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    The Only Way Out Is In Graduation from Living on the Streets Daya Devi-Doolin

    in Self Help

    Story hour reading from Daya Devi-Doolin's Award winning book, The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success!  www.padaran.com  Padaran Publications.  Chapter 9 - The Secret Realm of Hidden Manna.


    www.padaran.com   for our books, workshops and events  www.Facebook.com/dayadevidoolin

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    The Adventure of Being Human- Jerry Lane- Host Daya Devi-Doolin

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    The Adventure of Being Human: The Holy Spirit Speaks  More Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation.  Transmitted and edited by Jerry Lane.  $14.95 trade paperback • 155 pages • glossary and appendices

    In the first edition of The Adventure of Being Human, we introduced the central deity-personalities of the Urantia Revelation, Christ Michael (or Jesus) and his coequal consort, Mother Spirit. We learned about their startling affection for us, their sons and daughters. In this sequel, we now focus exclusively on Mother Spirit. As revealed in The Urantia Book, Mother Spirit is the majestic source of the Holy Spirit and of life itself, and she is the creator of the vast angelic host who minister to us every day of our lives.

    Jerry Lane is retired carpenter and foreman supervisor with a masters degree in creative writing who has transmitted lessons from Michael and Mother Spirit for the last ten years. He is the principal author of The Adventure of Being Human, and is a long-time student of The Urantia Book as well as a Zen pracitioner. He resides in Marin County, California.

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    padaran@padaran.com - Prayer requests, healings and Reiki healing in training

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    The Only Way Out Is In What Can Yoga Do For You? Host Daya Devi-Doolin

    in Self Help

    What Can Yoga Do For You?  Who knows!  But I know what it has done for myself and hundreds, thousands of people and I'll share that with you.

    I AM YOGA Day Presented by The Doolin Healing Sanctuary Saturday April 25th at 10 am.  Free to public.

    Reiki 1st Degree, Friday April 24th, starting at 10 am.  Fee $150

    Reiki 2nd Degree class Saturday April 25th starting at Noon after Yoga Day workshop and demonstration:  Fee $250, certification and manual.

    There is no doubt that yoga has become mainstream throughout America, with over 16.5 million people practicing regularly. According to a recent Yoga Journal/Harris poll, over twice that number has heard about yoga’s benefits and would like to give it a try.

    Yoga Day I AM YOGA, is set for Saturday, April 25, 2015 with The Doolin Healing Sanctuary. We are one of the pioneer leaders in educating the community about yoga and the benefits it offers one with practice and study. We are helping to promote and bring awareness to the many health benefits through Yoga. This event has been once a year with The Doolin Healing Sanctuary..  

    Stressed out? Yoga can help relax your body and mind. On Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 10 am, we will offer you the chance to see what Yoga can do for your life! You’ll feel a difference from the very first time. So, what are you waiting for? Call (386) 532-5308 for workshop information! Space is limited so the public must call first (386) 532-5308. 

    Books and music by Daya Devi-Doolin and Chris Doolin www.padaran.com   www.amberbooks.com; www.akalevelseven.com


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    Sammy's Cocktail Hour with Sierra Devi

    in Entertainment

    During todays cocktail hour we are getting a little naughty so make sure you have your cocktail ready.

    I want to talk about oral sex do women really enjoy giving oral?

    Do women enjoy giving oral after intercourse?

    Make sure you call in and give us your thoughts on this naughty topic.

    Follow us on Twitter: @SammyBrooks69, @SierraDevi, @Dollhouse_radio

    Catch us live here every Monday from 2-3pm ET only on Dollhouse Radio.

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    Sammy's Cocktail Hour with Sierra Devi

    in Entertainment

    Happy Monday hope ya'll had a fabulous Easter, today me and Sierra are going to catch you all up on what we have been up to.

    You never know what we will have in store for you, so get the cocktails ready and we will make sure the next hour is definitely a sexy good time for you.

    Do you have questions for us? Then what are you waiting for call us we love talking to our fans.

    Make sure to follow us on Twitter @SammyBrooks69, @SierraDevi, & @Dollhouse_Radio

    And tune in every Monday from 2-3pm ET we are live here only on Dollhouse Radio.


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    The Only Way Out Is In What Can Happen for you with Reiki? Daya Devi-Doolin

    in Self Help

    What Can Happen for You, Me or I with Reiki?

    Certified Reiki Master Teacher - Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin


    www.padaran.com books, music, healing events


    www.akalevelseven.com music by Aka Level Seven

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    The Down Low with your Host Sierra Devi and Lola Lane

    in Entertainment

    Join Sierra and Lola Lane tonight as they discuss the scandal that is Donald Sterling, his wife Rochelle "Shelly" Sterling, and his former mistress Ms.V Stiviano. Yep they are back in the news. Apparently the wife sued the mistress and won! what are your feelings on this? let us know! Join us every Friday night at 11pm est/8pm pst live on Dollhouse Radio you won't be dissapointed because this show is always scandalous! 

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    The Only Way Out is In Conscious Connected Breath Author Daya Devi-Doolin

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    Conscious Connected Breathwork (Liberation Breathing) Event  March 18, 2015.  The Doolin Healing Sanctuary  Fee is $30  and is from 7 pm 8:30 pm  Call to pre-register (386) 532-5308.  "Breathwork is a powerful, safe and gentle breathing technique which releases stress from the body and increases your energy level, for the purpose of experiencing more ease and pleasure in your life.  Developed in the early 70's it has been practiced by many thousands of people throughout the world.  In a Breathwork session, a professionally trained Breathworker guides your breath in a manner that increases the level of oxygen in your body, which increases your energy. The increased levels of oxygen stimulate the body's natural ability to cleanse itself."  Daya Devi-Doolin is your Breathworker having offered many workshops to various groups and sessions at her holistic center, The Doolin Healing Sanctuary since 1989.  Bring a thick mat, thick sleeping bag or thick blanket and a pillow.  Wear loose fitting clothing to our sessions.

    Breathwork releases stored emotions from the body and accesses the part of the brain that stimulates memory. By learning to breathe consciously, one is able to uncover and release limiting thought patterns from the past.  Compiled by Co-Founder of the Rebirthing Process, Author Sondra Ray and Author Daya Devi-Doolin. It is easy and simple. It is the quickest way I know to clear you of your negative thoughts and memories that are consciously and unconsciously limiting your life. Through this process you can reclaim your power to be the ruler of your destiny. A Private Conscious Connected Breathing Session takes about 1 or 1 1/2 hrs.

     www.padaran.com  www.amberbooks.com  www.akalevelseven.com


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    Sammy's Cocktail Hour with Sierra Devi

    in Entertainment

    Oh goodness grab a cocktail sit back and enjoy the show today is all about being single and trying to meet someone either in the bar or on the net.


    Find us live here every Monday from 2-3pm ET only on Dollhouse Radio

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    Sammy's Cocktail Hour with Sierra Devi

    in Entertainment

    Thank you for tuning in today Sierra and I are going to be talking about meeting single in the bar VS. dating sites. 

    I have tried both so this will be a fun and interesting topic. And if you have an experience to sharw with us please make sure you call in and share with us.

    So sit back and enjoy the fun stories that we have to share with you.

    And remember it's always 5 O'Clock somewhere so grab that cocktail and lets get the party started.

    Follow us on twitter: @SammyBrook69, @SierraDevi, @Dollhouse_radio

    You can catch us live every Monday 2pm ET only on Dollhouse Radio.

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    The Bitter Black Bitch Show with Sierra Devi and Ms. V Da Toy Lady

    in Romance

    Welcome the Bitter Black Bitch Show.  Here you will here Sierra and Ms. V bitch about any and everything that is bothering them.  These two ladies have a lot to bitter about and aren't afraid to let the world know. 

    Come join us in the chatroom where we are also bitching it up with the people in the chatroom.

    Are ready to hear them bitch about what's really on their minds with no filter? Than listen every Wednesday 7-9 pm EST and Sierra and Ms V will give you a complete earful of what's bothering them.

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