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    JENNIFER JIMINEZ: EcoSpirit Conference-Human connection to electromagnetic grids

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    Jennifer will talk about how her consciousness awakening began after she became involved helping the Rouse family in South Dakota deal with Indian Child Welfare Act violations, and wrongful conviction of innocent men. She will explain how she learned this was just one example of many Native American families torn apart. She will discuss a couple of her dreams, one explaining Ley Lines and the Harmonic Ring map Chief Arvol Looking Horse made with Peter Champoux. She will talk about her dream of a family with Downs Syndrome on TV, and hearing the words "Mad Bear" "Mad Bear" in her dreams... and how she looked online for a Mad Bear, and found Mike Bastine, soon realizing that Mad Bear had passed on to the spirit world. She will talk about contacting Mad Bear's friend Mike Bastine, and about moving to Hawaii and getting a phone call from Mike... about the connection of my dream to Mike, her family and to Mad Bear. She will talk about Peace Village video Mike sent her and realization gthat it was a part of my Ley Line dreams. She will talk about moving back to the USA mainland to help grandparents and getting the opportunity to go to the Peace Village. She will discuss the First Nations Ley Lines, and about her realization that her dreams had a scientific explanation concerning my Ley Line dream and the importance of the Black Hills Sacred sites in the healing of this First Nation Ley Line. Using the sites as a conductive energy for communication to the creator and Earth mother through our collective consciousness throughout the Universe and talk about how this is both spiritually and scientifically possible. 


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    Angels Lighthouse- GAIA MATRIX with Author, Peter Champoux

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    Your hosts Patricia Baker & Helene Olsen bring you:         Author/Researcher Peter Champoux Exposes the Grid Effect.
    People may be largely unaware of what lies beneath but that does not minimize the effect of these very powerful earth grid fields. According to author/researcher Champoux what lies beneath is having a profound affect on you and your daily life on planet Earth.
    Champoux’ revelation that stone holds the memory of life, began while quarrying dinosaur footprints with his father in New England. The understanding in his teenage years that his name translated to “Rock of the Field” led him to a fascination with other ancient rocks in the field, such as Stonehenge. As a classically trained stone-mason, Champoux studied the patterns and reactions of stone and all things geographic. Champoux’ vision of the world evolved into mapping the patterns of local memory lines as they coalesced into large-scale global patterns.  These patterns create unique energy systems in every locale and have a profound effect on the people living within their field. These fields can affect everything from individual physical health to community consciousness.
    On the Angels Lighthouse Radio Show Champoux plans to reveal the grid system underneath Salem, MA and other haunted sites such as Hathorne Hill.  He will also disclose his recent discovery of “Earth Rings” and their unusually powerful effect.

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    Universal Talk 2010 Peter Champoux

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    Peter's early exposure to stone that holds the memory of life, began while quarrying dinosaur footprints as a lad with his father in New England. A teenage revelation that his name translated to Rock of the Field led him to a fascination with other rocks in the field, like Stonehenge. As a classically trained stone mason, he studied the patterns and reactions of stone. Peter is a life long student of comparative religion and all things geographic. He was also a player in the conscious community movement in the 70's and 80's. His unique vision of the world has evolved into reading the patterns of local memory lines as they coalesce into large-scale patterns worldwide. Visit his website at www.geometryofplace.com. Discussion Topic: Gaiagraphy and the Gaia matrix.