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    "Real Women of Worth"-Featuring: author Kristen Clark

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    Author Kristen Clark joins us in this show as she talks about her book "Becoming a Women of Worth, Creating a More Confident You". Imagine if you could more easily navigating change and setbacks, find your voice and speak up for your self, overcome anxiety in social situations, learn to accept compliments with grace and certitude, discover and celebrate your hidden talents, and have a more faith-based approach for experiencing greater levels of success in all areas of your life; wouldn't that be helpful?  This book, "inspires women of all ages to change their minds about themselves through a Christian approach to developing confidence for greater personal success. Encompassing straight forward, no nonsense tips and suggestions, this book directs women to the scriptures in an effort to build confidence by seeing themselves as God sees them".   I know you will be encouraged!!I

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    The Don S. McClure Show - Topic Courage and Conviction 2014

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    The Don S. McClure Show – C O U R A G E    & C O N V I C T I O N

    1. The ability to do something that you know is right or good, even though it is dangerous, frightening, or very difficult.

    2. The ability to be brave when you are in great pain.

    3. Having the courage to do something.

     Two extraordinary words and what they can mean to you in life.

    Our show examines the importance of these words.

    Our unparalleled insight and depth of these words;

    Courage: Means mental or moral strength to resist opposition, danger, or hardship. Courage implies firmness of mind and will in the face of danger or extreme difficulty. The power of courage can help you gain an ingrained capacity for meeting strain or difficulty with fortitude and resilience.


    A Person of deep convictions.
    A Strong belief or opinion
    The feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true.

    Synonyms: Assurance, Assuredness, Certainty, Certitude, Cocksureness, Confidence, Doubtlessness, Face, Positive-ness, Satisfaction, Sureness, Surety.

    This is a show you won't want to miss. Every Friday

    7:00 PM Central 8:00 PM Eastern

    5:00 PM California and 6:00 PM Mountain

    Featuring the Super Chicago Artist Yvonne Gage a voice so unique, essence of sound is not enough to describe. She is a recording artist for the world.

    Join us for an exciting one hour presentation of Talk, information and guest.  

    This is our first show for the new year, what an exciting time and new day.



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    Living with Certitude

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    Certitude is an attitude that creates certainty in your life.

    Dream and Flourish Radio is a place to nourish your flourish and shake loose any beliefs you are ready to release to create the life you desire.

    Ask Judy or her guests the questions on your heart and mind!

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    The Foundations of Religious Faith

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    This Series covers five important Revealed papers on Religion and Spirituality.  - PAPER 102 "THE FOUNDATIONS  OF RELIGIOUS FAITH", Cont.  6. "The Certainty of Religious Faith", Cont. 7. "The Certitude of the Divine" 8. "The Evidences of Religion"  Show # 256  Live 30 minute inspiring show and open Chat room.   We are led in Spirit here in Jesus with us, to progressively become more aware and receptive in soul and in mind of God's pure spirit Essence -- God's will -- within each of us, and also Jesus Christ fully here in Spirit upon all humans worldwide and universe-wide, leading us truth-lovers into All Truth and eventual Eternal Residence on Paradise. We freely serve in the worldwide Brotherhood of man and in the Family of God. Please click "Follow" and tell your friends about this show. Thank you. At the bottom of my page, click on "Show extras" to see my many Yahoo Questions and Answers.  The first 50 shows are a comprehensive, Revealed, Advanced Christian Theology Course  Then we have covered a long series on the fuller, Revealed Life and Teachings of Jesus. Email me for further information and further studies, all free.  We are Spirit of Truth led, eclectic Christians, trans-denominational, trans-ecclesiastical and perfecting faith-sons of God.  Love, peace and progress in Spirit and in Father-Son Truth ! Teacher Brother Dave  

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    Liliana Badd

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    Ondine's story is dedicated to all those men and women I will never meet in person, and whose lives collapsed on a beautiful day, condemned to an incurable illness. It is my hope that Ondine's story will be like a ray of sunshine, a pleasant interlude, in their daily wrestle. And when they feel depressed, defeated and overwhelmed by their fate, I would like to remind them that, for as little as we know with certitude, for wealthy or poor, for healthy or sick, for old or younger, for all of us, sooner or later, at the end of our journey through the space called Life, there it is, majestic in its implacable serenity, silently awaiting... the EXIT. The Author

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    TSR E14

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    Obama Tax Bill. etc. Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow.