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    Designs with Italian Tiles and Ceramics of Milan

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    Hello Family, Welcome back this week to our clips and tips segment! Happy Wednesday and we're moving right into the fall season. We have a great show planned ahead for creating and implementing ideas with Italian Tiles and Ceramics of Milan. Yes, they are the leading industry trend setters for the ceramic tile industry, and we focus on how well they're able to capture creativeness, elegance and style with porcelain stonewares. We also go over how world renowned recording artist, songwriter, instramentalist, and now designer Lenny Kravitz has captivated the industry in his collaboration with a leading trend setting tile company- Lea Ceramiche. So, tune in with tonight for an exciting segment!
    See Ya There!

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    Featured Guest Jerri Brown, Founder, All Things Creative

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    Tune in on Monday, February 23rd as we feature guest, Jerri Brown, founder of All Things Creative (ATC), an artistic platform that provides inspiring artwork, novelties, services and programs.  Learn how this wife and mom of 6 balances her roles while pursuing her dreams and goals!

    About Our Featured Guest:

    Mrs. Jerri Danyelle Brown (Jerri B) is the founder of All Things CREATIV (ATC), an artistic platform that provides inspiring artwork, novelties, services, and programs.  Jerri is an Artist, Designer, and Creative Consultant.  She has been creating for over 20 years.  She has hosted solo exhibitions, published artistic books and literary works, and launched creative product lines.  Her artwork illustrates the endearing moments of inter-generational bonds and inspirational concepts, and has been referred to as Narrative Art.  Jerri works in a variety of media including acrylic, pastels, charcoal, block print, photography, textiles, ceramics, and graphic design.  She strives to trigger feelings of warmth and familiarity from the viewer.

    At age 37, Jerri has been married for sixteen years and is the mother of six children.  In addition to her roles as a wife and mother, Jerri is also an active Community Advocate and Minister.  She has hosted and participated in several grassroots programs to encourage youth in the area of Art.  Jerri believes that Art is therapeutic, and she has facilitated creative sessions at women's gatherings and retreats as a "de-stresser."

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    Sharon Weil w/ Jackie Welch Schlicher: Creative Translation

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    Jackie Welch Schilcher is the consummate creative artist, an accomplished Nashville actress, singer, writer, director, creativity coach and drop dead funny improv performer… now she is working with clay!  Sharon Weil and Jackie travel fascinating territory in discussing how one form of creative expression translates into another, and what is at the core of them all. For Jackie, it’s improvisation, meeting the unexpected with authentic, curious, playful response. All problem solving requires creativity, and all creative expression is shaped by the question, what else can I do with this? Find out.  www.facebook.com/WildHairPottery  www.wildhairpottery.com

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    What to do with a BFA: How Nawal Motawi Created a Robust Ceramic Tile Studio

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    Nawal Motawi joins us to talk about her journey from art school graduate to founder of an award-winning Ann Arbor-based nationally known art studio that creates unique handmade tile reflecting the classic styles and craftsmanship of 20th Century American design.

    Nawal Motawi founded Motawi Tileworks more than 20 years ago. A University of Michigan art school graduate with a restless spirit and an interest in applied arts, she moved to Detroit to learn tilemaking at Detroit’s storied Pewabic Pottery. She returned to Ann Arbor after a few years and began making her own tiles in a garage studio and selling them from a stand she rented at the local farmers’ market. Today, Nawal is still designing and making tiles in Ann Arbor. Her companies, Motawi Tileworks and Rovin Ceramics, employ more than 30 people. The tiles are sold in over 400 stores across the United States.

    The Motawi business philosophy:

    We make distinctive ceramics in a healthy way. We share our story. And we have fun.


    We believe that we can make the world a better place by making beautiful things for everyday places and modeling healthy company practices.

    How do we do this?

    We make things that are valued for their design and quality.

    We cultivate an intentional workplace culture that fosters constant improvement, positivity and consistently high performance.

    Listen to learn how she made the move from her first art classes to a successful business owner, plus her best tips for building a sustainable career in the arts.


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    MISSION: I'MPOSSIBLE--Mission 29

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    MISSION #29:

    MISSION I’M POSSIBLE 29 : Projects ongoing. Bio Char, Bokashi, Bio Gas, EM-1 work : Working in the Jungle. From the New Offices

    1) THE NEW OFFICE, Is it fully functioning?

    2) Shimiyacu Amazon Lodge Project and How it is all going with Simone.

    3) Ashleys Jungle Ayahuasca Retreat and How that Project is going.

    4) The latest On The Q.E.G. PERU:

    5) The Latest on The Dome Aquaponics Project.

    6) Karl Moltzan When How and Where is he?

    7) Paul Exall Will he Make it to Peru?

    8) The Latest From Chazuta Ceramics for EM-1 works.

    Jungle Consciousness is here, When You take from the Jungle all that it provides you, One Can do so by Replacing the riches you need with EM-1  or Bokashi or Bio-char.

    In Light From Dave and all at MIP, Tarapoto, Peru.




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    Diversify Your Life Through Franchising

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    On today's episode of Franchise Friday, we're joined by Linnore Gonzales, serial entrepreneur and Decor & You franchise owner. 

    About Our Guest

    Linnore grew up with her family being entrepreneurs so she always knew that she will own and operate her own business. In 1999, Linnore and her husband bought a paint-your-own-ceramics studio in Englewood,CO and converted this independent business to a Color Me Mine franchise. In a span of 10 years they owned and operated three Color Me Mine retail locations in Park Meadows, Boulder and Cherry Creek.

    In 2003, Linnore joined with the Decor & You® Franchise and opened a Decor & You® decorating firm in Highlands Ranch. Linnore employs a talented team of designers and design assistants who provide design services to the Denver Metro Area and Front Range communities.  

    Since opening the Highlands Ranch office, Decor & You® has been a phenomenal success winning numerous awards and accolades from “Best of the Best” in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock and Englewood to winning the “Award of Excellence” at the Colorado Decorating and Remodeling Show. In 2011, Decor & You® was chosen as an Interior Design finalist by the Homebuilders Association (HBA) Bar and CARE Awards committee for a sustainable home they designed and decorated in Elizabeth, CO. Decor & You® also participated in numerous successful TV promotion campaigns:9News Rescue My Ugly Family Room makeover promotion, the local ABC station’s D&Y Makeover contest and Fox 31 Space Lift. Linnore has also done twice a month segments as a design expert sharing her decorating and lifestyle tips and expertise on Channel 2’s Colorado’s Best television program.Décor & You was recognized in April 2014 as Small Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce of Highlands Ranch.

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    Home Decor with Italian Majolica Ceramic and Glazed Earthenwares

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    Hello Family!   Happy Wednesday, and good to see you again! We have an exciting segment tonight we like to bring with Italian Ceramic Earthenwares.. A very favorite area of mines as I have a real appreciation for artistry in ceramics and giftwares. We go over the Majolica Technique and show you how to transform your lifestyles into fanciful! So if you enjoy good, great music and beautiful things, then you don't want to miss out on this segment!

    See Ya There!

    (10:30 pst), or if its a little late, feel free to drop back on my past demand episodes!

    Much love,

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    Hilde Lambrechts - Painter, Sculptor, Ceramics Artist

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    Hilde Lambrechts is a Canadian artist living in Ottawa.
    Artist Statement
    I draw and I sculpt in a variety of media, depending on the subject matter as well as the concept I want to communicate with the viewer.
    My series of pen and ink drawings (2008-2010) is aimed to ignite consciousness about the current problems we face as a race, from our disconnection with the earth we live on to the social, environmental and economic consequences of our actions. My black on white 'think' drawings are meant as wake-up calls. I emphasize the dominance of the human species with a bold outline of the human figure. It holds an accumulation of small, detailed drawings of associations I have with the chosen theme.  The accompanying word sketch/poem guide the viewer through my train of thought and completes the pungent message that change is needed.
    My sculptures in both stone (2000-2009) and clay (since 2009) present a window to the natural world in the broadest sense. When sculpting the human figure, my medium of choice is stone, which I shape into a massive being, frequently lacking arms and legs, and its dominant appearance further emphasized by long robes. In contrast, I choose clay to express the fragility of our ecosystem and the struggle for survival.
    My stone work is characterized by strong lines and simple shapes with few details, but with contrast between polished and non-polished areas and/or different chisel techniques. My ceramic work however is more complex and detailed, often with textured surfaces and matte finishes in a bold colour.
    HIlde's website is http://h-art.ca

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with Christine Huber, New York Artisanal Jewelry Designer

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    Our guest on Thursday July 31st at 3:00 Pacifice Time/6:00 Eastern is Christine Huber, New York Artisan Jewelry Designer and world traveler. Join us as we interview Christine and ask her about her drafting process, her collaboration with Yael Designs and the Novelique Bridal Collection, her own line of jewelry and relationship with Hatch Jewelry, and her studio in the East Village, as well as her worldwide travels and how they inspired her.

    To ask Christine a question during our live interview, please join us in the chatroom or send us a message on the Whaley Studios' Facebook Page.

    About Christine Huber

    Christine Huber is a Graduate Gemologist and jewelry designer known for her artisanal style and high quality. Huber has done benchwork for Alex Sepkus, jewelry design and gemology with Julius Cohen Jeweler and designed elaborate collections for Etienne Aigner. Inspired by art, ceramics and architecture, Huber creates pieces that are beautiful, meaningful and fun to wear. She currently lives and works in New York City, designing heirloom quality jewelry.

    "I believe that jewelry should come from inspiration, and be inspirational. I create pieces that are beautiful, meaningful and fun to wear. With over 15 years experience in the Jewelry industry, I've learned what it takes to make heirloom quality jewelry here in NYC. I design and draw out each item, then carve it out from wax or pierce it from metal to cast it. "

    For more information about Christine, visit her website: http://christinehuberdesign.com/

    and read a Hatch Jewelry Interview here: https://jewelry.hatchhub.com/article/fifth-avenue-outer-mongolia-and-back-christine-huber%E2%80%99s-design-journey

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    Open shelves in the kitchen. Are they designed for real life?

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    MyFixitUpLife hosts Mark & Theresa are talking with kitchen design expert Susan Serra, certified Kitchen Designer and self-proclaimed kitchen geek, photographer, writer, and kitchen soothsayer.

    Open shelves look great in the magazines and online, but what do you need to know before you make the commitment? We're talking design for real life.

    Susan is the owner of Susan Serra Associates, Inc., founder of Bornholm Kitchen, Scandinavian inspired functional kitchen furniture that is made in the USA, founder of Scandinavian Made, a web shop of artisan made Scandinavian ceramics and handwoven rugs made in Scandinavia available exclusively in the US in our web shop and author of The Kitchen Designer blog (http://www.thekitchendesigner.org) and  Scandinavian Kitchens blog.

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    Jim Santiago Larriva, activist, poet and educator

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    Currently working on different projects dealing with immigration, specially the deportation and dividing of families. 

    Born in 1947 in “El Barrio,” in Arizona in an aunt’s house next to the railroad tracks.  Born to one Leonila Larriva, 32, a one-armed Mexican national from Chihuahua (who had run away from PanchoVilla’s revolution), and one Young Jim Fong, 25, Chinese national from Canton, China.  “Parents” never married due to ban on Chinamen marrying white women, even though Mexican women were not considered to be “very white” then.  I learned early, swimming in the womb, that justice and law could often be opposing forces.

     At age three was given a quarter by the “father” and taken to the movies by a half-sister and never returned.  I was never to eat rice and poke at fisheyes with my chopsticks with the “father” again.  “Father” was lost forever. 

    In coming years they wondered the border towns of Mexicali, Nogales, and Tijuana with a one-armed mother.  Slept on cardboard boxes, ate from dumps.  Stole whatever was not tied down.  The “mother” sold her body at times because she was never very good at making tortillas to sell because of her one-arm situation.  Please read poem “Awake in a Mexicali Dream” included for a view of a small child’s life on the border.  “Mother” joined the “father” to be lost forever.

    In 1951 he went to live in USA projects with half-sister and her husband. Started first grade at the age of eight.  Met “Dick and Jane.”  Was put in closet for speaking sing-song Spanish to them.

    Graduated from Arizona State University.  Became a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines.  Received his MFA, Ceramics degree from University of Hawaii. 

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