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    Podcast: Preparing for the Changes in HR in 2016

    in Business

    2016 is the year for big changes in HR. From creating more matrixed work environments to rethinking performance metrics and identifying and cultivating the next level of leadership, HR executives have a lot on their plate.  We recently sat down with Adam Brinegar, a senior business and research leader for CEB’s Corporate Leadership Council to get his thoughts on the critical areas of focus for the year.

    On top of the list of priorities for 2016, Brinegar outlines the importance of building a change-capable workforce. There are many questions that need to be asked in this area and evaluated. Looking at your environment and considering whether the workforce itself needs to be agile or if different management of the workforce will enable more agility and flexibility. How do leaders cultivate this change-capable workforce and then how this change gets communicated across the organization?

    Another priority, according to Brinegar is rethinking high potentials and how organizations identify, cultivate and retain these employees.  The Corporate Leadership Council is finding a shift in the trends in this area, as organizations are investing money in programs that identify and cultivate high potential employees, yet doesn’t necessarily focus on retention.  

    In this latest podcast on 2016 HR trends, Brinegar expresses his true excitement in the tools that CEB will be providing to members.  “We’ll be able to provide our members with a playbook that will enable them to execute on some of these changes,” he tells us.  And goes on to say that despite the many changes that will occur in 2016, the Council will provide the tools to help members navigate those changes and  be more effective.

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    Little Changes Big Results®: Parents -- Get "Educated"

    in Parents

    Parents, if you are not "educated" on the pervasiveness of this culture, it's time to go "back to school!" This week's Little Changes Big Results® Radio show includes a few little changes you can make to change the culture for your kids.

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    Little Changes Big Results: 3 Ways to Impact

    in Parents

    Perhaps you don't have a tween, teen or twenty-something. That doesn't mean that you can't make a difference right where you live in the lives of this young generation! Listen to 3 little changes Becky Tirabassi suggests that you can make right now to impact culture for the better.

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    Changes is it good or bad ???

    in Entertainment

    Sometimes in life you have to make changes wheather its a job, love, friends, family , just life choices . Some for the good some for bad and some people just will never understand

  • Flowing with Autumn's Changes

    in Spirituality

    Join your hosts, Grant and Melissa Virtue as they discuss the changes the Autumn season brings. These changes are symbolic, physical, and spiritual in nature. They are reflected each moment in our daily lives. How we choose to accept and flow with them makes a difference in our experiences and opportunities. Grant and Melissa will offer ideas on how you can flow easily into Autumn's changes. 

    Melissa will offer a meditation to the audience.

    Please join in the live chat room or call into the show.


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    Little Changes Big Results: Talk to your Teens Today!

    in Parents

    On this Episode of Little Changes Big Results,  Becky Tirabassi gives you 3 little changes to make with your teens and tweens that will get you big results! Don't miss this regular series of "quick tips!" 

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    Changes In Masculinity: The Plug- Olivia A.

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on “The Official Plug” Olivia Floyd and her panel will be discussing the topic of “Changes in Masculinity”. We will be sharing our opinions on what the word masculinity means to us. We will also be discussing certain stereotypes that follow being a Man.

    We want to hear your opinion! Feel free to call in at (646) 668-2083 and press 1 so we can address your comment, question, or concern.

    Visit (TheOfficialPlug06) on Facebook.

    Thank you for listening to The Official Plug Radio.

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    Survive The Changes

    in Self Help

    Economic collapse is in progress. Chemtrail Xs and stripes are often in the sky. Earth and solar changes are underway. An EMP or a massive earthquake can create a power outage. Authorities seem to be getting ready for implementation of full martial law.

    There are signs of crisis all around us: the degeneration of society, hard to avoid public poisons, vaccine propaganda, radiation, false flags, rumblings of world war, checkpoints and tracking cameras in cities and on highways and tyranny being openly rolled out. The importance of preparedness with a cooperative community support system needs to be communicated to as many people as possible.

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    Little Changes can get you Big Results with your Kids!

    in Parents

    Becky Tirabassi, author and speaker, has great ideas for raising healthy, whole tweens and teens in this sex-crazed, binge-drinking culture! Tune in today for little changes that will get you BIG results!
    Little Changes Big Results

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    Little Changes Big Results: Bounce Back Boot Camp

    in Fitness

    Get practical instructions from Becky Tirabassi, Life Coach and author of "Keep The Change", for changing your life in 60 minutes a day for 60 Days. If you've hit a wall and need a push to get going again, tune in to this week's Little Changes Big Results® short-form radio show!

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    Tuesday Podcast: Rotation Changes

    in Basketball

    Daniel Green (@DanielAGreen1) and Marc Roberts (@MarcFRoberts) discuss lineup changes in Phoenix, Chicago, & Portland.

    The post Tuesday Podcast: Rotation Changes appeared first on Daily Fantasy Basketball Podcast.

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