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    Host Lori Hays welcomes author Chantal Noordeloos to Reverie Radio for a conversation of her newest horror release Angel Manor and Clockwork Dragon. Lori will have been thoroughly scared and wildly entertained by the time this show comes around, so be sure to tune in for a very interesting conversation with the twisted mind of a sweet loving horror writer! 

    Chantal Noordeloos (born in the Hague, and not found in a cabbage as some people may suggest) lives in the Netherlands, where she spends her time with her wacky, supportive husband, and outrageously cunning daughter, who is growing up to be a supervillain. When she is not busy exploring interesting new realities, or arguing with characters (aka writing), she likes to dabble in drawing.

    In 1999 she graduated from the Norwich School of Art and Design, where she focused mostly on creative writing.
    There are many genres that Chantal likes to explore in her writing. Currently Sci-fi Steampunk is one of her favourites, but her 'go to' genre will always be horror. "It helps being scared of everything; that gives me plenty of inspiration," she says. 

    Chantal likes to write for all ages, and storytelling is the element of writing that she enjoys most. "Writing should be an escape from everyday life, and I like to provide people with new places to escape to, and new people to meet."

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    Chantal Noordeloos Tells How To Keep In Touch w/Readers With Jennifer Perry

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    Connection. Relationships. Community. Words we hear everyday in the worlds of PR and marketing. So many people and products vying for attention how does one make and keep a consumer? In literature they are your fans, readers and if you have that special connection they are your friends.

    Through the magic of social media you can be a writer in The Netherlands and have readers, fans and friends around the planet by keeping in touch, listening, interacting.

    Chantal Noordeloos (born in the Hague, and not found in a cabbage as some people may suggest) res in her writing. Currently Sci-fi Steampunk is one of her favourites, but her ‘go to’ genre will always be horror. “It helps being scared of everything; that gives me plenty of inspiration,” she says.

    “Writing should be an escape from everyday life, and I like to provide people with new places to escape to, and new people to meet.”

    If you want to now how to reach out to the ideal audience for your book, or wondering why it matters, or just want to meet an author who looks sweet but will scare the living daylights out of you - you must tune in to this show.

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    Chantal Gadoury is my Guest Author on October 6th

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    Join us on Oct. 6 when Chantal Gadoury will be my guest author. She'll be reading from her paranormal romance, Seven Seeds of Summer.

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    Debt Collectors - Feds the New Monster!

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    Radio Blog talk discussing federal tax collection methods and other tax advocates that prey on consumers for tax collection.

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    Chantal Kahale – Associate Director/Business Development - Rennert International

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    Chantal Kahale is a language management expert with 15+ years of international experience. She has worked in North America, Europe and the Middle East to help clients communicate and expand their consumer base by offering foreign language services. Chantal joined Rennert International in June of 2014 with the goal of launching foreign language and translations to the local community.

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    Chantal Bechervaise at Lunch with DriveThruHR

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    Chantal Bechervaise @CBechervaise at Lunch with DriveThruHR  @bryanwempen @williamtincup & @thehrbuddy

    DriveThruHR was designed to be a captivating and easy-to-digest lunch discourse that covers topics relevant to HR professionals.  Each 30-minute episode features a guest speaker who shares her or his knowledge and experience in human resources. Our hosts and special guest cover a wealth of topics, including HR Technology, Recruiting, Talent Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture and Strategic HR, every day at 12:00 pm Central Time.  The radio program is hosted by @bryanwempen @williamtincup and @thehrbuddy The #1 HR show, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at  @drivethruhr and #dthr.





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    Chantal Delanoë - Ayurveda

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    Chantal Delanoë nous présente son centre depuis Rennes en France.

    Il est primordial au XXIème siècle de pouvoir trouver un espace pour reprendre son souffle après des histoires de vie parfois difficiles, redécouvrir l'aisance dans son corps et calmer son mental au travers différentes techniques de Mieux Être prenant en compte la globalité de chaque individu.

    Le Ganesha repond à cette attente en proposant essentiellement des pratiques issues de l'Ayurvéda. Vous trouverez également d'autres solutions pour retrouver plénitude et équilibre.

    C'est un rendez-vous, une émission web radio riche en information qui démystifie ce qu'est l'ayurvéda tel que pratiqué par Chantal Delanoê.

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    Nouvelle pluie de miracles et flashes info cosmiques

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    Aujourd'hui, Marc partage quelques nouveaux flashes info cosmiques, en vue de la cérémonie musicale "La Nuit des Miracles" le 31 décembre. Et Barbara vous lit quelques compre-rendus de miracles (événements qui transcendent la linéarité) récemment manifestés dans la vie de nos collègues.

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    "Change the Cities": In His Presence -William McDowell, Tye Tribbett, RJones...

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    The Pastor J. Rouse Show Live On Air, Wright On Point Hot Topics, The Discussion and so much more....

    -  Shaking Up The Cities for Change Continued: -  In His Presence - making a change in the Cities:

         *  Interviews: -  Chantal Kayumba and Gemima Mayanza of WAES and Windsor SDA Church;

                             -  Nicole Talbot, Artist, Professional Photographer and Art Gallery Owner

                             -  Sharon Wilson, Missionary/Evangelist & Gospel Singer; and

                             -  Steve Riley, Minister of Music, Worship Leader and Gospel Music Producer

         *  Throne of Grace Anointed Choir;

         *  Maxwell Au & Victorious Worshipers;

         *  RJones;

         *  William McDowell;

         *  Tye Tribbett;

    -   What is your testimony?  What are you doing to create change in your city?  What ideas and suggestions do you think will help make positive mankind changes in your city?  Share your testimony and bless someone else who may be going through... (949) 203-4735.

    We always want to hear from you! Have your say! Email us at rouseministriesbroadcasting@gmail.com or pastorjrouseshow@gmail.com, message us on Facebook at Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications or The Pastor J. Rouse Show, connect with us on Twitter @ pastorrouseshow

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    Demystifying the College Admission Process

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    Whether you are a student or parent, the college admission’s process can be stressful and mystifying. How do you choose a school that is the best fit for you? What about finances? What’s the average number of schools a student typically applies to? Should equal valence be given to academics and social/cultural environments? When is the best time for students to begin to look at colleges? How important is an on-site visit to schools?
    Is requesting an interview the best way to go even if it's not a requirement for admissions?

    In short, what are the most important things to consider when applying to colleges?

    Our guest today is Sheryl Santiago, independent educational consultant and owner of Coll-Edge Partners, LLC. Ms. Santiago is a member of the Higher Education Consultants Association.

    Her business philosophy is based on the belief that there is no reason to focus on one dream school or think that getting into a particular college will determine a students' success in life. In fact, the "Best College" is the one that is the best fit for your individual student, and the good news is that students generally have many choices. A successful search is not about name or prestige- it's about where your student will have the best opportunity to thrive.

    Sheryl Santiago works with students to determine a good mix of 8-10 schools, help them through the visit, interview, essay and application process and in many cases, after acceptance, can help parents appeal for more gifts, grants and scholarship monies. She knows that not every school is right or affordable for every student, so she takes a realistic approach with each family.

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    The Power of Words II

    in Motivation

    We continue our topic from yesterday about being conscious of words and the power that they hold. Words can uplift and words can break down. Choose words that uplift. Choose words that build. Choose words that stay with others. This how you can become memorable.

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