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    Luis Sports House- Breaking down the NBA, NFL, MLB & More!

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    Preview of the NBA Finals

    Can Lebron James bring the Championship to Cleveland?

    Are the Warriors ready to take the next step?

    Will Steph Curry follow his MVP season with a Champioship?

    Dwight Howard



    Cardinals keep winning despite injuries.

    Giants back atop the NL West.

    Dodgers injuries starting to catch up?

    Josh Hamilton



    Who has impressed the most this offseason so far?

    Who is ready to take the next step?

    Which team is most ready to make a playoff run?


    We break down some of the best sports movies & our personal bests!

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    Duke Wins the National Championship and Bo Ryan Ain't Happy About It

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    Welcome to Dead End Sports...the place where sports opinions collide!!! Dead End Sports is weekly sports show that can be heard every Tuesday night from 9pm-11pm EST. We are the best sports talk show on the internet! We rarely agree! On this week's episode we'll talk about....Duke winning the National Champioship, Kentucky losing its bid to go undefeated, Andrew Harrison's comments, can Duncan finish ahead of Kobe, did Nick Saban overreact, DWade vs the Heat front office ...and much more!!!

    WATCH and SUBSCRIBE to our youtube channel (www.youtube.com/deadendsports). Check out our website deadendsports.com .

    Follow the show on twitter: @deadendsports as well as the Dead End Sports crew...Feefo - @feefo247 , Beezy - @beezy430 , Ken - @kbinge , & 12kyle - @12kyle You can listen online (www.blogtalkradio.com/deadendsports) or via phone (646)478-0356. Press #1 if you want to speak to the host.

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    Tonight we pay tribute to the Notorious BIG!!! We will also talk about the NBA playoof chase and the big game between the Cavs and the Hawks over the weekend. Did Atlanta make a statement? Should the Cavs be concerned? Its Championship Week in the NCAA.... Who is your favorite to win the big conferences champioship and who is yur dark horse to sneak into the "Big Dance." Suh got paid from the Dolphins. Was that a smart move by both parties? Big issue in the NFL is Chip Kelly making the right moves to get "his guys" in to Philly? Call the asylum and let us know what your streets is talking about. "Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a whole alot of girlfriends."

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    Under The Hoodies

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    Bill Keagle returns for a new episode of Under the Hoodies to discuss the NBA All Star Break, The second half of the NBA season. Randy Zellea will join in the discussion to discuss the NBA. Are the Hawks for real? Also are the Cavs a real champioship team ... Also should the Bulls deal Pau Gasol? A lot of NBA talk.. All show info is available on facebook and available on Backsportspage.com


    Call into the show at 760-283-0846 #underthehoodies #backsportspage

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    I will take the world "HEART BY HEART"

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    Thats right,as a follow up to the Pete Rose show last week, we will have Rock N Roll Hall of Famers and original members of the band HEART, on this weeks show. They are hitting the road with a new project called "HEART BY HEART" which is not a tribute band but a second incarnation of HEARTACCORDING To steve Fossen a Founding member and original Bass Player of the band. We will get into the origins of the original band, the breakup. Their coming together to play at the Rock N  Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and finally, all the details on this new project.

    The NFL conference Champioship will be played the Sunday before the how so can discuss these games and touch on the Supebowl, 

    I wouls also like to get into some of the comings and goings of the current Hard Rock and Metal music scene so we will definitely be following up on that.

    So much stuff and so litte time to get there,so tune in This Thursday January 22 @ 6:30pm est to listen to this action packed show


    Keep on Rockn!!!


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    With a new playoff system in college football the stakes are even higher for the power houses. Will Florida State repeat as champions? Will this b the first year in 5 that Bama or Auburn does particiapte inthe national champioship game? The verdict has come down on The Browns Josh Gordon. Is it justified? Let us know what your streets are talking and call the asylum and holla at ya host El-Boogie and co-host/super producer T.Ro. Tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a whole bunch of girl friends.

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    The Power of Recognition (Replay)

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    This week we will be talking about Progress. First, don’t confuse progress with measurement. You measure to help you get progress and to understand patterns of behavior. Progress is about understanding what success looks like you so are able to recognize it when you see it.  Recognizing the progress is how you build energy and momentum to move forward. In my experience, this is an underused muscle for most. Most people either “don’t have time for it” or worse, aren't even aware of the progress. So again, progress can be the RESULT of measurement but the two are quite different.  Progress is about recognizing yourself for what you have accomplished.  It centers on staying focused on the results you have achieved and rewarding yourself and others for moving closer to the result. Keep in mind that if we take a mistake as feedback rather than failure then mistakes can help you move forward just like successes do.  No matter the result, if progress is used properly it will move you forward to the result you want. This aspect of progress is often ignored. In my framework, one of the steps to progress that is useful to master is creating habits. Several studies have shown that the most effective way to create permanent habits is through positive reinforcement. This week I am honored to be joined by Roy Saunderson, an expert in corporate recognition.

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    S & G SportsTalk Radio Show #95

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    Tonight we will discuss last weekend's divisional games and we will talk about this weekend's Championship Games. We will also look at the NHL as they get ready to gear up for Sochi. Your calls at 646-652-4579. 

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    Dynamic Dojo: with Don "The Dragon" Wilson

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    2/2/14, 6 pm Pacific: Join us at the Dojo as we welcome Kickboxing Champ and actor Don "The Dragon" Wilson! 

    Don "the Dragon" Wilson's humble beginnings started in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where he was born and raised in the shadow of Cape Canaveral, where his father worked as an engineer for NASA. Don was an honors student at high school, and his quest was to follow in his father's footsteps. He attended the Coast Guard Academy, where he studied engineering, and wanted to become a military officer, but a lesson from his older brother, Jim, who had already been studying kung-fu changed his life forever.

     By 1978 his ring performances had attracted sponsorship from an investment group, and by 1979 he was the PKA U.S. middleweight champion.

    In 1980, Don won the WKA Light-Heavyweight World Champioship, His first World title. Later in 1980, he won his second World title, the STAR Light-Heavyweight Champioship. In 1982, he won the WKO World Light-Heavyweight title. In 1983, Don won the KICK World Light-Heavyweight title, and later in the year added the WKA World Cruiserweight title. He also was named Official Karate magazine's Fighter of the Year.

    In 1984, Don won Super Light-Heavyweight World titles in both the WKA and STAR organizations, along with Official Karate, and Black Belt magazine's Halls of Fame, and culminated with STAR Career Champion - The Highest rated Kickboxer of all time. By the time Don hung up the gloves, he had won 2 more World titles under the sanctions of ISKA, and the PKO. 

    Full bio here: http://www.donthedragonwilson.com/bio.htm

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    Double OT episode 50

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    Tim, Paul, and Bary review both AFC and NFC champioship games. The guys give their take aways from the weekend. Plus the guys give their rants and reflect on the past 50 episodes.



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    Saints News Radio - NFC South Championship Game Preview: Saints vs Panthers 2

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    The Saints News Radio Krewe will preview the "NFC South Champioship" game on Wednesday, December 12, 2013 at 9:00 PM CST/ 10 PM EST.

    SNR will give an analysis of the Saints-Panthers matchups, the recent changes at Left Tackle and Kicker, Drew Brees' Impact in Road Games, Sean Payton vs. Pete Carmichael, Saints and NFC Playoff Scenarios, OLine & DLine Solutions and much more.

    When: Wednesday, December 12, 2013 at 9:00 PM CST/ 10 PM EST.

    Where:  www.BlogTalkRadio.com/SaintsNews

    Studio:  Call-in at (818) 739-8961

    Websites: www.SaintsNews.net or www.SaintsNewsRadio.com