest, Book 1".  We are going to listen to his story of how he wrote biographies in poetic formatting and making everything rhyme to his transition into science-fiction. Check him out on Amazon and Goodreads.  

    Our musical guest is Glen Royer with his single "Change is now here"...great vibe and uplifting lyrics.  Listen to Glen's songs on CBC Music and on YouTube (I love his handle TrueBeatlePeople).

    And as always, I would love to hear from y'all at MamaChar.com and on all social medias @MamaCharBlessed.  Drop me a line and ask your question or comment on the show.



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    Exclusive Interview Sean Hardin Gospel Street Sunday's 1pm pst

    in Music

    Gospel Street Sunday's is a show that will inspire, uplift, encourage, and motivate you.

    This show has Great Guest, Amazing Music, and Exclusive Interviews.

    Tanisha Jones has a heart of compassion for the listeners.

    Exclusive Interview with Sean Hardin he will be promoting his new project.

    If you have a Prayer Request, Praise Report, Testimony, or Music Request email me at InspirationalTanisha@gmail.cm


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    Robin Hardin - Dream Catcher

    in Christianity

    Do you wonder what your dreams mean? Robin Hardin specializes in dreams. She will be our guests and feel free to call in and ask questions from 9:30 - 10:00. Here is part of her bio:

    Robin hosts the Christian television program, “Dream Catcher.” She is the spokesperson for Joseph’s Storehouse Food Ministries on a weekly television program. She has authored a 3 -book series entitled, “Walking, Talking, Debating, and Arguing with God.” Robin has a prophetic call on her life. She possesses a special gift which some refer to as a “Daniel Anointing.” Robin serves on the board of directors for Central Tennessee Area board of AGLOW International, and is the President of the Lebanon Aglow. She serves as a Human Rights advocate as the Committee Chair for Evergreen Presbyterian Ministries Inc. In 2005, Robin graduated Valedictorian from Gateway of Hope School of Ministry in Mt. Juliet, TN. She was ordained later that year.

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