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    10 Challenges Facing the Church in 2015

    in Christianity

    Before taking a two-week break, Pastor Chilton in his last show of 2014 will present the 10 most pressing issues that the church must face and address in 2015. The show and article on the challenges in 2014 was a huge success which prompts us to evaluate the same for 2015. Catch the live show Monday at 12 noon (Eastern time), 9am (Pacific). Also be sure to check out Pastor Brian's international blog at http://pastorbrianchilton.wordpress.com. Call in on the live show to express your opinions at (323) 784-9617.

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    Challenges that a Woman in Business Experience - - and Expert Solutions

    in Business

    Join Dr. Cheryl Cottle and guest, Theresa Campbell on Women in Business Radio on Monday 15 at 11:00am EST where she will be continuing the discussion of women in business and the challenges that they faced every day. You will hear from a Brand Strategist and Business Mentor who works with women to build their businesses. Women who have experienced some stumbling blocks along the way. Theresa will share some of the common challenges that some women face as well as provides some solutions. 

    Theresa Ann Campbell is the owner of Be Next Entertainment and Generation Office LLC and has been in business since 2010. Her business focuses on marketing, business development, client management, event management and promotions. Her clients are primarily emerging entrepreneurs who she helps to build profitable business and brands.

    Host: Dr. Cheryl Cottle - - Email: drccottle@gmail.com

    Women in Business
    Simply Inspirational for Women in Business:
    Cottle's Professional Consulting Fanpage:

    Guest: Theresa Ann Campbell

    Sponsor: Crafted Spaces

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    Sasquatch Watch Radio Presents "The Challenges of Bigfoot Research

    in Science

    Join us Tuesday night December 9, 2014 at 9pm eastern as we present our Topic Tuesday subject: The Challenges of Bigfoot Research!  Many folks face challenges while researching.  Some of those challenges could be financial, physical, time or other personal challenges.  What challenges have you, our listeners, experienced?  Some may have physical handicaps, some may have financial issues that make it hard for purchasing equipment or having gas for the car, yet many overcome these challenges and still get out there.  We want to hear from YOU!!!  Creature Seeker and Billy Willard will discuss their personal challenges and what they have done to overcome them, but we also want to hear from others.  Please call into the show at (347) 237-5070 or tell us about it during the show in the chatroom.

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    Challenges of Spiritual Leadership - Quantum Physics of Beliefs

    in Self Help

    Realizing the Challenges of Spiritual Leadership

    Radio Talk, December 13, 2014 @ 8 pm CST

    Spiritual leadership involves intrinsically motivating and inspiring your teams through hope/faith in a vision of service to key stakeholders and a corporate culture based on the values of altruistic love to produce a highly motivated, committed and productive workforce.

    Today many individuals are struggling with what their spirituality means for their work since this is where they spend vast majority of their waking hours. The office is now where more and more people eat, exercise, date, drop their kids, and even nap.

    Because of this, a major change is taking place in the personal and professional lives of leaders as many of them more deeply integrate their spirituality and their work.

    There is an old saying that you can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, to implement organizational spiritual leadership without strong personal spiritual leadership.

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    Year in Review: How challenges yeilded opportunities to results

    in Entrepreneur

    It has been challenging year yielding great success.

    Will be sharing stories of amazing people I have met in my journey of networking

    Events attended that were inspiring and memorable

    Success being Director Public Speakers Association in Toronto/ Mississauga


    Panam/ Parapan 2014 Ambassador and volunteer experience

    What I learned from some of my failures

    Using skills and strengths and making thing happen!

    Lessons learning from having great coaching and mentors

    Giving back Mentoring others.sharing a Junior Achievement of Ontario and becoming an actor!


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    Challenges of Leadership - Round Table - Quantum Physics of Beliefs

    in Self Help

    Recognizing the Challenges of Leadership

    November 15, 2014 – Round Table Discussion @ 8pm Chicago Time

    If there weren’t challenges, we’d have little need for leaders.

    For leaders everywhere, some challenges are unique and temporary, but many others are common and ongoing.

    Organizations today place multiple demands on leaders, requiring them to impart vision, initiate change, and make difficult decisions.

    The challenges of leadership are inside leaders. Stop blaming organizations and others for your shortfalls and failures.

    "Take the bull by the horns. You are the bull."

    You not situations:

    Leadership challenges always involve changing situations. You, however, are the common factor. Your ability to lead yourself is your greatest ability.

    "Situations come and go but you are always there."

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    Parkinsons, living with the day to day challenges

    in Friends

    The thoughts and feelings of getting through your day. Things we take for granted can become a problem when you have Parkinsons. Some can become a serious health concern, and others can be just darn inconvient and aggravating.

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    Overcoming Challenges to Find Success

    in Self Help

    Have you ever thought what it would be like to have something so drastic happen that would change your life forever?  Something that would cause life as you know it to never be the same again?  Not even close? Would you let it hold you back? Keep you from accomplishing your dreams?

    Join Choices host, Judi Moreo, author of You Are More Than Enough, as she talks with Stan Morse, lawyer, author, speaker, and consultant, about his books and how he became a writer.  Stan's unfortunate accident changed his life forever, but it didn't hold him back.  He is the author of several books, including "Circling the Earth in a Wheelchair," a story of his five month round-the-world adventure in which he reveals what it was like for a paraplegic to dive the Great Barrier Reef, go fly fishing in New Zealand, and take trains across both Australia and Italy while coping with the daily challenges on the road in a wheelchair.

    Stan Morse has become a popular novelist: Brothers of Summer and Goering's Gold being his most recent accomplishments. And now he has written an exciting new book for teenage girls entitled, Nina B and the Honey Money Bunny.  

    Stan is an inspiration.  This is an interesting interview.  Join us!!!  You'll be glad you did!

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    Blind and Determined, Russell Redenbaugh Overcomes Financial Challenges in Life

    in Finance

    Russell Redenbaugh, Founder and Partner of Kairos Capital Advisors, joins Heather Wagenhals, host and executive producer of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, revealing how he overcame several obstacles to achieve great financial success since he became blind at the young age of eight. Tune in to this inspiring success story on Unlock Your Wealth Radio.

    Losing his sight at a age eight, Russell has become very successful as a financial investor and yet to this day, he has never learned braille. Listen to Russell as he inspires you into finding financial success while overcoming great challenges along the way.

  • Teenage Empath's: Unique challenges and solutions to them

    in Self Help

    Are you a teenage Empath? Do you often feel confused, lost and overwhelmed by people? Tune into today's program on how to manage life as an young empath and to develop your gifts as the strengths they are meant to be.

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    Living Your Life or Dying from the Challenges: Change it Now

    in Current Events

    Temple Hayes, Spiritual leader and Author of When Did You Die?  8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up will be sharing her words on how to become more alive no matter what life challenges.  

    Are you a sponge and soak up all the negative that happens to you and around you and just can't seem to make headway with your life?  Are you a victim of what appears on your door step or can you step up and not answer the doorbell?  How can you take little steps, acknowledge their effect on you and make a choice to live every second of your life to the fullest?  Temple shows us the steps, shares stories of stumbling blocks, and explores the many ways we see various openings in our life to blossom beyond our wildest dreams.  

    For more information about Temple and her work visit:  www.templehayes.com 

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